12 Pics Of Selena Gomez That Prove She’s Hotter Than Ever

Selena Gomez got her start as a cast member for The Barney Show (alongside Demi Lovato), so it’s still difficult for some people to believe that she’s actually a grown woman now. Gomez has enjoyed tre

Selena Gomez got her start as a cast member for The Barney Show (alongside Demi Lovato), so it’s still difficult for some people to believe that she’s actually a grown woman now. Gomez has enjoyed tremendous success on the Disney channel, and has gone on to have a music career and star in movies. Of course, she’s also well-known for her on-again, off-again relationship with pop star Justin Bieber.

Selena has had a pretty squeaky clean image for most of her career. However, there have been a few times when she’s embraced her womanhood in terms of her fashion and style choices. Some say she felt more comfortable playing up her sexiness when she finally broke up with Justin Bieber once and for all and was ready to start over with her life. Some of her fans just think Selena showing her sexy side is just a part of her growing up. While there may be some truth to both of these theories, it’s clear that Gomez has been working with great stylists to help her achieve a look that is womanly without making her look too old (or sleazy). Since she has to be on the red carpet regularly and is photographed often, looking great is pretty important.

Even though she’s a former Disney star, there are still lots of people who are fans of Selena Gomez as an adult—and not just for her music and movies. Here are 12 of Selena Gomez’s hottest pictures.

12 At The American Music Awards

Selena wore a plunging backless gown to the American Music Awards, and she looked stunning. This was a bit of a change from Gomez’s usual formal gowns, and showing that much skin was likely a way to remind the public of her adult status. The sparkly gown also had a small split in the front, and her strappy heels helped to make her legs look longer. Gomez kept it simple with the hair, and wore a middle part to show off her beautiful dark hair. Selena is also know for wearing a smoky eye with a nude lip, and she stuck with that makeup palette for this award show, which was a great way to further show off her dress.

11 At The 58th Grammy Awards

Selena Gomez achieved another fashion milestone when she showed up on the red carpet for the 58th Grammy Awards. She was wearing a sparkly blue dress with cut-outs on the side, which was sexy but not too over the top. Her hair was parted on the side and she wore loose curls, which was a pretty grown-up look that bumped the look into “bombshell” status. Gomez was also wearing diamond hoop earrings, which showed her fashion sense and gave the impression that she wasn’t afraid to add just a little more sparkle to her look. We’re guessing this was one of those times Justin Bieber wished he and Selena were still together.

10 At The 2011 American Music Awards

Selena and Justin Bieber were the epitome of Hollywood glam when they attended the 2011 American Music Awards together. Gomez was wearing a silk metallic dress with a plunging neckline. Her hair was in large body waves and her accessories were beautiful. But the thing that makes her especially hot in this picture is the fact that she’s beaming with happiness. This was during the time that she and Bieber were really in love, and it was obvious to everyone. These days, it seems that Justin is missing Selena (again), since he has posted pictures from this time in their lives on Instagram. Interesting.

9 At The Getaway Premier In Westwood

Gomez appeared at the 2013 premier of her movie The Getaway, wearing a peplum dress with a revealing neckline. Her hair was in a ponytail to show off her features, and she’s leaning against a car while wearing a beautiful dress. These are all things that make this one of Selena’s hottest pictures. Perhaps Gomez was trying to embody the mystery and alluring nature of The Kid, her character in the movie. By this time, things with Gomez and Bieber were over (sort of), and Selena was able to show off a sense of sexiness that comes from growing into womanhood.

8 At The 2014 American Music Awards

Selena looked like the beautiful Mexican-American woman she is in this all-black ensemble. Her hair was pulled back to show off the top of her dress and her shoulders. She complimented the black dress with red earrings and lipstick, and kept the rest of her makeup pretty simple. To add one more finishing touch to the outfit, she chose elaborate bracelets for each arm. Here, Selena looks a little older than her age, but she nailed it when it comes to looking both hot and sophisticated. This was yet another time Gomez went out of her way to remind her fans that she’s a classy, well-rounded woman.

