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12 Shocking Photos Of Kim K Before She Was Famous

12 Shocking Photos Of Kim K Before She Was Famous

We all know who Kim Kardashian is. Famous star in her very own sex tape, queen of the camera, centre of the Kardashian Klan, Kris Jenner‘s favourite daughter, Kanye West‘s wife, mother of adorable North West (with another one on the way), and assistant to Paris Hilton (wait what?).

Before Kim Kardashian was famous, she spent her time bending over backwards for Paris Hilton. As her assistant, Kim laid low in the shadows, almost unrecognizable. Once she gained her own fame, she ditched her assistant job, and got her own assistants, leaving behind her past.

Kim’s rise to stardom isn’t the only thing that changed in her life. Throughout the years, although very subtle, Kim Kardashian’s appearance changed too, with a little nip here and a little tuck there (maybe?), with her face changing from assistant to selfie queen. Lucky for us, we were able to find some of the most shocking photos of Kim Kardashian before she became famous. Some of which are almost unrecognizable, we gathered what we think are the best (maybe even most embarrassing) photos of Kim, and created a list of the top 12 most shocking images.

12. Kim Eats Cake and Loves it



No celebrity ever wants to be caught eating anything but a salad, or eating anything at all, so how embarrassing for Kim Kardashian to know that there is a picture out there of pre-famous Kim shoving a whole slice of cake in her mouth. Now we all know what happens when celebrities are caught around sweets (refer to Ariana Grande’s doughnut incident). Lucky for Kim, she wasn’t famous yet, or knew what being caught eating could do to a celebrity. Now, the reality star is only ever caught eating salads on her show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and if she is seen eating sweets you can bet she’s getting paid for it.

11. Kim and Paris Take a Shower

Can anyone remember a time when the cameras and the public didn’t love Kim Kardashian? Neither can we. Here’s a photo of Kim when she was just Paris Hilton’s assistant (remember her?). Kim is really working the shower but people don’t seem to care. In the background everyone is surrounding Paris Hilton and seem to be more interested in her getting wet and wild. Proof that there once was a time where no one wanted your picture? Ouch. But hey, maybe she was just working her moves for her next big camera debut, or maybe Kim just really wanted a shower.

10. Kim Wears a Belt Over a Vest

We are sure that Kanye West cringes at Kim’s style choices way before she was famous. Kim thought that matching everything you owned was the way to go. On top of trying to rock a vest, she pairs her outfit with a waist belt (which seemed to be her thing for a while). She must have not been aware of Coco Chanel’s quote about taking off one accessory before leaving your house. She also made sure that everything she wore was black and white, matching the colors of the event she is seen arriving at. The whole point of being photographed at an event is that you stand out, not for you to blend with the backdrop. Looks like that was what she was used to for a while, especially always being in the shadows of her boss Paris Hilton.

9. Kardashians Take the Beach



In this beach picture of the three Kardashian sisters, you can barely recognize any of them! Kim is rocking a very sexy black bikini and she does look hot! But, what’s with all the accessories? Between the chains and the bangles we don’t know what to look at first! She’s even got on a pair of hoop earrings. We highly doubt that it was Kim’s plan to swim that day, and all those holes make for weird tan lines don’t you think? While we have all been guilty for over accessorizing, Kim Kardashian definitely looks like one hot mess in this photo.

8. Kim Shops in Silver



Yet another non-Kanye approved outfit, Kim Kardashian went wherever BFF Paris Hilton went. This is a photo of the two shopping in Australia and what are they BOTH wearing? Kim seemed to really enjoy matching, not only is she dressed entirely in silver, but her bag is also a shiny silver as well. Where do we start? From that cut out front to that flowered metallic piece holding her outfit together, this is a big outfit don’t! While her American Apparel looking ensemble is Louis Vuitton, it still doesn’t make it okay. And what’s with Paris wearing gold? Are their outfits a representation of how Paris was higher than Kim on the celebrity list? Either way we are happy Kim got herself a stylist and learned how to dress.

