12 Of The Most Outrageous On Set Demands By Celebs

It comes as no surprise that celebrities are as spoiled as an over privileged child with obscenely wealthy parents who just can't seem to say no. There's a twisted irony in the fact that celebrities; who make up most of the richest people on the planet, are perpetually offered expensive things for free and in excess, when they can more than afford to actually spend on it. When a celebrity is hired to appear in a film or perform for a venue, the production company will commonly cover the expenses for dressing room requests or "requirements," -as celebs would prefer to reference it- where no request is undoable. This is to ensure that the star is appeased, made as comfortable as possible, and the business relationship is strengthened. These solicited requests however, are quickly turned into plain outrageous demands when the celebrity learns that nothing is off limits and that at the day's end, their wish, is someone else's command. Here are 12 examples of the most eye-roll worthy on set demands.

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12 George Clooney - $125,000 Set

While filming a small part in the movie Gravity, George Clooney required that a Jacuzzi and custom made beach be installed next to his trailer within the confines of a private, landscaped garden and decking area. The extravagance doesn't stop there, George also requested that a private basketball court be made available so he could get some exercise in. The entire set up reportedly ran about $125,000 and although his role in the film was brief, lasting no more than half an hour, the A-lister really can get away with any on set request he desires because, his presence in any film typically draws in audiences by the boatload.

11 Paris Hilton - Live Lobsters

During her very brief appearance in the comedy The Other Guys, so brief that it only required a single days shoot, Paris Hilton requested that producers go out of their way to provide live lobsters to be kept near by, should she happen to crave fresh seafood. The socialite was very specific in her request that they be purchased alive and kept in a tank. In the end however, her role was so insignificant to the film that it was removed during last minute edits, failing to make the final cut. It's a wonder if she ever got around to actually eating the lobsters.

10 Marlon Brando - Identical Dwarf


This celebrity demand isn't materialistic in nature, but rather creative input. While starring in The Island of Doctor Moreau, Marlon Brando took it upon himself to include an ice bucket atop his head as a part of his character's costume, reportedly refusing to remove it for a good portion of the film. The move was completely uninstructed by the director or writers. The Hollywood legend also insisted that a dwarf be dressed identically to him and incorporated into every scene he was in. The little mini-me was all Marlon's idea, which if not granted, the actor threatened to halt production. The threat wasn't necessary though, as all of his bizarre choices were permitted.

9 Orson Welles - Expensive Costumes


Writer, Director, Producer and all around cinematic genius, Orson Welles insisted that the inside of his costume be lined with extremely expensive, genuine, mink fur while filming The Black Rose. All this and the inside of his costume was never actually seen on screen. Though producers were perplexed by the request, they relented and had the costume redesigned to fit Orson's demands. It was later revealed that the late great's real intentions for the bizarre costume modification was so that he could wear it inside out in his next film when he starred as the lead in Othello.

8 Will Smith - Over-sized Trailer


Big box office draw Will Smith insisted that he be provided with a monstrosity of a trailer while filming Men In Black III. Despite the fact that his $22,000 a month New York apartment was just half a mile away from the shoot location. His super-size trailer included pistons that allowed it to transform to have a second story, including a screening room, and a $25,000 bathroom with a shower that has a glass door that can go between opaque and transparent with just the push of a button. The gargantuan double decker likely includes whatever else you can imagine. To emphasize just how large this trailer was, local resident actually complained that it was blocking out the sunlight. Think, a hummer meets a mansion.

7 Madonna - 200 Person Entourage


According to In Touch Magazine, during her performance travels, Pop Diva Madonna requires a 200 person entourage, which includes personal chefs, yoga instructors, acupuncturists and 30 bodyguards. It doesn't end there, though, the material girl also very specifically notes that any and all furniture in the vicinity be removed from the rooms to be replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in. In addition to 20 international phone lines that need to be made readily available to the singer's access.

