12 Perfect Celeb Couples With A Drastic Height Difference

Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, looks dominate the dating world. There is something about watching a couple walking down the street and wanting to question what one finds appealing about the other. One of the oddest things about a couple who look like they should not be together is the height difference. Some couples have up to 16 inches between one another and while they are okay with it, you sit and wonder how in the world their relationship works when it comes to things like sex; do you feel awkward when she’s on top? Or seeing a movie; do you have to sit in the back because one of you is very tall and the person behind them will not be able to see around them to enjoy the film? In true fashion celebrities are breaking down the barriers of what people expect from a couple; it is not odd to see a celeb who is 4’9 with someone who is 6’2. Not only do they rock it well, they also could care less what everyone else thinks since they are too busy making coin and laughing all the way to the bank. There are a host of celebrities out there that are proving that as odd as someone looks with another person it does not mean that they should not be with them, take for example Hayden Panettiere; her fiancée is 6’6 while she stands at a petite 5’0. She is showing everyone that their height difference has nothing on their stable, loving relationship. However, she is not the only one; here is a list of a few other celebrities who are embracing the height difference in their perfect relationship.


12 Sarah Michelle Gellar & Freddie Prinze Jr.

The flattering couple have a significant height difference with her standing at a cute 5’2 and him at a sexy 6’1.The couple have two adorable children and have had a strong hold on their marriage for fourteen years. They met on the set of the hit teen horror flick I Know What You Did Last Summer in 1997, and got married in 2002. Clearly the height difference has had no affect on their relationship in fact; with the sexy heels Gellar is constantly sporting the height difference does not seem like that much, it compliments their already perfect marriage.

11 Fergie & Josh Duhamel


Fergie is a cute 5’2 and her charming hubby is a perfect 6’3 which is a big difference, however, that is not slowing this couple down. Together for thirteen years, this couple was a surprising one seeing as Fergie’s personality was an out-there music chick and Duhamel was a clean cut actor who had not dated someone like her before. It is true that opposites attract and in this case, the same goes for height not just personality. Duhamel had a scandal back in 2009 where he was caught cheating with a stripper but it looks like the couple hung in there and are trying to keep their business out of the tabloids.

10 Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson

Mom of two, Jessica Simpson has had a long engagement with her fiancée Eric Johnson and while their dramatic height difference of 5’2 and 6’3 is a good talking point, when you first meet them you also quickly realize that they are so much more. Simpson admits that her relationship is backwards, as it is usually marriage before children but let’s not forget about her relationship with Nick Lachey. The perfect couple has a few cracks in their relationship like a cheating accusation from Johnson’s ex-wife but besides that the unexpected couple is going strong. At least she is easy to pick up right?

9 Kristin Cavallari & Jay Cutler


She is 5’6 which is genetically considered tall but he by far tops her at 6’3. The reality TV star and her husband Jay Cutler, make a pretty cute couple despite all the drama surrounding their relationship. They met in 2010 through mutual friend Giuliana Rancic (random) and got engaged pretty quickly in 2011 until the engagement was called off for several months by Cutler. By the time they got back together, Cavallari got pregnant and they were well on their way to being the perfect couple. Officially married in 2013, they now have two kids and another on the way.

8 Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler


While this couple likes to keep their relationship under wraps it is hard not to notice the height difference when they stand side by side. Can you guess who is 5’1 and who is 6’0? Hudgens is shorter than most people; it is safe to say she is used to being looked down upon. While the height difference is drastic this couple is cuter than ever and even in heels Hudgens is still shorter than her man Austin Butler, however, it does not look like he minds at all, in fact he seems to love the idea of bending down to place a peck on her cheek.

7 Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard


Kristen Bell is a cute petite 5’1, and her comedian husband is 6’2. You can tell this perfect couple knows how to have fun. They always seem to have smiles on their faces when they are together and it looks like their height difference compliments them. The couple keeps things light and exciting by doing commercials together, posting funny pictures of one another on social media and fighting their #nokidspolicy against paparazzi together as one strong unit. They may get looks for their height difference but they could very well be one of those couples that stand the test of time.

6 Hank Baskett & Kendra Wilkinson

Hank Baskett and Kendra Wilkinson got together in 2008; he is 6’4 and she is 5’1. This couple is perfect because she decided to stick by him when he cheated on her with a transvestite prostitute and the media blew it out of proportion. Wilkinson really adores her husband and it can be seen on their reality show Kendra On Top. Their height difference is also very apparent on the show as Wilkinson is constantly looking up at her larger than life man, and the promo pictures are of Hank doing push ups with her sitting comfortably on his back. This is also a big indication of just how drastic their height difference is.


5 Sacha Baron Cohen & Isla Fisher


Even actress Isla Fisher makes jokes about her husband Sacha Baron Cohen’s 6’3 height compared to her small 5’3. The couple dated for almost ten years before they tied the knot in 2010 and now have three children. Fisher admits, "I'm used to [the huge height difference]. It used to be hard when we went to a bar or something; people try to pick up little people physically, pat you on the head. It's like when I communicate with a dog!” She goes on to say that his height kind of makes her look like a “circus freak”. This couple really does bring out the best in one another.

4 Peter Dinklage & Erica Schmidt

So this one is pretty obvious. Peter Dinklage is a little person standing at 4’5 and his actress wife Erica Schmidt, is 5’6 but there is no doubt, the couple together are too darn cute. Dinklage’s form of dwarfism is called achondroplasia which includes a perfectly formed body with shorter bones in the arms and legs. You do not always see a lot of little people marrying an average size person and while she compliments his height in many ways because she herself is not that tall the two balance each other out really well. Dinklage who says that in his youth his dwarfism mad him angry no longer has anything to be angry about his height does not reflect the perfect life he has built for himself.

3 Shakira & Gerard Pique


This hot Latin couple turn heads wherever they go; she has a voice that no one else does and his body, well it is obvious he works hard at it. However, when they got together it was clear that they were turning heads for a different reason; their height. Shakira is 5’3 and Gerard is 6’4. The extremely private couple is rarely seen in public together and are pretty great at keeping their private life private since they began dating in 2010. They now have two children; let’s wait and see whose height they take after, 5’3 is not the most flattering height for a guy.

2 Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith

Jada is stuck at 5’0 and Will, her much loved man, is at a perfect 6’0, although you cannot tell the huge difference due to the killer high heels she rocks on a daily basis and also because Pinkett’s larger than life personality contributes to her fans not even realizing how tiny she actually is. The couple is Hollywood royalty with a marriage that has spanned more than a decade. They often get really playful when it comes to their height and are usually photographed on a beach with Will picking her up with incredible ease. Can they get any cuter? Probably.

1 Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir Klitschko


She is 5’0 and he is 6’6, and it shows. Wladimir Klitschko is really, really tall, he towers over her tiny frame like a giant shadow lurking in the background. However, they make the cutest couple when you see him doting on her or when they hold hands. Now that they have added their baby girl to the mix it is fun to see him hold her in what is essentially the palm of his giant hand. Klitschko comes from a family of really tall people including his brother and mother; the couple admit that they get looks but who really cares when you are in love.


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