7. Kim Kardashian Monogrammed



Nothing screams 2000 like this outfit Kim Kardashian is sporting at her TRL appearance. From her classic, yet again, midriff vest, her flared jeans, her accessories, and finally her necklace. Incase you ever forget what her first and last name is, or if ever she falls on her head and forgets herself, she has a big monogrammed necklace to remind everyone. There’s nothing tackier than wearing your own initials somewhere on your body, except maybe getting your named tattooed on yourself. She’s really channeling her inner ghetto fabulous self with this entire outfit, which is less fabulous than she probably thinks!

6. Purple is the New Black



While Kim seems to be looking a little more fabulous in this photo than most, what’s with all the purple? It is a different Kim than we are used to, whose wardrobe now only consists of basic Kanye approved tones like beige, grey and black. A fan of big earrings in her pre-famous Kim Kardashian time, her gold ornaments also have purple jewels. She clearly also didn’t have a trusty make-up artist who would have known better than to add even more purple to her upper body. Kim is wearing shiny purple make-up dabbed on the corner of her eyes, bringing together this Barney-inspired ensemble.

5. All in the Family



We’ve all seen some of the annual Christmas Kardashian-Jenner family photos. In 1993, the family decided to get together and recreate a cool motorcycle gang photo of their own. Poor little Kimmy is off in the corner probably wondering why she has to do this! While her hair and her face are simple and beautiful, those over-sized jeans and boots don’t really do her justice. Definitely a decision made by Kris Jenner, who probably didn’t know yet how to manage her soon to be famous children. The good thing about this picture are that it’s out there for everyone to see, and that Kim Kardashian is not the only victim.

4. Keeping Up With Kim

Here is a picture of when Kim Kardashian has found herself outside of being an assistant to Paris Hilton and a stylist to the stars. While this might be the start of Kim Kardashian’s fame, it definitely is one that merits being on our list because really, can you even recognize her? While her look has matured and she’s found her glam, we still can’t believe the Kim we know and love would ever style herself this way. Her outfit is not her worst, but what’s up with the earrings? We have to give her an e for effort because she almost got herself a winner look here.

3. Roll Out the Red Carpet

It took Kim Kardashian a few years before she really nailed her glamorous red carpet look. In 2007, Kim showed up on the red carpet in this very questionable outfit. Where to start? Not only is she wearing sunglasses on the red carpet, but she paired brown tights under a long dress-top, and sandals! Oh the horror! She obviously matched her purse with her tights, and finished her outfit off with a chunky white waist belt. It’s sometimes hard to believe that Kim Kardashian was at one point a celebrity stylist when one of her own red carpet outfits looks like this!

2. Kim on her Worst Behavior

While the star of this picture is definitely Kourtney Kardashian, whose face seems so uninterested in what is going on, it is Kim’s appearance that is the big shocker. Not only is Kim Kardashian dancing with her arms in the air like a true white girl, but also the three of them together look like a Christmas outfit campaign. Not only does Kim look like she’s enjoying her night out (a rare sight now-a-days), her outfit looks like she’s wearing a negligée. Clearly by the looks of this picture, the Kardashians are the bread to the very (then) famous Paris Hilton sandwich.

1. Make-up Mess

Probably one of the most talked about picture of Kim Kardashian, with memes created making fun of the reality star. There was a lot of buzz around this picture, which is why we think it’s only fair to put it as the number one most shocking photo of Kim Kardashian. While Kendall and Kylie should probably be equally embarrassed about this photo, the main focus is definitely on Kim. Her make-up is so poorly done in this picture you would think she has a completely different skin tone. Besides her white prom meets wedding dress, around her neck looks like she took a chain and wrapped it around her. Thankfully Kim Kardashian found her stardom and put her shocking sense of style in the past.

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