12 Reasons To Love Mia Khalifa

Ever since Mia Khalifa started working in the adult entertainment world in late 2014, she’s only been growing in popularity. Her significant talents and energy have made her a beloved icon loved in the industry. Maybe the biggest star since Belle Knox and Sasha Grey, she has had unprecedented success in the mainstream which makes us believe she will eventually branch out into other areas of business and entertainment.

But why do we really love Mia Khalifa so much? I mean she’s ridiculously sexy and painfully adorable, but she also brings so much more to the table. Since we’re living in the social media golden age, our ability to access and connect with our favourite celebrities has reached heights that seemed unimaginable just a decade ago and they can help build or break someone’s professional career. Lucky for us, Mia’s online presence has only made us love her more. She is as fun and charming as her videos suggest, with a lot of hidden talents and passions. Since she doesn’t make many videos compared to some of her peers, her Twitter and Instagram give us a look into her daily life and an opportunity to get our fix. While a lot of women in her field seem to fade quickly into obscurity, we have high hopes that Mia is going to stick around for good. Who knows, maybe she’ll get a talk show or a high profile movie role sometime in the future? Until that happens, though, here are 12 reasons we fell in love with Mia Khalifa.

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12 She is proud of her Lebanese heritage

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Mia Khalifa moved to the United States when she was ten, before that she lived in Lebanon. Her heritage is not only a large part of her success, but also subject to controversy. Mia has two tattoos inspired by her homeland, one of the first lines of the Lebanese national anthem and the other of the Lebanese Forces cross. While in the Middle East many have condemned her for her work, many were especially upset about her tattoos that directly connected her to Lebanon. She has been quick and harsh in her rebuttals and has found support with British-Lebanese author Nasri Atallah, who was quick to defend Mia’s autonomy.

11 She loves Pearl Jam

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Is it possible that Mia Khalifa loves Eddie Vedder as much as we do? Mia recently posted about going to the Pearl Jam concert and we’re seriously impressed. A lot of girls are not into Eddie’s unusual vocals and Pearl Jam’s sound, but Mia is different. We can’t help wondering what her favourite Pearl Jam song is, and whether she thinks their music is as sexy as we do. We’d love to have a chance to ask her what PJ song she loves most, for some reason we’re guessing she would most appreciate the cathartic awesomeness of Alive.

10 She appreciates good food

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Did you know that Mia Khalifa was apparently discovered while working at a fast food restaurant? While that is hardly the height of culinary skills, she has lived up to her humble origins by regularly exalting her passion for food. While we’re tired of seeing our friends poorly lit shots of their meal last night, Mia somehow makes it… sexy? Not only is she better than most at snapping the most mouth-watering pics, she also seems to be very open minded and is always trying new dishes. Whether going out for a fancy dinner, a quick burger or a relaxing evening at home, Mia seems down for it all!

9 Loves to read


Take a quick browse through Mia’s Twitter or Instagram, and you’ll notice she is always reading. In between bikini shots and sports fandom, she’s constantly flipping through the pages of something new. While she seems to have a particular passion for sports stories (we don’t blame her), she branches out as well, and we’ve also spotted her reading books like Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power, a book about, well, power. Honestly, we also just love how adorable she looks wearing glasses. Mia is the perfect combo of cute and sexy.

8 She's down to Earth

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Whether online, in her videos or in interviews, Mia always comes across as a pretty cool, interesting girl. She is not always trying to sell herself and seems to genuinely love life. Unlike some of our other favorite adult stars, she seems like a bit more of a homebody. Rather than moving to LA she has stayed in Miami and spends a lot of time doing the things she loves most. We love that she doesn’t wear too much make-up and is not afraid to make fun of herself. While she can clearly take care of herself, she doesn’t seem to sweat the small stuff.

7 Cute Dogs

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Okay, bare with us on this, only monsters hate puppies. So Mia Khalifa loving her two puppies (she calls herself their mum) is not earth shattering, but it doesn’t hurt either. Nothing against cats, but you always know that girls with dogs are just slightly cooler than others. Cats are aloof and distant, dogs need care and love, so we know that Mia has a lot of love to give. We’re still debating if hanging out with Mia and her pups would be just too much cute, but we’re willing to risk trying it.

6 She's a geek


There are few things in life that are sexier than a woman who is both smoking hot and can share your favorite hobbies. Khalifa regularly Tweets about pop culture icons, from Batman to Anchorman. Since the girl is also super funny, she always manages to put a great little twist on her references, making us double down in our appreciation of her fandom. After a long day of playing and watching sports, Mia just seems like the girl who could relax with some Marvel themed Netflix and Chill. Who wouldn’t want that?

5 Serious Twerking Skills


While given her line of the work, this shouldn’t be a surprise, that doesn’t discount the fact that Mia Khalifa is incredible at twerking. After Timeflies released a song in tribute to her (entitled Mia Khalifa), like a world-class champion released a video of her twerking to the video. Wearing some sexy Calvin Klein underwear she put on an amazing show that she uploaded to Youtube which features her twerking to the song. Even removed from the meta-textual awesomeness of watching someone dance to a song about themselves, Mia shows off her assets and personality which have helped made her a top spot among adult performers in the world.

4 She's very funny

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One of the things we love most about Mia is how accessible she is through social media. While we’ll admit we initially followed her for the sexy selfies, we were surprised to find out that Mia Khalifa is super funny. Her Twitter account is full of some a-class meme work, and some very funny videos. Mia’s sense of humour is infectious, and honestly, one of the reasons we love her videos so much is that she always seems to be having a good time. She has a perfect smile and knowing that she can make us laugh is an amazing bonus.

3 She's no pushover

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One of the things we love most about a woman, is when she can stand her ground. While Mia is known to call famous men out (we’re looking at you, Drake) for sliding into her DM's, but her confidence and resolve go above and beyond turning down some thirsty men. Due to Mia’s Lebanese heritage, she has become extremely controversial at home as well as the Middle East, as a result, she regularly receives death threats. Not only does she not back down, she has stood up to her accusers, suggesting they are doing far more damage to the image of Muslims and Arabs than she ever will.

2 She's Smart

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Mia was a university student when she started her day job in adult entertainment. Not only did she graduate from the University of Texas in El Paso with a Bachelor’s Degree in History, she consistently comes across as a smart and informed woman. Her interviews read as anything but a dumb girl getting by on her looks, as she is not only clever and funny, but lays down some serious facts. While right now her adult career is her bread and butter, she clearly has a long term plan with her education and business ventures. Also, she has taken advantage of her popularity by working a lot less than many of her contemporaries, while also breaking into the mainstream. She really is the full package!

1 She Loves Sports

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There are many reasons to love Mia Khalifa, but her devotion to sports takes the cake for us. Not only do we love girls who won’t get bored watching the playoffs with us, there is literally nothing sexier than a woman with passion. Mia Khalifa is a huge fan of football, hockey and lacrosse. She is the unofficial mascot for her local university team, the Florida State Seminoles and religiously follows most major sporting events. Maybe the biggest ambassador of lacrosse in the world (seriously, who watches let alone reps lacrosse), she made us want to suit up for the sport after she was quoted as saying she has a huge weakness of “Lox” players.

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