12 Of The Most Ignorant Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Where there are people, there are opinions. Where there are attention hungry people who court the spotlight, the opinions and activities tend to get even more outrageous. Unfortunately though, for some celebrities who go by their own rules, some of these outrageous opinions and activities come with a baggage of severe public criticism and backlash.

Some celebrities have become pros when it comes to handling such public outcry. While others struggle to cope, there are others who apologize and then yet again, do something that requires another public apology. The celebs we love best though, are the ones who are not afraid to voice their opinions and show their outrageousness on Instagram, with or without the backing of their followers and fans.

This article is mainly about the latter kind of celebrities, those who are unabashedly swimming against the current. Unfortunately though, even though we love them for being who they are, some parents may definitely not want their kids to follow them or their Instagram accounts for obvious reasons.

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12 Khloe Kardashian

11 Vanessa Hudgens

Again with the headdress and some other odd accessory choices, Vanessa Hudgens' Instagram account has seen a lot of public hate recently. Having previously been bashed over her Native American headdress accessory, Vanessa could easily have understood that cultural symbols do not quite go down well with everyone. Yet, the lady who loves to go Bohemian once again, courted controversy by sporting a bindi with one of her outfits and posting a selfie on Instagram. Though the hate did not go quite out of hand on this one, it did get some unwanted attention from society’s moral police. While some comments went to borderline insulting, others from her detractors sounded reasonable enough –

@lynt0n "When you wear a bindi or a Native American headdress as a fashion accessory, however innocent your intentions, you diminish its profound cultural and religious significance, and it's offensive. You don't accessorize with other people's cultures. To do so is to exercise a disrespect towards those cultures, which too often suffer marginalization and reductive stereotyping in western society. It's not done with reverence; it's done with ignorance, and Vanessa should stop."

@awwyboo @_desh "So Coachella style is a bunch of dumb white people dressing up and misusing sacred symbols of cultures they don't even know/care about? Disgusting. #culturalappropriation"

10 QuestLove

Most people get flak on Instagram for their insensitive photos and pics, but QuestLove is obviously not ‘most people’. Author, drummer and producer, QuestLove has always been known to indulge in witty banter with friends and fans over his social networks, but when Quest made a few comments about Japanese people via his Instagram, he was targeted for his insensitivity with comments questioning his latest faux pas.

During a tour of Japan, Quest took to his Instagram page to write to his manager, “hey @dawnenglehart is it racist for me to write the Sour Tlain? #chipanesedownunder2013″ with a photo of a toy train to supplement it. He didn’t stop there either. He later posted a video of some Japanese ladies speaking in their native tongue with his own version of a spoken intro that started with “Ladies and gentlemen, they are talking in tongues.”

He caught a lot of flak for his lack of subtlety and particularly obvious racial humor and in order to not offend a rather large fan base, Quest came out with a long, written, Facebook apology. All is well that ends with a genuine apology, we say.

9 Madonna


Madonna has featured in previous Instagram blacklists as well and hence, it is no surprise that she continues down the same road again. Earlier, Madonna had got a lot of public brickbats on Instagram, when she posted a photo of her son Rocco, with the N*** word in its caption. The public outcry did not phase her at all, since this very recently, she took to Instagram again to promote her ‘Rebel Heart’. Madonna posted altered images of public icons such as Princess Diana, Nelson Mandela, Bob Marley and Martin Luther King, with black tape all over their faces. She posted a similar pic of herself in the same look, as well.

After being blasted left, right and center for her photos, Madonna had to come out with a public Facebook apology, which read as 'I'm sorry. I'm not comparing myself to anyone. I'm admiring and acknowledging their Rebel Hearts (sic)'. Some of her Instagram detractors wrote to her saying “Some things shouldn't be touched… #Disrespect no matter how you view this…”, “Leave our leaders alone. Simple. Have respect.”