7 At the 2014 LACMA Art and Film Gala

Gomez attended the Art and Film Gala for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) wearing a beautiful silver gown. She’s showing cleavage, but not too much, which makes the picture both hot and tasteful. The smirk on Selena’s face is likely an indication that she knows she got it right with this outfit. She’s wearing a deep side part, and her hair is sleek and shiny, with brown highlights peeking out near her ends. Once again, she’s wearing a smoky eye, and instead of a standard nude lip, her lipstick is slightly bronze, which brings more attention to her glowing skin.

6 At the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

Selena decided to wear a black, form-fitting dress to the VMAs in 2015. Fortunately, she wasn’t involved in the drama that came with the awards show (Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj pretty much took care of that), which gave Selena’s fans more time to focus on her outfit. Even though she was fully covered, there were sheer elements to her dress that made the entire look pretty hot. Her hair had lots of body to it, and her makeup was sexy without standing out too much. By now, it’s easy to see that Selena Gomez doesn’t have to do much to look really hot. And the fact that she isn’t too scantily clad on the red carpet makes her even more fascinating to some of her fans.

5 In a Bikini On The Beach

Gomez got some criticism for gaining a little weight in recent years, but she doesn’t seem to care. After all, some of her fans are simply saying that she looks healthy, and what’s wrong with that? In 2015, she was vacationing in Mexico, and was photographed wearing a hot pink bikini. It’s clear to see that she’s “filling out,” which is natural when a girl becomes a young woman. Gomez even posted a few pictures of herself in swimsuits in the midst of the criticism, and has stated that she’s staying close to her friends and family. These are signs that she’s embracing her body—and her overall self—which is pretty hot.

4 In a White Summer Outfit By The Pool

Selena posed by the pool with a peach parasol wearing a white peplum top and white shorts. She’s posing in a way that shows off her legs and brings attention to her white open-toed heels. Her hair is in long, loose waves, she’s wearing an understated red lip, and she’s got on a single necklace for an accessory. Gomez also has a smoldering look on her face, which makes the pic even hotter. Once again, Selena Gomez has managed to combine sexiness with a little innocence and a lot of maturity and pose for a picture that has likely made her fans even more obsessed with her.

3 In an Embrace With Taylor Swift at the 2015 VMAs

It’s no secret that Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are really good friends. They’ve been very supportive of each other throughout the years, and are often seen attending awards shows together. Gomez was at the VMAs to show love to Swift, and was also seen in Taylor’s “Bad Blood” video. She was photographed embracing her friend on the red carpet. Women who support each other are usually pretty confident, and that’s an attractive quality. Sometimes, being “hot” is just as simple as being yourself, and Selena has shown that to her fans several times.

2 In Next to Nothing On Instagram

It seems like a rite of passage for some young women to take at least one tasteful naked (or nearly naked) picture. Selena posted this picture on Instagram of her wearing nothing but black underwear. She’s in an alluring pose that leaves most things to the imagination, but we can bet that the picture is an “inspiration” to most of her fans. Gomez is looking into the camera with an intent gaze, and her hair is perfectly styled, which only serves to make the picture hotter. The classic black and white is a great artistic choice, and there’s a good chance Selena will look back on this pic and smile when she’s older.

1 In a Trench Coat and Bell Bottoms At the Airport

It’s hard for anyone to look hot (or feel like looking hot) at the airport, but Selena was actually able to pull it off. Her jeans fit her perfectly, and when paired with the trench coat, she’s giving a stylish, on-trend nod to the fashion of the 1970s. She finished off the look with a relaxed ponytail, stylish sunglasses, a crop top and a chic black and white purse. Even though she wasn’t performing or on the red carpet, she likely blew everyone away with her impeccable sense of fashion—in a place where most people are wearing sweats and flip flops.


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12 Pics Of Selena Gomez That Prove She’s Hotter Than Ever