12 Reality TV Stars We All Love To Hate

Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate, but these celebs aren’t going to shake shake shake shake shake. If you’re a reality TV star, it’s really hard to be liked by the public. Viewers love to judge. Make one (or several) wrong moves, or drunken ones at the very least, and you risk the world hating you forever, or at least for the duration of your fifteen minutes or so… But, if you are a truly despised reality star, your career could last for years.

Here are twelve of the most hated reality stars. To be honest, some of these people don’t really deserve the hate. The truth is that they might not be the nicest people, but they have all worked very hard to achieve their fame and fortune. Their haters are probably just jealous. Who wouldn’t be?

But let’s be real, most of the people on this list are truly horrible people. And by truly horrible, it ranges from typically just bizarre and annoying behavior, to general douchebagary, all the way to extreme homophobia. But by far, the worst offenders on this list are the awful parents. Some of the women on this list have even had their children taken away. Does it get any worse than that? It does…if you date the man who molested your daughter, which is exactly what one woman on the list did. Either way, read on and remember why you turned the TV on or off in the first place.

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12 Teresa Giudice


Everyone hates Teresa Giudice, especially the law. Currently incarcerated in Danbury Connecticut, her life is a far cry from her glamorous mansion in New Jersey. But, in all fairness, Teresa Giudice is the kind of woman everyone basically loves to hate. From flaunting her money, but not being able to pay for her lifestyle, this former Real Housewives of New Jersey star is certainly paying for her mistakes now. Most people feel she is getting what she deserves, but hopefully when she gets out of prison in February 2016, she can try to redeem herself.

11 Farrah Abraham


No one in their right mind isn't a hater of Farrah Abraham. This original Teen Mom made headlines for having epic fights with her mom, who ultimately ended up in jail for hitting her. Like many reality stars, she tried her hand at expanding her empire to books, pasta sauce and ultimately, sex toys. While fellow cast members like Catelynn made a living the old fashioned way by going to college and getting a regular job, Farrah is building her empire, one sex tape at a time. To supplement, her adult entertainment career, also made a terrible music video called Blowin' where she featured her poor daughter Sophia. How exploitative! Hopefully Farrah is stockpiling away some of her cash for Sophia’s therapy bills.

10 Scott Disick


People really hate Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy three times over, Scott Disick. Never appearing to have a real job other than being a b-storyline on a reality show and making appearances at nightclubs, Disick’s drunken antics, terrible behavior and arrogant attitude (he calls himself Lord Disick) hasn't actually won him any fans. It’s apparent he has a huge addiction problem and after trying rehab and leaving less than a week later, it doesn't look like he is going to win over any fans, his baby mama included. While it’s been reported Disick has a new business venture flipping houses and is shooting a reality television show about it, it looks like the only thing this guy will ever flip is the bird.

9 Juan Pablo Galavis


Juan Pablo Galavis of The Bachelor is a big jerk! After choosing Nikki Ferrell, the two ended up on VH1’s Couples Therapy, where he was just plain mean and cold to his poor girlfriend. Juan Pablo was unwilling to say “I love you” to his girlfriend. Ultimately, the couple called it quits. But, Nikki said that wasn't the specific reason for the relationship’s demise, “It didn't end because we didn't love each other or [over] a lack of communication. It just ended because of a difference of lifestyle. There was a point we said we love each other, like in a normal relationship.”

8 David "Puck" Rainey


What the Puck? There probably isn't a human being on the face of the earth who likes David “Puck” Rainey. First appearing on Real World: San Francisco in 1994, he became the first Real World cast member to get kicked out of the house. Why? Puck was an instigator and couldn't get along with any of his roommates, especially the HIV positive Pedro Zamora, which is all sorts of mean, terrible and homophobic. In 2003, he appeared on MTV’s The Challenge and ever since, he’s been in and out of court and jail for domestic violence and stalking.

7 Bethenny Frankel


The reason why everyone hates former Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After star, Bethenny Frankel is probably because they want to be her. After turning a recipe for diet margaritas into a billion dollar empire including liquor, food, shape wear, skincare and blenders, among other things, who wouldn't envy Bethenny? Recently, after a picture of the mogul looking like a super skinnygirl in her young daughter’s pajamas showed up on Twitter, Frankel was accused of promoting an unrealistic body image. Even Richard Johnson of the New York Post declared in a headline last week, “Everyone seems to hate Bethenny Frankel.”

6 Jenelle Evans


5 Kris Jenner


There are so many reasons why people hate Kris Jenner, it’s hard to list them all here. It’s been rumored that she orchestrated her daughter Kim’s sex tape with Ray J just to become famous. She is also still managing Kim, Kourtney and Khloe’s careers and many people feel is exploiting her daughters. Fair enough. But, the worst is that she shames her ex-husband Bruce Jenner. While there are rumors the former Olympian is transitioning to become a woman, Kris is allegedly angry and feels he is an embarrassment. While that must be a difficult position to be in for Kris, she isn't making it any easier for Bruce.

4 Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino


The situation is that Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is the epitome of a douchebag. This breakout star of Jersey Shore was known just as much for his arrogant, misogynist attitude, as he is for his abs. Referring to himself in the third person and using dumb catch phrases like GTL (gym, tan, laundry) and grenade (code word for an unattractive woman, or any woman too smart to bed him), things didn't go too well for The Situation when the show ended. After becoming addicted to Vicodin and going to rehab, Sorrentino is now facing charges for tax fraud. The situation in prison probably won't be too pleasant.

3 Amber Portwood


2 Kate Gosselin


1 Mamma June Shannon


June Shannon is not only one of the most hated women on reality television, but probably the most hated women on the face of the earth. Not only does she exploit her family for reality television, and feed her family the unhealthiest food possible (‘sketti and gogo juice), but at the height of her fame, she dated a child molester. But it gets worse.... Her molester boyfriend actually molested her own daughter, Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell. When this became public knowledge, TLC immediately cancelled the show and America’s favorite redneck became the face of everything a mother shouldn't be.

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