12 Of The Sexiest Hollywood WAGS Who Were Cheated On

Relationships can be a beautiful combination of ups and downs. Some of the best and most difficult relationships can teach us life lessons about what it really means to love and respect another human being. Relationships can also turn into long-lasting commitments that are the cornerstones of families and communities.

Believe it or not, some celebrities long for meaningful relationships the same way that “regular” people do. There are famous women who have dreamed of having a beautiful wedding all their lives. There are also male celebs who have always wanted to be fathers and have wives. Some celebrities find each other in the midst of their crazy Hollywood lives and learn how to navigate through “the business together” in ways they didn’t expect. And of course, the public is very interested in these relationships and the stories behind them. This can be fun and exciting initially, but the pressure to be “perfect” can also take its toll on some of the most well-known Hollywood couples.

The sad truth is that not all relationships last forever. Some celebrity relationships end because one partner was unfaithful. When you see some of the beautiful women in Hollywood who were cheated on, you’ll likely be astonished. You may also start to put your own relationship issues into perspective. Here are 12 of the sexiest WAGs (wives and girlfriends) who were cheated on.


12 Eva Longoria

The gorgeous former soap star who is best known for her role on Desperate Housewives was also in the news a few years ago for a not-so-great reason. Longoria discovered that her basketball player hubby, Tony Parker, was sending inappropriate text messages to a female friend of the couple. The woman was actually the wife of one of Parker’s former teammates. Needless to say, the media had a field day with this story, and it’s pretty logical to assume that Parker and the women had a sexual relationship. Even though Eva loved Tony very much, she couldn’t handle the infidelity, and the two got a divorce. Longoria recently got engaged again, so we’re hoping it works out for her.

11 Elin Nordegren

Model Elin Nordegren made headlines when she made it clear that she would not tolerate the cheating ways of her then-husband, golf star Tiger Woods. Nordegren damaged Woods’ car with a golf club, and there were likely several screaming matches at the Woods household after news broke that Tiger cheated with several women. The golfer blamed his philandering ways on a sex addiction and vowed to get treatment. There were reports that he was trying to win his wife back, but obviously, his efforts were in vain. Looks like Nordegren learned her lesson, and wasn’t impressed enough by Woods’ image to take him back. Good for her.

10 Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is one of the most stunning actresses and models in the business. She was in a long-term relationship with fellow actor Hugh Grant, but things got really complicated when Grant was caught cheating on her with a prostitute named Divine Brown (we know you remember). Hurley tried her best to support her man through this very trying time, but the two eventually ended their relationship. Hurley has had a few marriages and relationships since then, but apparently, she and Hugh have remained friends. They are so close, in fact, that when Hurley had her son Damian, she named Grant as the godfather!

9 Sandra Bullock


Oscar and People’s Choice award winner Sandra Bullock is often referred to as one of America’s Sweethearts. She’s stunning, but has a warm, girl-next-door feel that keeps fans wanting to see more of her work. Unfortunately, Bullock hasn’t been so lucky in love. She was formerly married to bad boy Jesse James, who apparently has a hard time being faithful in any relationship he’s in. Allegedly, James had an affair with a stripper, who has a tattoo on her forehead that reads “pray for us sinners”. It’s no wonder Sandra, who is the mother of an adopted son, has chosen to keep her love life under wraps these days.

8 Sienna Miller

The beautiful actress, fashion designer and model, likely got the shock of her life when her long-time sweetheart Jude Law, admitted to sleeping with their nanny. Law and Miller were actually engaged for a time, and Sienna even took him back after his tryst with the nanny. However, at the end of 2006, Miller called it quits, since Jude apparently hadn’t learned how to stay faithful to her. The following year, the The Edge of Love actress got into a relationship with actor Rhys Ifans. Ifans had to ask Sienna to marry him three times before she finally said yes. Looks like she was trying to be completely sure that she wouldn’t be cheated on again. Then, in a surprising twist, she got back with Jude Law from 2009 to 2011. She finally called it quits for good with Law in 2011, and started dating Tom Sturridge. Sienna and Tom have a daughter together.

