12 Real-Life Hollywood Romances That Started On Set

Long hours of pretending to be passionate toward each other is sure to create the illusion of, or in some cases, real feelings among gorgeous Hollywood co-stars. Sometimes the real romance between two

Long hours of pretending to be passionate toward each other is sure to create the illusion of, or in some cases, real feelings among gorgeous Hollywood co-stars. Sometimes the real romance between two actors makes the chemistry between their characters even more believable, and makes the movie even better.

Many of the couples who date while on-screen don't have the picture-perfect relationship of their fictional characters. Most of these relationships only last a few months, some a couple years. But, as is common in real-life Hollywood love stories, most end in tears. Clearly, playing a happy couple in a movie is much easier than being a happy couple in real life. However, some actors who met while filming are able to translate their chemistry to real life and have long-term relationships.

Most of the star couples that made this list are famous either for their impossibly adorable romances or for crazy scandals that the media buzzed about for months. In some cases, it seems that their real-life romances created more buzz than their movie. Perhaps some of the on-screen to real life romances were just a ploy to create hype around the movie, but it seems like quite a few of the stars had true feelings toward each other.

A lot of these romances moved quickly; perhaps playing through years of romance in the space of a movie gave these stars the false confidence that their relationship would move just as fast? Check out these famous, stunning couples who fell in love on Hollywood sets.

12 Will and Jada Pinkett Smith

While these two didn't meet on the set of Ali, a movie for which they're famous for co-starring, they met on the set of a much more famous show — The Fresh Prince of Bel-air. Will Smith is known for his starring role as a fictionalized version of himself in this comedic sitcom. His future-wife, Jada, auditioned for the role of Will's girlfriend. Although she didn't land the role on screen, she did become Will's real-life girlfriend. The two began dating and got married in 1997 so by the time they filmed Ali, they had been married for several years.

11 Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

These two comedy stars met on set of a pilot episode for a series starring Jack Black, Heat Vision and Jack, that never aired. The two were married in 2000 and began a long career of starring in movies together.

10 Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens

One of the most popular recent young-romances is between Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, co-stars of High School Musical. Their love story is the quintessential tale of the star jock, Troy played by Zac, falling in love with the quiet nerdy, but also very pretty girl, Gabriella played by Vanessa. In the movie, their love trumps all high school odds and results in lots of singing.

9 Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Step Up  is another tale of lovers from "different sides of the tracks". Jenna plays Nora, a rich girl classically trained in ballet, while Channing plays the bad boy, Tyler, who happens to be a great hip hop dancer. The two meet at her school, end up dancing in the talent show and along the way fall madly in love.

8 Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn

This love tale is wonderfully ironic because they met on set of The Breakup, which can either be read as describing where Jennifer had just been or foreshadowing what was to come. Either way, you have to laugh at that poetic irony. The two co-starred in this film where their characters met at a baseball game, dated and bought a condo together. Unfortunately, their minute personality details caused the relationship to end.

7 Dev Patel and Freida Pinto

The movie that made a huge splash at the box-office and in the media, Slumdog Millionaire, also spurred a new romance. The story revolves around the young romance between Jamal, played by Dev, and Latika, played by Freida, kids who met on the street in Mumbai. After being separated and overcoming outrageous circumstances, the two end up together.

6 Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone

The Amazing Spider-man began a relationship, but not an amazing one of superhuman proportions, just a regular one. Andrew plays the part of Peter Parker and Emma is Gwen Stacy. In the film, the two meet in high school and fall in love, but unbeknownst to her, Peter Parker (her bf) is actually Spiderman. Throughout the movie, she is faithfully by his side and their relationship even survives a sequel!

5 Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart

The relationship that made almost as much buzz as the hit-sensation movie Twilight. Robert, plays the lead role of Edward — the standoffish vampire who has a soft-spot for mortal Bella, Kristen Stewart. Theirs is the epic tale of a mortal woman giving up her family to become a vampire and live happily ever after with her husband's vampire family while battling other supernatural creatures. Kristen's character is demure and susceptible to vampire charms and it seems Kristen is as well.

4 Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth

The Last Song was more like the last normal appearance Miley made. Before she was a blonde, buzz-cut rocking edgy girl, she was the rebellious (but sweet) love interest, Ronnie, of Liam's rich and well-educated character, Will. The two bond throughout the summer and eventually come together in a relationship that's forced to end with the summer.

3 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively


The set of Green Lantern doesn't seem to be a likely place for romance to start, but for these two stars, it was the perfect place. In the movie, Ryan, who played Hal — the Green Lantern, wins over his childhood crush, Carol, played by Blake. The movie ends with them defeating evil and living happily ever after.

2 Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

One of the most iconic celebrity couples...and they met on set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Remember way back when Brad and Jennifer Aniston were a thing? Well this movie ended that relationship because it introduced him to Angelina. In the movie, the two are already married and are fighting to rekindle their flame, which they eventually do.

1 Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

The Notebook is the quintessential romantic movie. Girls everywhere swoon at the true love this movie exemplifies. It must've gotten to Ryan and Rachel as well since they started dating while on set. In the movie, poor mill worker Noah, played by Ryan, and rich girl Allie, played by Rachel, are in love. Noah gets shipped off to war, which ends their relationship and while he's gone Allie finds a new love. Noah comes back just in time to stop her wedding and it's clear they're still in love.

Their real life feelings toward each other probably made the movie so magically believable. Unfortunately, after two years, real life must've hit because they broke up. To many people's regret the two never got back together. Ryan has been with Eva Mendes and Rachel has been with Canuck Sambrook and they both seem to be happy without each other.

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12 Real-Life Hollywood Romances That Started On Set