12 Shockingly Normal Photos Of Miley Cyrus Over The Years

Miley Cyrus just turned 23 years old. It is crazy to know she is this young and has achieved so much in her career plus everything she has been through; the ups, the downs, and the straight up uglies. We all know Miley likes doing her thing and doesn’t let any negativity get in her way of doing it. She is all grown up, anyways, so why shouldn’t she feel this way?

Her out of the box choices from wardrobe to music to just her life in general can be hard to digest for the majority. However, the world forgets that she is in her early twenties and that’s just what kids do at her age. They make outrageous moves and later look back and ask “why did I do that?” She is just a celebrity so her life is more put on blast for everyone to watch, that’s all.

Regardless, Miley sure knows how to put on a show for her fans, especially through Instagram. The singer has used the social media platform to display another side of her that we have never seen before from the Disney Channel star. When she’s not walking the red carpet or performing on stage, you can catch her on full display, literally, on Instagram every day, all day.

Of course, watching her now only makes us think back to Hannah Montana and how that girl turned into the woman today. We’ve loved Miley then, and we still love her. So in honor of her 23rd birthday (on Nov. 23), check out these 12 shockingly normal photos of the actress over the years. It's crazy how time flies.

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12 Miley In 2006

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11 Miley In 2007

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Hannah Montana was on the rise. Both the show and Miley. The show had premiered its second season and Miley signed with Disney-owned Hollywood Records. Her four-album deal first included a double-disc record called Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus. The first part was a soundtrack to the Disney Channel hit series while the second part was all Miley. At the 2007 American Music Awards, Miley turned heads around, wearing an orange mini, looking all grown-up. The 15-year-old was later joined by the Jonas Brothers, Aly & AJ as well as Everlife on her Best of Both Worlds Tour in the fall of 2007.

10 Miley In 2008


At the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards, Miley sported this Zac Posen minidress for her first time at the award show. It’s amazing to see how she’s changed from her first time at the VMAs to this year’s show as a host. At the time, she introduced Pink and got nominated for Best New Artist along with Katy Perry and Taylor Swift! Wow, the nominations were sure on point that year. All three became superstars as you know but who would have ever guessed Miley would turn out to be so untamed today. The teen star was strutting her stuff, red carpet after red carpet that year.

9 Miley In 2008, Pt. 2

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Earlier that year, Miley was seen gracing the red carpet and presenting at the 2008 Academy Awards in an elegant, red gown. The “Can’t be Tamed” singer was on a roll. However, that same year, provocative images of Cyrus in her underwear and swimsuit began surfacing the web that were reportedly leaked from her Gmail account. The “Best of Both Worlds” singer responded to those photos stating, “I am going to make mistakes and I am not perfect.” She definitely gave us a heads up back in the day, but that wasn’t the only scandal involving Miley that year. In April, it was reported that the young actress was seen posing topless for a photo shoot with Vanity Fair. However, those rumors were quickly shut down by The New York Times. Interestingly enough, according to an interview with The Los Angeles Times, proprietor of the X17 photo agency, Francois Navarre, had said that the market value of the actress had gone up since those controversial images, from $300 to $2,000 an image.

8 Miley In 2009

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Despite the scandals, Miley was still focused on her career and work. In 2009, she launched her first clothing line, in partnership with Walmart and Max Azria. That year was when her lead single “Party in the USA” was first introduced to us. The breakthrough record debuted at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The single had everyone dancing from left to right. Cyrus then held her Wonder World Tour, with over 50 shows in the United States, England and Ireland. The singer and actress was at her prime, having successful singles and tours. She was also growing up...

7 Miley In 2009, Pt. 2

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Miley was spotted later that year, strutting her older stuff while out and about in Studio City, California. The teen star-no-more was seen looking like an adult and acting like one, too. Her “people” were also on board to have her recognized by an older audience more than her younger fans. Cyrus was then introduced to novelist, Nicholas Sparks, for her new adult role in the film, The Last Song. This was the path to her new ventures as a woman and it was quickly recognized by the audience. Not only did she star in a more mature film, but her fourth season with Hannah Montana was in the works and would be the final one of the Disney Channel series.

