12 Of The Funniest Kardashian Klan Moments

They are the queens of reality television, and almost everyone’s guilty pleasure, the ones you hate to love and the ones you love to watch. The Kardashian’s came into the reality TV game as a bunch of veterans; they are now nine seasons in, with six spin-off’s and a (huge) gang of Twitter followers. This blended family has had its run of ups and downs, beginning with what started the series; Kim’s sex tape to Khloe’s divorce and Kim getting married in two very generous ceremonies, on two separate occasions and everything in between. Regardless, they always manage to shake it off and find the humor in most of their trials and tribulations. Like Kris’ weak bladder, Kim’s ugly cry, that pee smelling debacle, oh, and how can we forget when Scott pretended his life was the hit film, The Notebook and he was Ryan Gosling. Society loves to hate them, but when you look past the expensive cars, lavish gifts and one of a kind weddings, you see a family dynamic that can’t be broken (besides all the divorces) and house full of shoulders to lean and cry on. Although normally the comedic relief for this family comes from Scott or Khloe, it is safe to say every member has had their moment in the spotlight, including Bruce and his lesser seen children (Prince of Malibu anyone?). This list will touch on 12 of the funniest moments from the various Kardashian/Jenner/Disick/West crew.

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12 Lord Disick


Vying for the respect that he deserves, Kourtney’s baby daddy and Khloe’s favorite “douche lord”, Scott Disick was tired of being a commoner, so he decided to buy a title over the internet and fly across the pond to gloomy London, England, to attend a special ceremony that will officially make him a Lord. Not wanting to walk around like a common peasant, Lord Disick takes the title to new levels by buying a crown and a cape and even brought along Rob Kardashian to look on in disgust. What’s better than being referred to as “Lord of the Manor”?

11 Kourtney Gets A Filling


Following a routine dentist appointment, Kourtney leaves the office with a lopsided mouth and a numb, bloated face. Later meeting up with Khloe for Lunch, who can’t contain her giggles, Kourtney also can’t help but spread that crooked smile when she sees’s Koko’s reaction to her numb, paralyzed face. Although Kourt tries to defend herself, telling Khloe to stop, “it’s not nice” she can barely speak and seems to drugged up to put up a good fight. To make matters worse, Khloe contributes to the embarrassing situation further by taking a Keek video for her fans, that has Kourtney running for cover behind an over priced menu. Only the finest in disguises for this Klan.

10 Baby #3


A stressed out father mourning the death of his own parents, and a very fertile woman, do not seemingly make for a great team. This was the case when Kourtney revealed to Scott on the franchise spin called Kourtney & Khloe Take the Hamptons that she was pregnant with baby number three. What should be a joyous outburst turned into a not so traditional reaction to having a baby. Never one to hide his feelings, Scott has a minor meltdown at the thought of yet another Kardashian-Disick; not only was he shocked to almost a loss of words, he also accused Kourtney of suckering him into more kids. All in all, his reaction was awkwardly hilarious, now that the baby is here, he must be head over heels in love.

9 Play Fight Vs. Real Fight


Needless to say, when Rob and Scott get together stupid things happen. A prime example of this is when the family took a business trip to Vegas; during the two-part season 4 premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Rob and Scott got drunk and quickly went from drunkenly play fighting to an all out brawl, in a very expensive hotel room. The situation quickly turned bad, but before the negative effect this fight took on both Rob and Scott, it was laced with hilarious missed punches, karate chops and yells, oh yea, and the ever entertaining failed jump kick. The room was trashed by the end of it and while Rob went to sleep off his shame, Scott went to the restaurant to socialize (nothing good can come from that).

8 The Case Of Kris’ Missing Dress


Back when Bruce was actually involved in dialogue on Keeping up with the Kardshians, he was dealing with a controlling wife and a house full of kids. His only pastime was building model planes that cost upwards of $200,000. When Kris got wind of this, she decided that only she was allowed to spend that amount of money on leisure items and took poor Bruce’s ATM card away from him. Khloe and Kim, sick of seeing Bruce as a “broken” man, took it upon themselves to take something away from Kris; an expensive dress waiting for her at the dry cleaners. Literally taking the dress hostage (making phone calls with their voices disguised) the girls had Kris running around LA trying to retrieve the luxurious item before her event.

