12 Of The Juiciest Confessions In Hollywood

There are lots of reasons why Hollywood continues to entrance the general public. For one, Hollywood is full of filthy-rich celebrities who are paid insane amounts of money to entertain us. Hollywood is also responsible for the TV shows and movies that have become so important to various generations of people for a variety of reasons.

Of course, Hollywood has also always gotten the attention of “civilians” because of the fascinating lives that celebrities live. It seems that a celebrity is always getting married, having a whirlwind romance, having a baby, involved in a scandal, or getting a new hairstyle that the rest of the world just has to try. There are also some pretty surprising scandals that have occurred in Hollywood. These stories can shape the reputation of celebrities long after the scandal has ended, which is why many famous people hire a team to protect their images. Then again, there are also celebrities who could use some reputation management—which is often the reason we hear so much about scandals that involve famous people.

Every now and then, a confession connected to a shocking story rocks the entertainment world and can keep people talking for years. Some of these confessions are recent, while others happened years ago. Here are 12 of Hollywood’s juiciest confessions.


12 Tom Hardy’s Confessions

Tom Hardy, one of the stars of Inception, confessed to having affairs with men during an interview with Now magazine in 2010. Hardy said that “of course” he experimented with men when he was younger, and explained that his curiosity stemmed from the fact that he was an actor and an artist. Hardy also said that he “played with everything and everyone.” However, now that he’s older, Tom shares that “the gay sex bit” does “nothing” for him. He says that it doesn’t make sense to him at this point in his life, and he’s “done experimenting.” This confession came as a shock to many of his female fans, and his explanation for his experimentation was definitely pretty interesting.

11 Demi Lovato’s Addiction


Former Disney star Demi Lovato, spent some time away from Hollywood to go to rehab. It was reported that she was in rehab for an eating disorder and to deal with some emotional issues, but Lovato also confessed that she had a drug problem during an interview with Access Hollywood in 2013. She shared that there was a time when she couldn’t go 30 minutes or an hour without snorting cocaine. Lovato would even bring the drug on the plane with her, and would often sneak to the bathroom or wait until the passengers around her were asleep before taking the cocaine. Lovato is now sober, and makes it her mission to provide inspiration for those suffering from addiction and body issues.

10 Anne Heche’s Relationship With Ellen

In the late 1990s, Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood. They got together not long after Ellen made a big confession of her own and told the world that she was a lesbian. After dating for three years, the two called it quits in 2000. Anne Heche confessed that Ellen was the only woman she’d ever been with, which came as a shock to many. Some people still think that the only reason that Heche dated DeGeneres was so that she could advance her acting career. Anne Heche went on to marry cameraman Coleman Laffoon, but the two have since divorced.

9 Gavin Rossdale’s Fling


Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush, married singer and fashion designer Gwen Stefani in 2002, and they have three sons together. Recently, the two have divorced due to Gavin’s alleged infidelity with the family’s nanny. The real scandalous confession, however, came years before, when Rossdale admitted that he had a fling with a man when he was younger. Rossdale stated that his affair with cross-dressing singer Marilyn, was just “one of those things” and was kind of irritated with the fact that people wouldn’t just get over it. These days, Gwen Stefani has moved on to her The Voice co-judge, Blake Shelton. Blake recently endured a scandal of his own when he divorced his fellow country singer ex, Miranda Lambert.

8 Jodie Sweetin’s Addiction

Jodie Sweetin will always be known as the precocious Stephanie Tanner on the ever-popular sitcom, Full House. However, after the show, Sweetin stayed out of the spotlight for a while, and wrote a book in 2009 confessing some pretty serious things. She shares that she was addicted to drugs for quite some time, and even snorted meth during a film premiere for the Olsen twins. Sweetin wanted to prove that she could get “more trashed than anything.” Jodie also confessed that there were times she was so high on coke that she didn’t care if she lived or died. Fortunately, Sweetin has gotten her life on track, is engaged, has two children, and is currently starring in the Netflix show Fuller House.

