12 Shows We Can't Believe Are Still On TV

Television can be pretty tricky business. There are some shows that have a great storyline, but don’t last long on the small screen. Then, there are other shows that are questionable at best in terms of content, yet they seem to be big hits with their viewing audience, year after year.

While there are still a significant amount of sitcoms making their television debuts, it’s pretty much all about reality shows these days. Sure, these shows can be entertaining for the first season or two. But after a while, a number of “reality” programs can turn into tabloid magazines on film. When this happens, sitcoms are pushed to the back burner by some networks, and trashy talk shows and reality episodes are getting the top slots in television programming.

Even though some of these shows can be entertaining, you can’t help but wonder how some of these programs are still on the air. Maybe the networks don’t want to let go of the great ratings in exchange for quality programming. Perhaps it’s just easier to keep the program looking the way it is as long as there is public demand for the show. Of course, there’s also the possibility that we could stand to have better taste as a society in general. Here are 12 TV shows we can’t believe are still on the air.

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12 Once Upon a Time


So, in theory, this show definitely had a lot of potential. Once Upon a Time is basically a series of Disney movies for grown-ups, in the form of weekly show episodes. Many of the characters from well-known fairytales make their way into the show, including beautiful princesses, enchanted forests and evil stepmothers with something to prove. After the first season, the novelty of the show wore off, and Once Upon a Time pretty much became a Broadway production that has gone on way too long. The script leaves a lot to be desired, and there comes a point when you can’t take adults in elaborate costumes seriously, especially if you see them on a weekly basis. We’re pretty sure we’re not the only ones who think that it’s time to say “the end” to Once Upon a Time.

11 2 Broke Girls


CBS’ 2 Broke Girls is another show that seemed like a good idea in the beginning, but it’s time for it to come to an end. The jokes are lackluster at best, and the characters don’t seem to undergo much maturity or development as the seasons go on. Of course, actress Kat Dennings, who plays Max on the show, offers a good zinger every now and then, but we’re wondering when Max is going to soften up a little and stop being so cynical about life. There’s also a lot of sexual jokes (which people seem to like these days), but most of them just aren’t funny, so it may be time to pull the plug.

10 Survivor


Survivor has been on the air for over 14 years, and we can’t believe it’s lasted that long. Twenty-eight people have subjected themselves to terrible conditions in order to win this reality show competition. Alliances and tribes have been formed on the show, people have been betrayed, and viewers have witnessed the contestants doing some pretty gross things in the wild in order to survive. However, you can only watch so many people losing insane amounts of weight due to malnourishment and having nervous breakdowns before you’ve had enough. Sure, some of the contestants have gone on to pursue fame in other arenas, so Survivor has been a great launching pad, but all (sort of) good things must come to an end.

9 American Idol


Fortunately, American Idol is preparing for its farewell season, which some people agree is long overdue. Sure, we’ve gotten some great music from the show, and talented singers who were once unknown are now bona fide superstars. Kelly Clarkson has the distinction of being the first person to win the American Idol competition, and is still topping the charts with her music. Other stars that owe their start to American Idol include Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, George Huff and Fantasia. However, it was pretty clear to see that the show needed to come to an end when most of the original hosts left and there was pretty much a revolving door of celebrities looking to fill the hosting chairs for a while. There was also that whole Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey feud, which wasn’t a good look for the singing competition. We hate to see you go, American Idol, but we both know it’s time.

8 New Girl


This quirky FOX comedy started out on such a great note. The show focused on a young female teacher with three male roommates. Of course, each of the guys has a different personality, but they are all unlucky in love in one way or another. So, the roommates become friends and try to help each other navigate through the challenges of life and love. New Girl was hilarious for the first two seasons, then Jess (the main female character) and Nick (one of the roommates) began a romantic relationship. The relationship was a disaster, and they remained friends after the breakup while still living in the same house and dating other people. Things got a little boring and weird after that, and we’re wondering if the writers just ran out of good ideas. Now that New Girl isn’t so new anymore, it may be time to call it quits.

