12 Of The Sexiest Striptease Scenes In Film

Anyone who has spent even a fraction of time at a strip club can tell you that not all strippers are created equal. And although Hollywood definitely has an edge on the market when it comes not only to beautiful people, but also choreographed and scripted acts, the same rule applies. Not all striptease scenes in movies are created equal. While some are undoubtedly memorable, some should have probably not made the cut in the film. Lucky for you, this article will take a look at 12 of the most exotic dance scenes that made (many) jaws drop, hearts pound and last but not least, people talking. After all, it is Hollywood.

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12 Jennifer Aniston - We're The Millers

Just because you haven't gotten the chance to see We're The Millers yet, that doesn't mean that you haven't seen Jennifer Aniston's steamy striptease in it. Even though her dance is chock-full of 80s references and intentional cheesiness, it still doesn't take away from the undeniable sexiness of Aniston. At 45 years old, the sexy actress has proven not only that she's still got it - but that she has it better than she ever did. We wonder what Rachel Green would think about the hot striptease- but there's no doubt that Ross Gellar would enjoy it.

11 Jennifer Beals - Flashdance

Although Jessica Beals doesn't even take off all of her clothes, this strip scene from Flashdance still undeniably makes the cut. Although it's rather tame in comparison by today's standards, this dance was absolutely off-the-charts hot for 1983. The bucket of water drenching Beals remains a classic scene, relived over and over again in everything from Saturday Night Live skits to the aforementioned film, We're The Millers. It was even referenced numerous times in those viral ice bucket challenge videos. This one is a true testament to the philosophy of the sexiness in leaving something to the imagination.

10 Sheri Moon Zombie - Halloween


Considering that Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween didn't get the greatest of reviews, this strip scene featuring his real-life wife, Sheri Moon Zombie, might have passed right by your radar. But there's no denying that it is almost too-believable rawness. Sheri Moon Zombie has never been shy in front of the camera, but the way she seamlessly morphs her body around the stripper pole as Michael Meyers' mom, definitely makes this scene stand out above her others as one of her most memorable, even if you didn't see (or care to watch) the rest of the movie.

9 Pamela Anderson - Barb Wire

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It's safe to say that Pamela Anderson's movie, Barb Wire won't go down in history with the likes of Gone With The Wind. But it was never really supposed to, anyway. Barb Wire's main point was to debut a new star to the big screen. Two, actually. And they were Pamela Anderson's breasts. In that endeavor, the producers of the film can all gather together and declare mission accomplished. Many people have criticized the movie and Anderson for taking on such a horrible role. But, if you were a teenage boy in 1996, the opening strip scene in this movie might still remain one of your all-time favorites.

8 Jamie Lee Curtis - True Lies


Although today we are used to seeing her in roles where she is a typical family mom, Jamie Lee Curtis dropped more than a few jaws with her strip scene in the 1994 hit action film, True Lies. Her impressive transformation from a homely, reserved wife into a seductive spy with all the right moves and a killer body, made her the talk of a lot of water cooler conversations for many months to come. Although the scene was surely surprising for many, it was received rather favorably and helped to boost Curtis' now overly-successful career.

7 Jessica Biel - Powder Blue


If you've ever wondered what (the lucky) Justin Timberlake gets to come home to every day, this scene staring his naturally-beautiful wife, Jessica Biel in the movie Powder Blue, certainly took your imagination to brand new heights. The actress, who has long-since been known for her sexy, fit body, decided to flaunt what she probably works very hard to keep, in a private dance for Ray Liotta. Ray Liotta and millions of very eager viewers, of course. We wonder if the scene made Timberlake a little jealous. After all, the whole world got a glimpse of his wife's sexy back.

6 Kim Basinger - 9 1/2 Weeks

When Kim Basinger took on her role in the extremely sexual 1986 movie 9 1/2 Weeks, alongside a very young Mickey Rourke, men across the globe couldn't wait to line up to get a peek (or hopefully a little more) of the beautiful actress. The scene where she strip teases for Rourke upon his request, is undoubtedly innocent, which makes it even sort of endearing, which is probably what makes it such a classically provocative scene. Although the movie received a mere 5.8 on imdb, that doesn't stop people from still talking about the iconic scene, till this day.

5 Elizabeth Berkley - Showgirls

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No one envisioned the innocent, book-loving Jessi Spanno from Saved By The Bell, going on to become a stripper after graduation. Technically, she didn't. But the actress who played her did. Elizabeth Berkley made headlines everywhere for her role in the controversial stripper movie Showgirls. Undoubtedly, Berkley took the role as the drifter who winds up in Vegas as the showgirl who "just wants to dance!" thinking that it would help her break free from her Saved By The Bell mold. It definitely did that, but considering what a flop the film was, it just wasn't the desired effect. The film had just as many people outraged as turned-on, due to the fact that Berkley spends nearly a third of the movie naked.

4 Rebecca Romijn - Femme Fatale


The beautiful Rebecca Romijn might not have worn a stitch of clothing as her iconic role as Mystique in he popular X-Men movie series, but viewers got much more of an eye full in her striptease scene in the 2012 mystery-thriller, Femme Fatale. In this role, Romijin simply needs to know how to utilize her sex appeal as a weapon. As a skilled con woman, Romijn's character visibly enjoys seducing her victim by flaunting her scantily clad body, and then subsequently watching him get bludgeoned by the brilliant Antonio Banderas.

3 Natalie Portman - Closer


As most of us are aware, Natalie Portman spent many years earning her reputation as the sweet, lovable girl-next-door. So, it was more than a little surprising when she took on the very provocative role of an unbridled stripper, in the 2004 drama-romance movie Closer. Clad in very little clothing and a bright pink wig, Portman still manages to show the world that underneath it all, she is undoubtedly a great actress. But although all of this is true, it's a little hard to notice such talent when there's so little (clothing) in the way.

2 Salma Hayek - From Dusk Til Dawn

1 Demi Moore - Striptease

The movie Striptease had the potential to flop just as bad as the film Showgirls did the previous year, making it a pretty risky role for Demi Moore to take on. And although the film didn't break any records with the critics or the box office, it was still received much differently and Moore's career only benefited from the role. Although, this classic scene of Moore stripping didn't come naturally to the actress. In interviews, she detailed how many hours she spent with professional strippers and dancers, trying to learn the craft to be able to be as convincing -and sexy- as possible. Men around the world nodded their heads in overwhelming agreement and approval.

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