7 Dean McDermott’s Cheating Confession


Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott seemed to be the perfect couple—until 2013 when Dean confessed to cheating. While he was filming a movie in Toronto, he had a fling with a woman who was also working on the set. During therapy, McDermott confessed to Tori that “sex was an escape, just like drugs and alcohol.” The couple had a reality show that centered around them repairing their marriage, and have four children together.

6 Beyonce’s Lip Synching Scandal

Even though she’s Queen Bey, she’s not immune to scandal. There have long been rumors swirling that her marriage to rapper Jay-Z is in trouble, but one of the biggest scandals she’s been involved in was her lip synching incident in 2013. Beyonce was asked to sing at President Obama’s Inauguration, when he won his second term. After weeks of people speculating that she lip-synched during the performance, Beyonce addressed the rumors by saying that she “did not feel comfortable taking a risk” and “decided to sing along to a pre-recorded track.” She also made it clear that she is a performer who is committed to excellence, but didn’t have time to rehearse with the orchestra.


5 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child


The public was shocked in 2011 when it was announced that former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a love child with the family’s housekeeper. At the time, he was still married to Maria Shriver. This scandal was virtually all the news outlets could talk about for quite some time, and Shriver filed for divorce right away. Arnold released a statement saying that he took “full responsibility for the hurt” he’d caused. He also apologized to Shriver, as well as his children and the rest of his family. We haven’t heard much from Arnold since then, but one of his sons was reportedly dating Miley Cyrus for a bit, which Maria Shriver wasn’t too happy about.

4 Woody Allen’s Teenage Bride

Remember when Woody Allen and Mia Farrow were one of the most popular couples in Hollywood? Well, that all came to a screeching halt when Allen announced that he was leaving Farrow, his long-time partner, for Soon-Yi Previn, his adopted daughter. At the time, Woody was 56, and Soon-Yi was only 19; the two eventually became husband and wife. Woody Allen insists that this is not a scandal-worthy story, and says that he simply fell in love with Previn and married her. Allen does, however, admit that he kind of likes the fact that there is a scandal tied to his name, and thinks it will make him a bit of a legend after he’s gone. Interesting.

3 Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Scandal

Kristen Stewart broke the hearts of her Twilight fans when it was revealed that her real-life romance with co-star Robert Pattinson was no more. The reason for the split was Stewart’s affair with Rupert Sanders, the director of Snow White and the Huntsman. Sanders was married at the time of the affair, which made Kristen’s confession even juicier. Stewart released a statement saying that she was “deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment” she caused her friends, and family, as well as those who were affected by the affair. Kristen also made it plain that she was very sorry for hurting Pattinson, and apologized to him. Sanders and his wife got a divorce, and Kristen and Rob broke up.

2 Tiger Woods’ Cheating Scandal

Tiger Woods may be one of the world’s best golfers, but that didn’t seem to mean much in 2009 when it was revealed that he’d cheated on his wife Elin Nordegren, with several women. During Thanksgiving weekend of that year, a fight between Woods and his wife broke out, and Elin damaged his car with, you guessed it, golf clubs. During a televised apology in February of 2010, Tiger admitted that he’d been unfaithful to his wife. He also stated that his actions were “unacceptable” and that he “had a lot to atone for.” About 20 women claimed to have slept with Tiger Woods, and in August of 2010, he and Elin ended their marriage. They now share custody of their two children.

1 Jerry Lee Lewis’ Confession


If you’ve never heard of country and rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis, it’s probably because his confession pretty much got him barred from the music business. Lewis had at least three marriages, and the third was to his blood cousin! At the time of the marriage, he was 22 and his bride, Myra Gale Brown, was only 13. After the news broke, Lewis couldn’t exactly deny it, and his career suffered tremendously. Eventually, the musician known as the first “wild man” of rock and roll moved on from the incestuous marriage, and married Judith Brown in 2012. He is slowly being accepted into the industry again, but if he makes any more outrageous confessions, he may be banned for good.


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