12 Of The Juiciest Confessions In Hollywood

There are lots of reasons why Hollywood continues to entrance the general public. For one, Hollywood is full of filthy-rich celebrities who are paid insane amounts of money to entertain us. Hollywood is also responsible for the TV shows and movies that have become so important to various generations of people for a variety of reasons.

Of course, Hollywood has also always gotten the attention of “civilians” because of the fascinating lives that celebrities live. It seems that a celebrity is always getting married, having a whirlwind romance, having a baby, involved in a scandal, or getting a new hairstyle that the rest of the world just has to try. There are also some pretty surprising scandals that have occurred in Hollywood. These stories can shape the reputation of celebrities long after the scandal has ended, which is why many famous people hire a team to protect their images. Then again, there are also celebrities who could use some reputation management—which is often the reason we hear so much about scandals that involve famous people.

Every now and then, a confession connected to a shocking story rocks the entertainment world and can keep people talking for years. Some of these confessions are recent, while others happened years ago. Here are 12 of Hollywood’s juiciest confessions.

12 Tom Hardy’s Confessions

11 Demi Lovato’s Addiction

10 Anne Heche’s Relationship With Ellen

9 Gavin Rossdale’s Fling

8 Jodie Sweetin’s Addiction

7 Dean McDermott’s Cheating Confession

6 Beyonce’s Lip Synching Scandal

5 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Love Child

4 Woody Allen’s Teenage Bride

3 Kristen Stewart’s Cheating Scandal

2 Tiger Woods’ Cheating Scandal

1 Jerry Lee Lewis’ Confession

If you’ve never heard of country and rock singer Jerry Lee Lewis, it’s probably because his confession pretty much got him barred from the music business. Lewis had at least three marriages, and the third was to his blood cousin! At the time of the marriage, he was 22 and his bride, Myra Gale Brown, was only 13. After the news broke, Lewis couldn’t exactly deny it, and his career suffered tremendously. Eventually, the musician known as the first “wild man” of rock and roll moved on from the incestuous marriage, and married Judith Brown in 2012. He is slowly being accepted into the industry again, but if he makes any more outrageous confessions, he may be banned for good.


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12 Of The Juiciest Confessions In Hollywood