7 The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is one of those shows that can only go so far in story development. After all, the whole premise of the show is that there are zombies walking the earth. Those who are not zombies have to eliminate the “walking dead” to avoid turning into zombies themselves. The show is also based on a comic book series, which indicates that it probably literally would be better as a book. Of course, the humans who are trying to fight the zombies also have to deal with evil humans who have ulterior motives, just to make the story more engaging and exciting. The Walking Dead has also been nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe and the Writer’s Guild of America, but it’s hard to imagine the show getting more interesting.

6 The Bachelor


It’s hard to believe that The Bachelor is coming up on its 20th season! Obviously, people love to see women clamor over a man who is basking in all the attention. People put themselves in some pretty compromising positions on the show, only to get the coveted rose, which indicates that they’ll be in the reality competition for yet another round. The last woman standing is the one who “wins” the bachelor, but as we’ve seen, marriages that are formed because of the show rarely last for more than a year or two. Maybe America just likes to watch people embarrass themselves, but it’s clearly time for The Bachelor to move on.

5 Scandal


When Scandal debuted, people were raving about how great it was. The show portrayed a woman in power, Olivia Pope, who had great fashion sense and a knack for helping the president maintain his pristine image. And, just to make things a little more interesting, Pope was also having an affair with the president. From the way the show was filmed to the script and the wardrobe, Scandal had all the makings of a great production. Then, things started to get a little too weird. People started dying in strange ways, there were torture scenes, and a whole lot of new characters started showing up. At this point, we’re wondering why it’s still on the air. Sure, people still watch, but the show doesn’t have the alluring quality it once did.

4 The Celebrity Apprentice


The Apprentice is a reality show headed by Donald Trump, in which budding businesspeople compete for the chance to run one of Trump’s company. Some of the people who have appeared on the show have gone on to do great things, such as Omarosa and Bill Rancic. A spin-off the show, The Celebrity Apprentice, had the same premise as the original show, but the contestants are famous for one reason or another. Of course, the celebrity version of the show has shown stars getting into some pretty serious fights and just being overall catty. Not only does this not paint the celebrities in a great light, but Trump’s reputation these days in light of the presidential election makes us wonder why the show is coming back for a new season.

3 Modern Family


ABC’s Modern Family was another huge hit when it debuted in 2009, but there are several storylines to follow, which makes the show a little too “busy.” You’ve got a father of adult children who marries a hot, younger woman with a child. Then there’s the organized and neurotic daughter of the father, who has a husband and three children, and struggles to keep her family close. The father also has a son, who has adopted a little girl with his partner. Then, the father and his hot wife have a child of their own, which makes for another adventure. Sure, there are still some touching family moments, but the comedy on the award-winning show is waning. There should be a limit on how many tantrums and hijinks are allowed in one episode.

2 Maury


Maury is one of the kings of “trash TV”. Even though the talk show has been off the air for some time, it still comes on in syndication, and there are lots of people who are more than happy to watch. The show is basically one big paternity test, in which women come on the show, explain that they know who the father of their child is. The proposed father then comes on the show, denies paternity for a variety of reasons and attempts to shame the mother for bringing him on the show. Then Maury gets the paternity test results and reads them on the air. The results usually cause an uproar amongst the guests for one reason or another, and relationships often come to an end on the show. It’s a real gem. We can’t say that you’ll walk away with any inspiration to be a better person. But hey, it’s entertaining.

1 The Jerry Springer Show


The Jerry Springer Show, which made its debut in 1991, has been called “the worst show in the history of television.” That’s why we can’t believe the show is still on the air. Some of the craziest things ever have been featured on The Jerry Springer Show. Guests have included brothers or sisters who are in love with the same person, best friends who have betrayed each other, and people who are angry because their boyfriends turned out to be women. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course, most episodes are not complete unless there is a fight of some sort. The hair-pulling, scratching, punching and biting are pretty embarrassing for the guests exhibiting these behaviors, but apparently, it’s fun for most people to watch. Unfortunately, the show doesn’t look like it’s going off the air any time soon.

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