8 Snoop Dog

Snoop Dogg is usually quite well mannered on his social networking sites, but the usually likable rapper recently angered a few of his Instagram fans and received severe backlash on a few of his photos. When Snoop Dog posted a few pics of himself with a white face, as a guy named Todd, as an advertisement for a soon-to-be launched dating service. In a supporting video, Snoop Dogg in his Todd persona goes on to say “paintball, crochet and do a little spoken word in my free time. My bros want me to tell you about this new website White Guys Connect, where white guys look for fly single females to have a good time. Give us a call.”

A lot of people jumped the black faces vs. white faces debate on this, saying that even if the ‘white guys connect’ was a real ‘coming soon’ venture, Snoop Dog may not ideally be the best choice to promote it. The video, as well as the posts, were in poor taste and had they been vise versa, with white people posing as blacks, the double standards in public reception would have been quite apparent. Well, I am not sure Snoop Dog’s Instagram adventure is quite that offensive in the eyes of everyone, especially since there were no mean spirited intentions behind it, yet, the backlash did go on for quite a bit on this one.

7 Jessa Duggar


A lot of people have a lot of rational, as well as irrational opinions, on a lot of things. A lot of these opinions are strong, too. But as Jessa Duggar recently found out, not all of one’s opinions need to be aired publicly and should they be aired in such a manner, one must be prepared for equally strong contrary opinions too! After a visit to the Holocaust Museum, Jessa (in her ‘moved’ state of mind) took to her Instagram account to air her views on how abortion is nothing less than the Holocaust! Only she can clearly state how these two are similar in any manner however arbitrary, but with the recent pro abortion vs. anti abortion debates tearing through the country, the backlash she received can hardly be considered surprising. Worse, one just can’t compare the Holocaust to anything, anything at all, period!

6 Paulina Gretzky


Once aspiring actress and currently a model, Paulina Gretzky has a huge male fan following on the Twitter and Instagram, owing to her penchant of regularly posting racy selfies of herself. Yet, for a lot of those almost nude pics, she has received equal amounts of criticism from people that find her share to be offensive, rather than tasteful. When she had to close her Twitter account, owing to the sheer volume of negative comments, she took to Instagram to give her point of view, which of course, was, “I feel like social media is supposed to be for fun, to share what you're doing when you're enjoying life. I don't take the time to think, OK, should I post the photo that has my boobs in it or the one where I'm in a turtleneck? I am sorry I don’t post pics of myself while reading a book.”

5 Nicki Minaj

When Nicki Minaj received rather heavy criticism for her ‘Anaconda’ photos on Instagram, she decided to respond to them, without realizing that things were about to get even uglier. Nicki’s response to the initial criticism was a series of additional pics displaying other models’ butts, with the claim that these were considered acceptable, while hers wasn't. However, by posting pics of only white models, she steered this controversy into the ‘racist’ domain. More backlash, as you might expect, followed!

4 Tallulah Willis

Twenty something Tallulah Willis has filled up her Instagram with everything from nude selfies, to pics with fresh tattoos, and pics after having shaved her head. It was the photos of her shaved head that garnered her some Instagram backlash though. Though her own family was supportive of her bald decision, lots of people were not so kind and the backlash was often personal and insulting. Yet, not all was bad and ugly, as several people did come together in support of her personal decision to go bald. In fact, a fan, Nadia Katherine, commented that “People either hate bald chicks for natural hair growth or because they shaved their hair off. slay bbs @Scout_Willis @buuuski #hatersgonhate. I just find it extremely weird that you get bashed for either having hair, or not having hair.”

3 Rihanna


2 Rose McGowan

1 Candice Swanepoel

Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel, is no stranger to social media controversies, what with the semi nude photos scattered all over her accounts! Yet, when Candice posted a picture of her truly concave stomach, she stirred up a controversy. Many comments were fired at her, saying that she was promoting a very unhealthy body image amongst her fans, especially the younger ones. Thousands of comments pored in on her Instagram, some of which read “It’s quite obvious this girl is bulimic,” and “It looks like the African kids… only missing the number you need to call to donate.” It doesn't seem like the lady is letting the criticism get to her though, for she’s still going strong on her social media posts.

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