12 Shocking Things Celebs Have Done For Attention

It’s no secret that Hollywood can be pretty brutal when it comes to fame. Some people are beloved stars one minute, and a forgotten name the next. Singers, actors, TV personalities and reality show stars know that in order to stay in “the business”, they’ve got to do things that people are actually interested in. When the “normal” interesting things like getting into a relationship/marriage, having a baby or getting a shocking new haircut don’t work, these celebs know they’ve got to do something bigger. That’s usually when things get weird.

Celebrities have done some pretty strange and jaw-dropping things just to stay in the spotlight. They know that the more surprising their “stunts” are, the more likely people are to talk about it for weeks or even months. Some celebs believe that all press is good press, even if they have to endure a few weeks of criticism from the public. At least people are still talking, right? That can sometimes increase the chances that the celeb will land a movie deal, release a single or star in a new show by the time the scandal has died down. Here are 12 celebrities who have done some pretty shocking things just to get attention.


12 Joe Jonas

Joe was once considered “the hot one” of the Jonas Brothers, but his little brother Nick, is rapidly taking over the title. Joe Jonas likely sensed this happening, and decided that he needed to publish a tell-all article about his relationships with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato. Of course, these relationships were really high-profile, and Jonas’ romantic time with Lovato didn’t end so well, so he felt the public would start showing an interest in him if he threw a few of his ex-girlfriends under the bus. Even though Miley is on her own attention-getting tour of Hollywood, that was still a pretty immature move on Jonas’ part. Joe also states that both Demi and Miley pressured him into doing things he wouldn’t normally have done, which sounds interesting, to say the least.

11 Zac Efron


Zac Efron is known for having a pretty successful movie career that took off after he was one of the stars of the High School Musical franchise. Some still claim that his relationship with co-star Vanessa Hudgens, was just for publicity, but Efron has gone on to do something bigger for the sake of attention. He got into a fight with a homeless man. When Zac’s car broke down in a seedy part of town, he claimed that a homeless man tapped on the window and revealed a weapon. Efron states that he got out of the car to take the weapon from the man, and claimed that the homeless guy punched him in the face. Looks like Zac is willing to do just about anything, even put himself in danger, just to get some attention.

10 Channing Tatum

When Channing Tatum was just a young actor getting started in the business, he decided it was a good idea to vandalize a store with fellow actor Shia LaBeouf. Tatum states that the day he and Shia met, they were trying to think of something fun to do that would create a bond between them. Channing says they initially planned to go to a public place and fake a fight for publicity, but admits the two were “just young, dumb idiot actors." Channing also says that the night he and LaBeouf vandalized the store, he kicked in a window. He said they were “trying to be like ‘80s hoodlums.” It’s a good thing Channing has realized that taking his clothes off on camera is a safer way to get the attention of his fans.

9 Stacey Dash


After Stacey Dash rose to stardom for playing Dionne in the 1990s classic Clueless, she had drones of fans who couldn’t wait to see what she was going to do next. These days, however, Dash hasn’t been quite as famous, so she figured making completely ridiculous political comments would get her back in the spotlight. She’s started a few Twitter wars with people, and even shared which politicians she’s voting for during elections, which is pretty tasteless. She also donned a very tiny red swimsuit when sharing her voting choices, which makes her political party affiliation pretty clear. She had a brief stint in the VH1 show Single Ladies, but apparently had some disagreements with her co-star LisaRaye. Looks like her feuds on social media are simply an attempt to stay relevant until her next acting gig.

8 Kesha

Aside from wearing basically every color in the rainbow in her hair, Kesha has gotten a lot of attention for her crazy outfits, and for just being…weird. The singer also admits that when she was younger, she broke into Prince’s house to give him a demo tape. During an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Kesha states that she cruised up to the singer’s house in her “dead grandpa’s car.” She states that when she got out of the car, there was "a gardener in the front yard” and she gave the man five dollars to bribe him to let her into the house. The gardener laughed at her, so she kept walking toward Prince’s house. She saw the front was open, so she went inside. Good thing Prince didn’t press charges.

