12 Sexy Female Celebs Who Wear The Pants In Their Relationship

Feminism is a thing, believe it or not. While Hollywood is still trying to grow with the times and accept women to be just as talented as men, these celebrity women are anything but defined by their relationships. Why? Because they wear the pants in their romance, refusing to bow down to another man. No matter how successful and “powerful” their other half may be, being walked over and looked upon as nothing more than a housewife or a trophy wife is not the title they are happy to run with. Instead, these women have reversed the roles on to their men, making them the ones who more or less have to obey by the rules that their ladies lay down. For the most part, the majority of relationships in this list have lasted simply for that matter; women want to feel in control too, without having to feel as if they can’t have a say in certain situations. See blow for the celebrity women who are reshaping Hollywood by famously being known to wear the pants in their relationship.

12 Angelina Jolie

Was is not obvious that Angelina Jolie would be the most dominant person in her relationship? After all, she infamously stole Brad Pitt from then-wife Jennifer Aniston, giving people a good idea of how some may consider her behavior as manipulative enough to get her lovers following by her rules. The actress, who has adopted multiple children, reportedly makes those decisions on her own, without having to consult Brad on the idea of bringing home another child. But then again, Brad seems like the kind of man who goes along with whatever Miss Jolie tells him to do.

11 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is dating a man who is 18 years younger than her — is it really that much of a shocker that J. Lo would be taking charge? I don’t think so. Despite the fact that many would have thought her relationship to be a publicity stunt, Jennifer and Casper Smart have managed to make their romance work for a whopping four years and counting. But since Lopez is the one with the money, businesses and the Hollywood A-list status, she more or less calls the shots on anything that concerns their relationship.

10 Jada Pinkett Smith

She may be relatively short to some, but Jada Pinkett Smith can be quite feisty, hence why she is the dominant figure in her marriage to Will Smith. Having infamously gone through certain obstacles with her husband, it was Jada who suggested that an open marriage was the only thing that could save the couple from splitting up. The bizarre suggestion is said to have worked for them, but for Jada to come to such a conclusions is strange — particularly because she is the woman, and women usually don’t want to share their men with random strangers.

9 Beyonce

Beyonce holds her own in her marriage to Jay-Z. Having seen a glimpse of how Jay reacts to conflicted situations, such as the elevator incident with Solange Knowles, it isn’t surprising to see that Beyonce carries a firm hand; making decisions on her own. Some would think that because Jay is a businessman, he knows everything, when in fact, Beyonce has helped the ageing rapper make some of the best decisions to date. Those include the launch of his clothing line, his perfume deal, and the idea to start a joint tour which became the highest-grossing tour of 2014.

8 Chelsea Handler

Even if you don’t know Chelsea Handler, just by looking at her, you can tell that she’s a woman who does not put up with nonsense. And if you have seen her Netflix show, What Chelsea Does, you’d be aware that the former talk-show host isn’t keen on being with a man who can’t put up with a strong-minded woman like herself. Chelsea, who describes herself as edgy and outspoken is still trying to find a man who can tolerate her shenanigans but hasn’t had much luck as of late.

7 Joseline Hernandez


Love & Hip Hop fans would already be aware of the fact that Joseline Hernandez wears the pants in her so-called “marriage.” Hernandez, who claims to be married to Stevie J, is known to throw a couple of punches if her demands are not met. Fans of the show have seen the former stripper attack her husband with her boots, her feet, her hands, and a cup of orange juice. Like social media users like to say, she has no chill. Violence seems to be the problem solver in Joseline’s marriage to Stevie, hence why they are still going strong three years later.

6 Rihanna


Rihanna may be many things, but don’t rule her out from being a strong woman when it comes to the men she’s dating. Having dated multiple rappers, singers and athletes, the Bajan-beauty has managed to hold her ground, making it clear that she is not the one to be messed with. In today’s society, where famous celebs have the tendency to hit it and quit it, Rihanna has more or less reversed it into her own life, reportedly being the one who ends relationships when she just wants to be single again. Drake and Chris Brown have both been dumped by Rihanna on multiple occasions.

5 Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara is known to be quite submissive — especially when it comes to her husband, Joe Manganiello. Again, fans of the couple wouldn’t be shocked when considering the fact that Joe even admitted to having had very little input in their wedding last year. Not only did the Modern Family star make all the plans for their ceremony, she is also alleged to have had the final say on who was going to be invited to their big day. Considering that Sofia was raised in a strict household, the fact that she has embodied those traits into her own relationship is quite impressive. One can assume that this has helped her to be anything but the oppressed figure when it comes to her married life.

4 Nicki Minaj


Everybody knows that Nicki Minaj is a dominant figure in her own right. Being the only successful and relevant female rapper this decade, Minaj has faced strong competition from the male-dominated rap industry. And now that she’s dating Meek Mill, things haven’t been any easier. Fans have mocked Nicki’s relationship to Meek, especially after the rapper was dissed by Canadian artist, Drake. People are convinced that if Meek can’t save himself in a rap battle, he probably won’t be able to save himself when an argument erupts between him and Nicki.

3 Kris Jenner


She manages the careers of her six children, she has gone through two failed marriages and is currently hooking up with a guy that’s 30 years younger than her. Similar to Jennifer, it’s easier for women like Kris Jenner to wear the pants in the relationship, simply because there is such a big age difference between them and their boyfriends. But aside from that, Kris knows how to turn an average family into some of the biggest names in the world. The empire she has built is worth more than $1 billion, and that’s all through her own decision-making. I doubt she wants to focus on letting a man take over what she has created for herself. She likes being in control.

2 Tyra Banks


It shouldn’t come as a shocker to know that Tyra Banks can be quite controlling when it comes to her relationship — after all, she didn’t become successful by having people walk over her. She became successful by taking leadership of her career. Having launched numerous businesses, Tyra is known to be quite submissive in relationships, but that’s only because she knows what she wants in a man. Not that she tries to overpower the figure of a man, but she would never let herself be played by someone who wasn’t up to her standard, hence why she has only been dating rich businessmen as of late.

1 Ariana Grande


Yes, she presents herself as Hollywood’s sweetheart with a good girl reputation, but behind the scenes, Ariana Grande is known to be quite bossy. She was infamously dumped by Big Sean after having allegedly demanded him to pay for a private jet so that she could see him after finishing up promotional work at the time. Sean, who grew up in Detroit, reportedly experienced many incidents like these, which inevitably led to the rapper calling it quits with the songstress, who has gone through three failed relationships since then. Yikes.


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12 Sexy Female Celebs Who Wear The Pants In Their Relationship