12 Reasons Why Tom Brady's Marriage Is Likely Doomed

Fans are likely disappointed to know that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady could be having marital problems. That’s right. Even some of the most beautiful and successful people in the world have relationship issues from time to time. After all, they’re still people. The harsh reality is that Gisele’s stunning beauty and Tom’s dashing good looks can’t shield them from learning how to live together successfully as a family. Sure, Brady is one of the highest paid football players and Gisele actually makes more than him as a supermodel, but money isn’t everything.

Like most couples, Brady and Bundchen have been met with their share of hardships. There was the whole football-related scandal that Tom was involved in not too long ago. Also, there are still some unfavorable things being said about how Gisele and Tom got together in the first place. Some of this negative press may be from people who are jealous of the couple (which is understandable), but there may be truth to some of the reports. At any rate, whether you wish them well because you’re a fan of one or both of them, or you’re following the reports because you secretly love the fact that celebrities don’t live perfect lives, here are 12 reasons this “ideal” marriage may be in turmoil.


12 Lots of Famous Couples Are Splitting Up In 2015

It seems like Summer 2015 was the time for a number of famous couples to call it quits, including Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, and Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. A number of these separations came as a shock to the public, but it looks like getting on the bandwagon would mean less attention would be focused on one specific couple. It’s no secret that the news of Bundchen and Brady’s marital issues got a lot of press this summer, so maybe they’re planning to call it quits while everyone is expecting it. That way, all the attention can die down quickly. Maybe.

11 "Sources” Say the Couple Is Having Trouble

A number of tabloids get their information from “anonymous sources” or “a source close to the couple.” While that doesn’t always sound too reliable, if these sources are providing false information, legal action can be taken against them. That’s why it’s not hard to believe that the people who are providing information to the media may be telling the truth when they say Tom and Gisele and heading for divorce. Sure, there are some stories that are just too outrageous to believe, but when you take recent events like Deflate-gate and Gisele’s retirement into consideration, there may be a story here.

10 They Didn’t Spend Their Birthdays Together

It has been reported that Gisele and Tom didn’t celebrate their respective July and August birthdays together. That’s definitely a red flag. Reliable sources have also stated that the couple has been spending a lot of time apart these days. When spouses no longer care to share special days and milestones with each other, it’s pretty much the beginning of the end. The NFL season has also started again, which means Tom will be spending even more time away from home. Since he and his wife haven’t been seeing much of each other lately, more time apart is likely not the solution to patching up their marriage.

9 Tom Has Shown His Tendency To Be Dishonest

No, he hasn’t lied about anything marriage-related (that we know of), but Tom Brady did show the world that he has the ability to be dishonest when he was accused of knowing that footballs were being deflated in order to give him an advantage during the game. That’s not a good look, no matter how you slice it. Not only was Gisele expected to stand by him as his wife during this difficult time, she likely saw first-hand that her husband can be a pretty good liar. There aren’t many women who would ignore that. After all, if Brady would lie (or evade the truth) in something as important to him as his football career, is he honest in his personal life?

8 Tom Is Still In Gisele’s Shadow

Sure, fans chant “MVP” when Brady runs onto the football field, and he’s got lots of Super Bowl rings to back up that title. However, in some people’s eyes, he’s still not as famous as his wife. After all, Gisele has been in the modeling industry for quite some time (she participated in her first New York Fashion Week as a teenager), so she has fans all over the world. Bundchen even had the honor of presenting the World Cup trophy to the winner in 2014. This was an honor that previously belonged to Dilma Rousseff, who is the president of Brazil! That’s pretty major. Yes, Tom is a star, but Gisele is clearly an International celebrity.

7 Gisele Is Retiring From Modeling


In April 2015, Bundchen strutted down the catwalk for the last time at the age of 35. That’s not even close to retirement age for people with conventional jobs, but there’s a chance that Gisele may be going through what many seniors experience during retirement. Maybe she’s demanding that Tom spend more time with her, since she doesn’t have to get up early for photo shoots and fittings anymore. Perhaps she’s having a hard time finding other hobbies that bring her fulfillment. A number of couples say that retirement is a huge adjustment and changes the dynamic in the home, so maybe Bundchen will decide to un-retire before things get too rocky in her marriage.

