12 Of The Hottest Celebrity MILFs

Celebrities often defy the aging process. After all, it’s their job to look good – they have the resources to keep their body in shape with the help of a personal trainer, to hire a personal chef to prepare healthy meals for them, and more. Sure, they still need to put in the effort, but it’s a bit easier for them to achieve the results they want.

The weight gain that comes with having a baby, and the even busier schedule once their child is born, can make things a little bit more difficult. Celebrities are infamous for losing the baby weight quickly, but many moms find it nearly impossible to go back to their pre-baby bodies.

However, these celebrities prove that just because you’re a mom doesn’t mean you’re any less sexy. Some of the ladies on this list are new moms, having given birth within the past year or so. Some have nearly raised their children and, if you didn’t know, you would be stunned to find they have children in their teens or twenties. They keep in incredible shape and look years, if not decades, younger than they actually are.

Here are 12 of the hottest celebrity MILFs ever.

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12 Christie Brinkley


Supermodel Christie Brinkley was absolutely stunning in her 20s… and her 30s… and now her 60s. It’s absolutely unbelievably that she looks as good as she does, and she seems to defy time. She has had an illustrious career and has appeared on hundreds of magazine covers, but her family has also been a significant part of her life. Like many supermodels, Brinkley attracted her fair share of partners, and from her various unions has three children. According to her website, though her children are growing up, she’s still repping her mom card – her youngest daughter, Sailor, lives with her in New York. Her son Jack is in Paris while her daughter Alexa is also in the Big Apple. Whenever they bring any friends home, we bet their friends can’t quite believe their eyes.

11 Adriana Lima


10 Olivia Wilde


9 Kate Beckinsale


8 Megan Fox


Earlier in her career, Megan Fox was often perceived as a somewhat raunchy sex bomb who explicitly spoke her mind and made no apologies. While her exotic good looks contributed to that image, the fact is that she’s been with now-husband Brian Austin Green for several years, and is even a bit of a homebody. Now, the couple have two children, Noah and Bodhi. Fox’s identities as sex goddess and couch potato have melded into one – MILF. She takes her children on errands with a purse stuffed with snacks and a pair of jeans that perfectly mold to her curves. Brian Austin Green is a lucky man.

7 Angelina Jolie


You can’t make a list of MILFs without including Angelina Jolie – this mama bear is in charge of an entire brood. Shiloh Nouvel, Vivienne Marcheline, Pax Thien, Maddox Chivan, Knox Leon, and Zahara Marley… this is certainly one very busy woman. Jolie has had periods of time where she errs a bit more towards skeletal than sexy, due to her extremely busy schedule. However, when she’s taking care of herself, she still commands a ridiculous amount of sex appeal – just check out the stir she caused by merely showing up on the red carpet with a slit up her dress. That pose, with Jolie’s leg extended, has become iconic and proves that this mama’s still got it.

6 Shakira


Singer Shakira has always had a lot of sex appeal, from her early days of belly-dancing on stage to her hits such as “Hips Don’t Lie” and “She Wolf.” She found her perfect match in soccer star Gerard Pique, and the couple have had two children together – Milan and Sasha. She continues to maintain her busy career while also taking care of her boys – and keeping her physique at its peak. There’s no doubt that she’s one sexy mom – it must be something in those Colombian genes! Hopefully she’ll reveal her secret to all the moms of the world soon.

5 Gwen Stefani


Fronting a popular band, starting a solo music career, creating a successful high-end fashion line, appearing as one of the coaches on reality series The Voice… is there anything that Gwen Stefani hasn’t done? Stefani has definitely not been shy with her fashion choices, experimenting with rainbow-colored locks and crazy outfits when she was first starting out. Now, she’s become known for her iconic red lips and platinum blonde hair. She eventually met and married musician Gavin Rossdale and the couple have several children together: Kingston James McGregor, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, and Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. Those are some intensely creative names, and we bet with a mother like Gwen, they’ll end up being pretty interesting individuals. Also, on a more fashion-oriented note, the fact that Stefani still frequently rocks crop tops proves to moms everywhere that you can still have rock-hard abs even after multiple pregnancies. Go, girl!

4 Jessica Alba


3 Beyoncé


Of course Queen B is a MILF – look at her! She’s a dedicated mother to her and rapper Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy, but she can still slip into a skin-tight bodysuit and absolutely kill it on stage. From her days with girl group Destiny’s Child to her solo career, filled with an insane amount of hits such as “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It),” Beyoncé has been repping girl power. With her mother to look at as an example, Blue Ivy will definitely grow up knowing she’s a strong, powerful woman who can conquer anything. After all, who runs the world? Girls.

2 Sofia Vergara


1 Blake Lively


While she was pregnant with her and husband Ryan Reynolds’ baby, actress Blake Lively showed up on red carpets looking drop dead gorgeous. Apart from the bump that she often accentuated in body-hugging gowns, Lively was just as slim and sexy as she was as a young actress. She’s now a mother who is known for her skills in the kitchen, so we bet she’s constantly whipping daughter James up cookies and cupcakes – as well as nutritious meals, of course. Sure, she’s still in her 20s, so her body was bound to bounce back quickly after her baby, but still – she looks absolutely stunning.

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