6 Jennifer Lopez - Extravagant Trailer

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Jennifer Lopez Rider via:www.travelerstoday.com[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"]Jennifer Lopez Rider via:www.travelerstoday.com[/caption]

Actress, singer and dancer, Jennifer Lopez insisted on a 45ft trailer when she participated in the all star tribute for the song What's Going On; a dedication to charity. Modestly enough, the triple threat was willing to settle for a 40ft trailer if one that was 5ft larger wasn't available. In true diva fashion, JLo also required that the rooms in the trailer be painted white, with white flowers, white tables, white drapes, white sheets, white couches and white candles. In total, the detailed request is two pages in length. Pretty high maintenance considering the 5 seconds that Jennifer Lopez is seen in the video.

5 Justin Timberlake - Video Games


Singer turned actor, Justin Timberlake's backstage demands reportedly include an entire hotel floor to himself, a private fitness studio, an extra large stereo and of course, the multi-talented celebrity can't go without his video games, specifying that he be provided with both Nintendo and Play Station. Justin also requires that the hotel floor's air conditioning filters be changed just before his arrival, and all door handles must absolutely be disinfected every few hours. On a separate backstage request while over in Europe, Justin requires he be provided with Beano anti-gas tablets, to help with his indigestion, as well as an endless supply of Hershey's Chocolate bars.

4 Ben Affleck - Wardrobe Refusal


During the filming of Gone Girl, Ben Affleck was asked by the director to wear a Yankees hat for just one particular scene. A Red Sox fan in real life, Ben adamantly refused the instruction, and informs The New York Times that the disagreement led to what he refers to as "a legitimate fight." The actor who clearly takes his sports' fan duties very seriously, told director David Fincher, "I love you and I would do anything for you but I won't wear a Yankees hat. I just can’t. I can’t wear it because it’s going to become a thing, David. I will never hear the end of it. I can’t do it." After much arguing back and forth, the two finally reached a compromise, and Ben wore a Mets hat. The actor who was pretending to play a murderer in the movie couldn't pretend to be a Yankees fan. Not even for the $20 million+ he commands per film.

3 Jack Nicholson - Sex Toy


While shooting the Oscar winning film The Departed, Jack Nicholson insisted that a random dildo be incorporated into one of his sex scenes, and also insisted that he be able to snort cocaine off of an actress's bare bottom. Director Martin Scorsese didn't hesitate to grant the actor's strange request, apparently more than happy to oblige the silver screen legend. This ultimately didn't hurt the movie, managing to come away with numerous accolades, including the previously mentioned Oscar win.

2 Bruce Willis - Stubborn Paycheck Requests


During the development of The Expendables 3, Bruce Willis was set to appear among the star studded cast, and was even offered an impressive $3 million to shoot for just 4 days. Apparently the amount was one million dollars too little for the actor, who insisted that he receive exactly $1 million per day of shooting, which would total $4 million. When the production company wouldn't budge above $3 million, Bruce stubbornly backed out of the film. While still an A-lister, Bruce Willis isn't nearly as popular as he once was, making $3 million for 4 days of shooting is a lot more generous than necessary. Director Sylvester Stallone took to Twitter to announce the replacement of Bruce with Harrison Ford stating, "WILLIS OUT… Harrison Ford IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!" Adding, "GREEDY AND LAZY …… A SURE FORMULA FOR CAREER FAILURE."

1 Tom Cruise - Thongs


Likely the most awkward demand on the list goes to Tom Cruise, who reportedly absolutely insists that he be provided with at least 50 custom thongs while on set. An undergarment that he prefers to wear during the filming of action sequences in any given movie you've seen him in. While it's deeply puzzling, and any woman will tell you, thongs are easily the most uncomfortable delicate in existence, perhaps they offer support for the male testicle? That was most likely a reach, but you try making sense of the disturbing idea that Tom Cruise was in a thong when he was hanging from a wire in Mission Impossible, or running away from aliens in War of The Worlds. And not because he had to be either, but because he wanted to be.

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