12 Shocking Cases Of Celebs Forced To Take A Paternity Test

The media is one of the main tools used to give us access to different portions of our favorite celebrity's life. Some things that we see and hear about our favorite celebs are positive, while other things that we see do not start out on a positive note, but eventually end pleasantly. What many fans do not know is that, so many of our favorite actors, rappers, athletes, and iconic figures have been subjected to prove or disprove allegations of fathering a child. At times, paternity tests are done by the mother of the child to prove that her word is factual when claiming a prominent male figure as the father of her child. In other cases, we have seen our favorite male celebrities initiating a paternity test to disprove a woman’s allegations of him being the father of her child. In either case, we have seen that mostly all of the men who have been proven to be the father of these children, step up to the plate and ensure that their child is well taken care of, even if just monetarily. Here’s a look at our top 12 shocking cases of celebs who were forced to take a paternity test.

12 Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman

11 Justin Bieber and Mariah Yeater

10 Kourtney Kardashian and Michael Girgenti

9 Eddie Murphy and Mel B

8 Jude Law and Samantha Burke

7 Jay-Z and Shenelle Scott

6 Matthew Knowles and Alexsandra Wright

5 Gavin Rossdale and Pearl Lowe

4 Elizabeth Hurley and Steve Bing

3 Ludacris and Tamika Foster

2 Ryan Phillippe and Elizabeth Knapp

1 Steve Jobs and Chris-Ann Brennan

The number one shocking celeb paternity test on our list is none other than the legend behind one of America’s most popular computer brands, Apple, the late Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs’ daughter Lisa Brennan-Jobs, was actually born early on in his career, yet he denied being her father. Steve Jobs later admitted that at the time that Lisa was born, he simply was not ready to be a father to anyone. Lisa’s mother Chris-Ann Brennan and the late Steve Jobs conceived Lisa when Steve was only twenty-three years old, yet he denied fathering her until a paternity test was taken and he was slightly older and more accepting of the reality of him being a dad. Following that time, Steve Jobs did recognize Lisa publicly as his daughter and the two also had a few photos taken of them together as their relationship blossomed.


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12 Shocking Cases Of Celebs Forced To Take A Paternity Test