7 Rush Limbaugh

Polarizing political figure Rush Limbaugh, has been saying crazy and offensive things for quite some time. But the plump pundit crossed yet another line when he said that the reason Oprah Winfrey wasn’t allowed to see a purse at a store in Zurich was because she was too fat. So apparently, according to Limbaugh, it’s fine for men to be overweight, but women should always be slim. Rush is also quoted as saying that the NFL “all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons.” Rush Limbaugh makes his money from saying ridiculous things, so we’re guessing his fame died down a little and he had to say something shocking to keep people “interested.”

6 Madonna

Oh, Madonna. She’s been shocking the world for years with her risque outfits and jaw-dropping lyrics. There’s also that sloppy (and gross) kiss she planted on Drake during Coachella. While she’ll always hold the title as the legendary Queen of Pop, it’s time for Madonna to realize that she’s in her 50s. This should be an indication to her that wearing next to nothing on stage at this point in her career shouldn’t be an option. After all, she’s got a reputation to uphold. Then again, her reputation does include being overtly sexual. Sure, she has a great body, but even Madonna fans can clearly see that she’s desperate for attention these days.


5 Miley Cyrus


Miley is pretty much the 'Queen of Getting Attention' these days. When her drastic haircut and twerking with Robin Thicke during the VMAs didn’t get enough people talking about her, Miley thought maybe smoking weed on stage during one of her concerts would do the trick. She also released the song “Can’t Be Tamed,” as well as a video, but it seemed like no one even noticed. Cyrus then resorted to twerking like her life depended on it and posted the videos all over the web. She got a little more attention when she started referring to people as b*tches on Twitter, and has been seen hosting a few shows wearing very little. We get it, Miley, you want to be noticed. Maybe if more people paid her some attention she’d put her clothes back on and just get back to singing.

4 Kim Kardashian

This one should be obvious. Kim, along with most of the Kardashian family, pretty much make their living by being thirsty for attention. After all, Kim can’t even go out for ice cream without the paparazzi following her, and that’s just the way she likes it. From the sex tape to the high-profile relationships to the 72-day marriage, it’s clear that Kim Kardashian will do just about anything for the public to focus on her. Sure, she’s a smart businesswoman, but that doesn’t change the fact that she basically lives to have adoring fans follow her every move. Of course, her daughter North, husband Kanye West and baby boy (who will be born in a few months) also add to the attention she’s getting, and it’s probably not going to stop any time soon.

3 Azealia Banks


Rapper Azealia Banks is just as famous for getting into cyber-arguments with people as she is for actually making music. She got into a disagreement with Erykah Badu and rapper T.I. (who had some pretty harsh words to say about her), and has often had “beef” with several online publications who state that she’s confrontational and just looking for attention. It’s pretty clear that Banks enjoys the fact that other stars are talking about her in their interviews. After all, it puts the attention back on her—so she can start an argument with someone else. She’s a pretty talented rapper, so if she’d use that energy to actually focus on her music, her career could be further along.

2 Ann Coulter

Many people would really like to believe that Ann Coulter doesn’t really mean most of what she says, and that she’s just finding the most outrageous things to utter for the sake of attention. Coulter is an educated woman, but based on her comments sometimes, it’s logical to think otherwise. She has gone as far as to call President Obama “retarded” (yes, she really said that). She’s even offended homosexuals, and certain ethnic groups of people with her term “Jihad monkeys.” Why she’s still allowed to provide political commentary is a profound mystery.

1 Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has pretty much built her music career from the bricks of attention-getting gimmicks. She arrived at an awards show sitting inside a giant egg that was carried by man-servants. She wore a dress made of meat in support of PETA. She’s worn dresses and hats made out of plastic bubbles. Lady Gaga also makes videos that are pretty over the top visually, but she claims it’s all for the sake of art. For the most part, her mission has been accomplished, since all eyes are usually on Gaga when she walks into a room. She’s been on a few sold-out tours and her album sales are doing well, so maybe she’s figured out the formula for success after all.



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