12 Sexy Celebs Who Love Showing Off Their Curves

It’s no secret that a number of celebrities like to show off their beautiful bodies from time to time. Most famous people, especially women, are constantly scrutinized about the way they look, especially if they are actresses, models or singers. Some celebrities have expressed their dissatisfaction that women are judged so harshly in Hollywood. However, there are some famous women who have decided to use the demand for physical beauty to their advantage. As a matter of fact, there are some singers and actresses who are just as well known for their appealing physiques as they are for their creative work. And these days, there are also some celebrities who have built most of their fan base simply by being fashionable and beautiful.

It’s hard to determine “how far is too far” when it comes to female celebrities showing off their curves. After all, a woman’s body is beautiful and should be appreciated. However, it’s not really fair for women to be judged solely on their looks either. Still, we can’t deny that the fashion and beauty industry has benefited significantly by the endorsements they’ve received from women on the Hollywood A-list. Here are 12 sexy celebs who love showing off their curves.

12 Ciara

11 Demi Lovato

10 Nicki Minaj

9 Kate Upton

8 Beyonce

7 Christina Hendricks

6 Hilary Duff

5 Kelly Clarkson

4 Amber Rose

3 Kylie Jenner

2 Kim Kardashian

1 Jennifer Lopez

When it comes to style that is sexy, sophisticated, daring and on-trend, we can’t help but think of Jennifer Lopez. Sure, she’s an actress, singer, dancer, producer, businesswoman and fashion designer, but when you hear her name, you likely think of her stunning physique. Lopez is known for her well-toned backside, and has made some pretty bold fashion statements over the years. There’s the dress we’ll never forget that she wore when she and Sean Combs were an item. Recently, she wore an equally revealing ensemble to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. For a woman in her 40s with a set of twins, Lopez definitely has a lot to be proud of in the looks department. Of course, she also knows how to show off her style in a classy way, and has been known to wear elegant ball gowns that aren’t as revealing. And when it’s time to be casual, Lopez is just as stylish in sweaters, jeans and boots—and her curves are still on display. Now that’s talent.


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12 Sexy Celebs Who Love Showing Off Their Curves