7 Denise Richards


We all remember the nasty custody battle that occurred between Denise Richards and her ex-husband, bad boy Charlie Sheen. The former couple has two daughters together, and Richards has stated that her marriage to Sheen was quite challenging at times, which isn’t a surprise. After her marriage to Charlie ended, Denise found herself in the arms of rocker Richie Sambora, who is the ex of her “frenemy”, Heather Locklear. Of course, that garnered more unwanted media attention for Denise. Her relationship with Sambora has ended as well, and it seems that the actress has been keeping a pretty low profile these days. Even though her marriage to Sheen was tumultuous, we’re betting she’s glad she’s not caught up in the current media coverage about Charlie and his recent HIV-diagnosis reveal.

6 Sophia Bush

Back when Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray appeared on One Tree Hill together, they started a romance. The two actors decided to get married, even though they were both in their early twenties at the time. After just five months of being husband and wife, the two ended their marriage. Bush admits that Murray was not faithful to her, and that the two never should have gotten married in the first place. She also shares that they still had to work together and have romantic scenes on the show, which was pretty awkward to say the least. Luckily, it seems that the both of them have happily moved on.


5 Christie Brinkley


Model Christie Brinkley is one of the hottest women in Hollywood, even though she’s in her 60s! When she took the role in Broadway’s Chicago, she vowed the world with her smoking hot body and impressive dance moves. Unfortunately, Brinkley hasn’t been so lucky in love. She was once married to singer Billy Joel, and the two have an adult daughter named Alexa. Brinkley and Joel are still good friends. Christie later married Peter Cook, who was caught in infidelity when a sex tape surfaced of Cook with an 18-year-old. Brinkley and Cook had a pretty nasty divorce, but it looks like the still-fresh-faced model is recovering well from the heartbreak and looking better than ever.

4 Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner is a beautiful actress who also gives off an innocent and friendly quality. Perhaps that’s why the former Alias actress and movie star has such a huge fan base. She married actor Ben Affleck about a decade ago, and they seemed like one of the most stable Hollywood couples. That is, until Ben cheated with the family’s nanny. The public was shocked to hear that the Affleck/Garner marriage was in trouble, and fans of Jennifer also felt bad for the couple’s three children. The two made a public statement that they were divorcing, but there have also been reports that they are trying to reconcile. Only time will tell.

3 Reese Witherspoon


The adorable Reese Witherspoon was, unfortunately, not immune to the philandering handsome Hollywood actor. She met Ryan Phillippe in 1999, when the two starred in Cruel Intentions together. The two got married and had a son and daughter together. It seemed that all was perfect in paradise—until Ryan started an affair with actress Abbie Cornish. Reese ended the marriage, and her fans made it known they felt terrible about the Walk The Line actress’ personal problems. Witherspoon found love again with Jim Toth, and the two have a son together. Ryan Phillippe has also remarried, but Witherspoon fans still haven’t fully forgiven him for what he did to Reese.

2 Jennifer Aniston

Even though it happened back in 2005, people are still reeling from the fact that Brad Pitt cheated on the beautiful Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. For years, people felt sorry for Aniston, and wondered if she’d ever find love again. Jennifer even had a relationship with all-around douchebag John Mayer (who is known for his poor treatment of women), which is when we knew she’d hit a pretty low point. These days, it seems that all is right in the world of everyone’s favorite cast member from Friends. She’s married to her long-time beau Justin Theoroux, and Brad seems to be doing just fine with Angelina and all their kids.

1 Halle Berry


Halle Berry is easily considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. That’s why we still can’t understand why she’s been cheated on more than once. The first instances of infidelity came when she was married to former baseball player David Justice, who also physically abused her. Berry then went on to marry singer Eric Benet, who cheated on her with multiple women, and admitted to having a sex addiction. After her divorce from Benet, Berry vowed that she would never get married again. Apparently, actor Olivier Martinez changed her mind. The couple has a son together (Berry also has a daughter with ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry), but recently, she and Martinez have split as well. We just can’t figure out how such a stunning and talented woman is so unlucky in love.


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