12 Places The Kardashians Have Been Denied Access

When you think of the Kardashian family, you likely assume that these super-famous reality stars are always allowed into the best clubs, resorts and restaurants. After all, taking a picture with one of them could literally be worth millions. When companies are hosting events, they often ask someone from the Kardashian clan to show up to make the event more appealing. Whether you love them, hate them, or are somewhere in between, you’ve got to admit that virtually every member of the Kardashian family is pretty famous.

However, there are some organizations who want nothing to do with Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie or Bruce (who is now Caitlyn). Believe it or not, there are some people who think that the Kardashians would actually bring down the credibility of their business. Granted, the Kardashians are not exactly known for being the most upstanding citizens in the world, but they are worth millions and they have the power to bring attention to brands that were previously unknown. Still, there are times when people don’t seem to care much about the fame of the Kardashians. It’s a rarity, but it happens. Here are 12 places the Kardashians have been denied access to.

12 Soho House

11 Coachella’s Neon Carnival

10 The Hamptons

9 Penthouse

8 Kourtney Kardashian’s House

7 The Driver’s Seat

6 Greystone Manor

5 South Beach

4 Kendall Jenner’s Fashion Shows

3 Anderson Cooper’s Talk Show

2 The Met Ball

1 The State of Florida

This “ban” probably doesn’t hold much weight, but a prisoner in Florida named Wayne Albright requested a temporary restraining order against the Kardashian family. Well, everyone except Rob. Albright, a sex offender, also referred to Kim and Kanye as “moose knuckles” and said he wanted to ban the couple from appearing on television or crossing state lines. He also made it clear that Kim and Kanye should only be on TV if they are on “Court TV and they’re on trial for posing as a famous couple.” We’re sure there are other people who feel this way, but no one else has gone to such great lengths to (fruitlessly attempt to) ban the Kardashians from an entire state.


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12 Places The Kardashians Have Been Denied Access