6 Gisele Makes More Money Than Tom

Gisele Bundchen is known for being a Victoria’s Secret angel, but she’s also had lucrative modeling contracts with Ralph Lauren, Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. Bundchen has also appeared in a few movies, including The Devil Wears Prada and was a spokesperson for the Got Milk? campaign. Bundchen earned $45 million in 2012 alone, and Brady signed a four-year contract that year for $72 million, which means he earns less than her. Perhaps this would be a bigger deal if they were both in the middle class, but it’s not hard to imagine that an alpha male like Tom still wants to know that he’s the actual provider in the family.


5 It Took Five Years For the World To See Their Wedding Photo

Gisele and Tom got engaged in January of 2009. The next month, they were married in an ultra-private ceremony. Brady’s son, who was a toddler at the time, along with just a few family members and friends, witnessed the couple’s nuptials. At the time, no photos of the wedding were released. Then, in 2014, Bundchen shared a photo on social media of her and Brady at their wedding, lovingly embracing. She captioned the photo “happy anniversary my love. Te amo #wedding #2009.” That seems sweet and all, but who waits five years to show their wedding photos? Maybe Gisele wanted to wait a few years to make sure the marriage would last, which isn’t a good sign that things are very secure.

4 Gisele Is Tired of Defending Tom

In 2012, when The New England Patriots lost the Super Bowl to The New York Giants, Gisele had to deal with Giants fans taunting her husband. Since football fans can be pretty ruthless, they started saying things like “Eli owns your husband” and “Eli rules” (in reference to Eli Manning, of course). Bundchen got irritated and responded by saying, “my husband can’t f**king throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.” It can be pretty stressful to have to defend your man for something as seemingly harmless as a football game. Then Deflate-Gate happened, which was exhausting in and of itself, and she had to be supportive once again, even though many people were saying Brady was directly involved in the scandal.

3 Gisele Is A Stepmother To Tom’s Son

Looks like Gisele, Tom and Bridget all have a hand in raising Jack (Brady’s son with Bridget Moynahan) these days. However, the fact that Bundchen and Brady are having marital problems could mean karma has paid Tom a visit. It seems that Gisele and Bridget are committed to working together to ensure Jack is raised in a loving environment, and they’ve even been seen hanging out with the kids (Gisele and Tom also have a son together). Blended families happen all the time, but when all the parents are famous, it can be especially challenging. Perhaps the constant media pressure to be pleasant and “willing to share” is getting to Gisele.

2 Tom Brady Has Been “Difficult” Since Deflate-Gate

While there’s no way to truly know this for sure, there’s a good chance that Tom Brady probably wasn’t the easiest person to live with when the whole Deflate-Gate thing was going on. A number of football wives have stated that their husbands are distant, tense and intensely focused on the game during playoff season and other major sporting events. That type of attitude can’t be good for a marriage, especially if it happens often. Perhaps the Bundchen/Brady union is in trouble because Gisele is in need of more emotional attention from her husband. Or, maybe she’s sick of his attitude and needs him to make a change before it’s too late.

1 Tom Brady Didn’t Treat Bridget Moynahan Well


A few weeks before Tom Brady started dating Gisele Bundchen, he ended a three-year relationship with actress and model Bridget Moynahan. After the two broke up, Bridget revealed that she was over three months pregnant with Brady’s son. It was the first child for both Bridget and Tom. Additional reports say that Tom Brady came to the hospital on the day his son was born, and the day after, but wasn’t in the room while Bridget was giving birth. Moynahan even made it plain by saying “he certainly wasn’t holding my hand while I was pushing.” Moynahan also stated in an interview with Vogue that she was heartbroken while pregnant, and never imagined that this would be how she’d start a family. This scenario doesn’t make Tom look like such a great guy. There are also speculations that Brady had apprehensions about becoming a father, so Bridget said she’d raise the baby on her own, but they seem to be co-parenting well now.



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