6 Miley In 2010

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In 2010, The Last Song premiered and was commercially successful, despite its bad reviews. Cyrus had also been working on her album, Can’t Be Tamed, on top of Hannah Montana and the Sparks film. Her third studio album was released in the summer of 2010, which was the last album to be released by Hollywood Records. It debuted at number three on the Billboard 200 while Miley made it to number 10 on the first ever Billboard “Music’s Hottest Minors of 2010.” The lead single, Can’t Be Tamed, made it at number eight but had many viewers wondering where the young star was heading in her career. She gave us all a sneak preview into what she had in mind when she arrived to the Grammy Awards in Feb. of 2010, wearing this tight, mini dress, showcasing a little bit of her sexy side.

5 Miley In 2011

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Miley was growing up right in front of our eyes and she was wanted all over town. In 2011, the former Disney Channel actress hosted Saturday Night Live and performed in a few sketches. Later that year, she starred in MTV’s Punk’d, alongside celebrities, Kelly Osbourne and Khloe Kardashian. The 19-year-old decided to take a break from her singing career to focus more on her acting. She had explained that she would not be attending college, considering she had worked very hard to get where she was at the time in addition to believing you can go back to college “at any age you want.”

4 Miley In 2012

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Miley Cyrus showed up at the 2012 Australians In Film Awards more polished than ever. She wore this sexy, black mini, flaunting her petite physique and a new short, blonde 'do. While the actress was transitioning in her career, her personal life also took a serious turn. She had been dating her co-star of The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth, for about three years. The couple were in an on and off again relationship but that didn’t stop them from getting engaged in the summer of 2012. Cyrus had been dating Hemsworth during her transition from a young girl to a full-on entertainer. The couple had everyone thinking about the two being complete opposites, considering that was the time when Cyrus started to let lose. However, as predicted from their past, the two stars cut off their engagement in 2013.

3 Miley In 2013

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Although still wearing normal clothes, you could already tell Miley was beginning to discover her wild side. She sported her short, blonde boy cut during New York Fashion Week in 2013. The singer and actress was starting fresh, not only with her style but her career. She hired former manager of Britney Spears, Larry Rudolph, and signed with RCA Records. That year in October, her fourth studio album, Bangerz, was released with “We Can’t Stop” as the lead single. The whole career change was a big move in front of our eyes. It seemed like the Hannah Montana actress literally disappeared. Her lead single was too good to pass, considering her numbers on Vevo, generating about 100 million views. The pop star was on her way to creating the celebrity we now know today.

2 Miley In 2013, Pt. 2

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Before getting completely wild, Miley was obviously feeling her short 'do and jumpsuits. In a way, we wish she would’ve stayed at this stage - not too wild but sexy enough. However, Cyrus wanted to take full advantage of all the opportunities she was getting. From fashion to entertainment, the actress wasn’t holding anything back. The year of 2013 was Miley’s year. She was featured in several music videos, not to mention, a complete opposite of her former genre of music. She first appeared in Snoop Lion’s song, “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” in April of that year. She then was featured in Mike Will Made It’s single, “23”, alongside rappers Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J. MTV did the job of documenting this whole over the top movement of Miley’s career in a documentary called Miley: The Movement which featured behind the scenes of her rehearsing for her VMA performance that year, which we will all never forget.

1 Miley In 2014

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In 2014, Cyrus was featured in Marc Jacob’s Spring 2014 ad campaign. She was also listed at number 17 in Forbes’ list of powerful celebrities of the moment, stating “Now the pop singer is all grown up and courting controversy at every turn.” Yes, she was. The songstress was definitely pursuing her career the way she wanted to and nothing was stopping her, including her personal life. After breaking up with co-star, Liam Hemsworth, she began dating Patrick Schwarzenegger for two years, which didn’t end too well after the actor was caught flirting with another woman behind Miley's back during a vacation in Mexico. Ever since, Miley hasn’t been seen settling down with anyone seriously. She is too busy being Miley Cyrus.


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