12 Scandals That Could Have Destroyed The Kardashian Empire

Everywhere you look, you’re bound to see a story about a member of the Kardashian family. The famous relatives have even managed to have their stories told on “serious” news outlets, and the Kardashian name has become one of the most recognizable of our generation. Whether you love or hate them (or are somewhere in between), chances are you’ve pretty much accepted the fact that you’re going to hear something about them every day.

Of course, with all that fame comes some type of scandal(s). It’s no secret that the Kardashian family has had their share of bad press. From the internal feuds, to the love triangles and rumored hook-ups with other celebs, one article about the Kardashian family reads like a soap opera that would probably get pretty high ratings. Of course, the family also still has their reality show on the E! Network, which is kind of the same thing.

Even though millions of people love to follow all things Kardashian, there have also been some times when the family’s scandals almost threatened to take them out of the limelight. Obviously, there’s a price to fame, and the Kardashians are often taking risks when it comes to staying relevant—sometimes to the detriment of the family band. Here are 12 scandals that could have destroyed the Kardashian empire.

12 When Scott Disick Was Out of Control

11 When Khloe Had a Paternity Scandal

10 When Kris Copied Kim

9 When Kylie Started Dating Tyga

8 When Kris Belittled Bruce

7 When Rob “Left”

6 When Kim Got Married for 72 Days

5 When Kris Favored Kim

4 When Kris Partied With Scott

3 When Kim Made The Tape

2 When Lamar Odom Overdosed

1 When Bruce Became Caitlyn

Perhaps the biggest scandal in the Kardashian family was when Bruce Jenner decided that he wanted to become a woman named Caitlyn. Khloe took this pretty hard, and so did Kris. There was also an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians in which Kris broke down at the news of Bruce’s transition, but many people think this was staged, and feel that Kris has known about Bruce’s sexuality for quite some time. Kris and Caitlyn have since reconciled, which got even more media attention. Caitlyn has still been getting used to being a parent after the transition, and this is likely to garner the interest of the public for at least a little while longer.


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12 Scandals That Could Have Destroyed The Kardashian Empire