12 Of The Weirdest Hairstyles Celebs Grew Up With

We all have them. Those baby and childhood pictures that we’ll only show to people we truly love and trust. Of course, there are also those photos that we don’t want anyone to see, for fear they’ll never look at us the same again. Obviously, these photos could also serve as some serious blackmail, depending on how terrible they are. Basically, they’re pictures that only your parents could love, because the photos remind them of the time when you were little, cuddly and cute (at least in their opinion).

In yet another reminder that “celebs are just like us,” some of your favorite actors and musicians have horrid baby photos, too. That’s right. Terrible haircuts, weird faces and atrocious outfits. It’s hard to believe (and quite a relief) that many of these celebrities have grown into some pretty hot adults. So, take heart. The embarrassing hairstyles your parents thought were adorable as a kid don’t have to ruin the rest of your life. You can still pull it together, go to a fabulous hairstylist and give your locks—and your look—a complete overhaul. For now though, we’ll just relish in the fact that these celebrities had a point in their lives when they weren’t as beautiful as they are now.

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12 Eminem


The half-bowl cut, half 90s-inspired grunge look rapper Eminem had as a kid is a clear indication that he probably wasn’t the most popular kid in school. Maybe that’s why much of his music is filled with rage and the need for control. There was also that scandal in which he claimed that he and Mariah Carey had a “thing.” After seeing this haircut, we highly doubt that was ever the case. Since he’s been out of the spotlight for a stint, he may be taking some time to learn how to manage his emotions before making more music. The last time we saw Eminem, he was wearing his hair in a stylish buzz cut. We approve of that look.

11 Bjork


So, when singer Bjork was a little girl, she had bangs. Those bangs were cut short in the middle and were longer on the sides. We’re not sure what that was all about. However, it’s a pretty good sign that Bjork started developing her quirky and outlandish fashion sense early. The Icelandic actress and singer has stayed with the bang trend most of her life, and has worn some pretty interesting head pieces and face paint during her career. There was also that time she dressed up like a swan. In addition to admiring her music and acting skills, Bjork’s fans likely anxiously await her interview and red carpet appearances, just to see how her hair will be styled and what she’s wearing.

10 Jennifer Lopez


9 Zac Efron


8 Pamela Anderson


Only die-hard fans would likely know that Pamela Anderson is naturally a brunette, since she’s been wearing her hair blond for so long. She also had a wispy Pat Benatar-type style in her teens, which didn’t flatter her face at all. However, we can’t lie, she was still cute, even with the disastrous haircut. When Anderson started her modeling career for a Canadian beer company, she was wearing her hair long (and dark), and didn’t become known as a blond bombshell until she starred in the beachside drama, Baywatch. Since then, Pamela has worn her hair a number of different lengths, but has kept the signature blond color.

7 Katie Holmes


When Katie Holmes wore her hair in a short bob during her Broadway stint in the play Chicago, most fans understood that she was being true to her role. However, they probably couldn’t wait for her to grow her locks out a little. Perhaps she was channeling her childhood and missed the days when she had a bob/bowl cut. Katie also wore her hair slightly wavy in her early teenage years, and had a pretty full blowout by the time she starred in Dawson’s Creek. Her daughter Suri looks a lot like her, but we’re happy to see that Katie hasn’t resorted to the full-on bowl cut for her little girl.

6 Sarah Jessica Parker


When you’ve got wavy or curly hair, it’s probably not the best idea to cut the front of your hair into short bangs. It’s also a good idea to keep your hair moisturized so it won’t get too frizzy. Unfortunately, Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t aware of these two truths back in the 1980s. Luckily, Parker has seriously gotten her look together since then. The actress, who is just as recognized for her keen fashion sense as her acting talent, often wears her hair in a sleek blowout these days. She’s also got a shoe line available at Nordstrom to further remind people that she’s the reigning queen of all things stylish.

5 Brad Pitt


4 Demi Moore


One of Demi Moore’s childhood hairstyles was part shag, part bowl cut, and completely awful. Luckily, Moore grew up to be a pretty hot model and actress. Her dark hair has made her stand out in Hollywood, and for a woman in her 50s, her body is certainly to be envied. Apparently, when Demi started to grow out her hair, and grow into her other features, she caught the attention of plenty of guys, namely her husbands, Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, respectively. She was in and out of the public eye while she was married to Kutcher, but the public got a reminder of just how beautiful she was when she was in the audience of Dancing With The Stars, cheering on her daughter Rumer, who won the competition.

3 Richard Gere


Actor Richard Gere is known these days for being a silver fox and an overall American sex symbol. After all, he looks great with gray hair, which is a difficult feat for most to pull off. Before the gray set in, however, Gere had a full head of jet black hair. He also created a full bang for himself with the hair and swept those bangs across his face. Yes, he was (and is) very handsome, but that hairstyle was just…not his finest moment. We’re glad that the actor, who is best known for his roles in movies like An Officer and a Gentleman, Chicago and Pretty Woman has left those bad hair days far behind him.

2 Tom Hanks


Before Tom Hanks was a big movie star making Hollywood box office hits like Big, Forrest Gump and Toy Story, he was a skinny little kid with a pretty unflattering haircut. There was too much on the top and sides, and his bangs were swept to the side, which made his face look longer. Then there were the teenage years, when he wore a bit of a wavy shag that was equally strange. Apparently, agents were willing to look beyond Hanks’ hair, and he started acting in famous sitcoms like Happy Days and Family Ties. These days, he wears his hair lower, and we think that’s best.

1 George Clooney


It was a bob. It was a shag. It was a bowl cut. Most of all, it was horrible. George Clooney has long been seen as a Hollywood heartthrob. He’s such a hottie that his marriage to Amal Alamuddin was in the news for quite some time, because people just weren’t willing to get over the fact that Clooney, a longtime bachelor, had finally decided to become someone’s husband. However, as a child, some poor choices were made when it came to the young Clooney’s haircuts. George Clooney is another guy who looks great with a considerable amount of gray in his hair, and the short cuts that he wears these days frame his face well.

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