12 People Who Are Definitely Not Fans Of Ronda Rousey

MMA fighter Ronda Rousey has definitely gained a significant number of fans over the years. She’s also skilled at judoka and has gotten into acting as well. Her PR team has done a pretty good job of portraying her in a way that combines soft femininity with brute strength, making her an inspiration to many young girls and women. However, like most celebs, Rousey has hoards of adoring fans, as well as large groups of people who really don’t care for her.

Part of the reason why non-fans of Ronda Rousey feel the way they do is because she’s constantly trash-talking and trying to make people believe she’s the best fighter alive. This should come with the territory of being a professional fighter (Floyd Mayweather and Muhammad Ali are well known for this), but it seems that grand-standing is a little off-putting to some when it comes from a woman. After Rousey’s recent loss to fighter Holly Holm, her naysayers are rejoicing, while her fans are hoping she’ll make a comeback. Aside from her embarrassing loss, there are apparently other reasons why people don’t like Ronda Rousey. Some of them are (somewhat) founded, while others are based solely on personal opinion. Here are 12 people who probably won’t be attending the next Ronda Rousey fight.

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12 Jay Electronica

Rapper and producer Jay Electronica, is perhaps best known for being the former beau of Erykah Badu (the two are still good friends). Sure, he’s come out with some pretty great music, but it’s been a while since we’ve heard from him professionally. So, he decided to get back in the spotlight (somewhat) by weighing in on Ronda Rousey’s loss to Holly Holm. Apparently, Electronica was a little salty because of the disparaging remarks Rousey made about Floyd Mayweather being a womanizer. After Ronda’s loss, Jay Electronica Tweeted that Rousey should “keep Mayweather’s name out her mouth.” He also noted that Rousey should “take this foot to the neck” with her, referring to the way Holm knocked Rousey out.

11 Lana

Lana is a WWE wrestling manager, dancer, model and actress whose real name is C. J. Perry. So, she knows a lot about the fighting world and the trash-talking that comes along with it. Lana took to Twitter to chastise Ronda for speaking ill of Holly before the fight, stating that Rousey got the “wrath of judgment” afflicted upon her for talking badly about Holm, who is a preacher’s daughter. Rousey went as far as to say that Holm was fake and was using her innocent image just to get people on her side. Looks like Lana has respect for “the cloth” and for Holly Holm.

10 Miesha Tate

9 Cristiane Justino


Cristiane Justino, also known as “Cyborg”, is another MMA fighter who is pretty good in the ring. She too has stated that Ronda Rousey isn’t that great to work with, and confirms that Rousey can be overly confident and obnoxious. Again, these are pretty standard traits for most professional fighters, but there’s a good chance that this would go over better if Rousey were a man. At any rate, rumors have been swirling for quite some time that Rousey won’t feel complete in her fighting career until she fights Justino. Needless to say, this will likely motivate Justino to train even harder for her match-up with Rousey.

8 Nick Jonas

The youngest of the Jonas Brothers definitely made it known that he was a fan of Holly Holm after the Holm and Rousey fight went toe to toe in the ring. Nick Tweeted his congratulations to Holm, calling her the “new champion” and stating that he was “blown away” by the fight. While it doesn’t seem like he has a deep-seated hatred for Rousey the way Donald Trump does, Jonas did make it clear that he’s proud of Holly Holm.

7 Dennis Hallman


Dennis Hallman is a former MMA fighter, and he met Rousey while filming Ultimate Fighter 18. Hallman isn’t the first MMA professional to say that Ronda Rousey’s personality leaves a lot to be desired, which probably means she’s not the best person to be around. There’s a good chance that Hallman’s claims are somewhat valid, since he stated that Ronda was immature well before her fight with Holm. Dennis also stated that perhaps Rousey’s behavior was due to a mental disorder. Perhaps he was taking a jab at her, or maybe Hallman is actually concerned about Rousey. Or, maybe it’s a little of both.

6 Bethe Correia


Bethe Correia is an MMA fighter who fought Rousey in August of 2015. She also took to Twitter before the fight to let Ronda know that she planned on exposing her for the fake fighter that she is. Bethe also warned Ronda that she was going to give her “the biggest beating of her life.” Unfortunately, Correia is the one who walked away defeated. That’s probably why she couldn’t wait to gloat when Rousey was knocked out by Holm. Bethe took to social media again after the Holm knockout, referring to Rousey as an “overhyped beginner.” That sounds great and all, but perhaps Bethe should remember that in the fight between her and Ronda, Rousey was the winner.

5 Darin Harvey

Darin Harvey knows first-hand how difficult Ronda Rousey can be. Until 2013, Harvey was Rousey’s manager. Obviously, the split wasn’t every amicable, since Harvey is also suing Rousey. Apparently, there was a contract dispute, and Harvey feels that he is owed $170,000. During an interview with USA Today, Darin states that he should be getting way more credit for Rousey’s current success. He also states that “she’s not a good person. You don’t forget where you came from.” It seems that the people who don’t want to be part of Rousey’s fan club are growing pretty rapidly, which may not be a good thing for her career.

4 Lady Gaga

Apparently, singer and actress Lady Gaga doesn’t like Ronda Rousey very much. Gaga’s fans were likely shocked to see that she had an opinion about the Rousey/Holm match. Lady Gaga took to Twitter, posted the picture of Rousey’s knockout, and stated that Ronda got what she deserved because she didn’t “touch gloves” with Holm! Touching gloves before a fight is considered a sign of respect, and lets fighters know that they consider one another worthy opponents. Rousey let her ego get in the way and was so confident that she’d win the fight. As a result, she’s being shamed by celebrities who aren’t even big MMA fans! Yeah, it’s pretty embarrassing.

3 Donald Trump

Apparently, Donald Trump thinks he has a clear definition of what it means to be a “nice person.” He Tweeted that Ronda Rousey was “soundly beaten” and stated that she wasn’t very nice. That’s probably not the best thing for a presidential hopeful to say, but Trump has been known for getting into feuds with people online and saying whatever pops into his head. Sure, Ronda Rousey did a lot of trash talking and was utterly embarrassed in the ring, so it’s not a shocker that some people are going to make her pay for her words. It’s just that Donald Trump seems like one of the least qualified people to do that.

2 50 Cent

These days, rapper 50 Cent is almost as well known for insulting celebrities online as he is for his music and business ventures. We’re not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing, but at least it’s keeping him in the spotlight. After Rousey’s fight, 50 Cent posted the picture of Ronda being knocked out by Holly, and stated that Floyd Mayweather told him to post the photo. He also stated that Mayweather wanted him to “do his dirty work.” 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather have been on-again, off-again friends as well, since Mayweather hasn’t been immune to 50’s hurtful online jabs, either.

1 Laila Ali

If anybody is qualified to talk about Ronda Rousey, it’s Laila Ali. Laila is the daughter of famed champion boxer Muhammad Ali, and is an extremely skilled fighter herself. The younger Ali is now retired, but was undefeated during her time as a boxer. Laila talked with TMZ Sports after Rousey’s fight, and stated that “in order to be the best in the world, you definitely don’t get beat up like that in your prime.” While Laila’s comments may seem a little “shady,” she’s definitely not wrong. Perhaps Rousey’s loss wouldn’t have been so devastating if she hadn’t made all those horrible threats to Holm via Twitter. Hopefully, Ronda Rousey has learned her lesson, and will keep quiet before her next fight.

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