7 Scott’s Shoving Match


On the same night of his Vegas fight with Rob, Scott thought he was sober enough to go to a business meeting with Rob, Kris and Kim (keep in mind, Kris does not play with her money). Immediately as Scott showed up, he was trouble; slurring his words, pouring himself more drinks, oh, and shoving a $100 bill in a waiter’s mouth??? Recognizing that Scott was plastered, the waiter tried to pour him some water and calm him down a bit, however, Scott wasn't having any of that, he quickly pulls out a bill and shoves it down the waiter’s throat, following that up with a simple “shut your (beep) mouth”. This is just one of the many hilarious antics that Lord Disick partakes in when he’s drunk.

6 Kourtney’s Urine


Although Kourtney was fuming, the rest of the world was laughing, as she yelled out in horror after falling in the toilet. Yes, she literally fell in the toilet, “my pants are covered in pee, I’m covered in pee, there is pee everywhere” were her exact words. Trying not to laugh and look mildly concerned, Scott is the reason for his lady falling into a urine filled toilet. The kicker comes when Kourt tell’s Scott that there is pee all over her but, she proves this by rubbing her urine soaked hands all over Scott’s face. It seems like every time Kourtney and Kim take New York, hilarity is trailing behind them.

5 Scott The Karate Kid


Yearning to impress his baby mama, Scott takes up Karate classes, but not really. He goes to a sports store and buys all the necessary equipment and an instructional DVD that he never uses. He even goes to a dojo to see first hand, what it takes to be a karate master; he goes a step further and brings little Mason along for his lie. However, Kourtney being the smart cookie she is, begins to suspect something is not right when Scott continues his enormous fib by quickly moving up the karate ladder. When Scott realizes that Kourtney is on to him, he quickly pulls out those under used supplies and tries to quickly learn a few moves with Rob’s useless help, of course. Clearly this does not go well for Scott, Mason or Rob.

4 Todd Kraines


“It’s me Aunty Kris, it’s Todd Kraines”. If you are a fan of the Kardashian Klan, you know that this joke went on for several seasons with Scott, Kourtney, Khloe and Kim at the front of the joke. Scott (the voice of Todd Kraines) would call Kris at random times every couple of weeks and impersonate Kris’ godson (yes Todd Kraines is a real person). Using that high pitched voice with the gang giggling in the background, Scott would use short sentences to communicate with Kris like “Aunty Kris, it’s me” or “Aunty Kris, why don’t you return my calls”. The jig is now up and needless to say, Kris was hilariously ticked off.

3 Every Khloe Comeback Ever


Hands down the funniest Kardashian by far, who knows how to dish out the best one liners on cue, granted they have all had their funny moments, but for aunt Koko, there were too many times to count down that she on her own brought the funny. Constantly calling out her family in humorous ways with comments like "You know why she's the most Googled person? Because she was Googling herself, I’m surprised you’re not home checking your Google Alerts.” or referring to her mother as Frankenstein and comparing her footsteps to the “pitter-patter” of dinosaur. Khloe’s humor plays on every aspect of the show and affects every Kardashian, Jenner, Disick and West.

2 Rob’s Viagra Meltdown


In an attempt to spice things up in the bedroom, Kris spiked the morning coffee with Viagra just for Bruce. However, this takes a hilarious turn for the worse, when Rob drinks that coffee and ends up pitching a tent for the entire day. Eventually bringing this up to his mom and Khloe, Kris rushes Rob to the doctors where she has to admit that she laced her own husband’s coffee with male enhancement drugs that Rob ended up drinking. Geez, what happened to talking out your problems? At the end of the day, Bruce was the one who had the freak out and Rob sat back in pain, yet still laughing.

1 Khloe’s Camel Toe


You can always count on Khloe to bring the jokes; this time around, she was mad that her camel toe kept “getting in the way of everything” so mad that she pointed her mother out as the reason for her “big” lady parts, noting that Kris also has a camel toe issue. What makes this moment more hilarious is the fact that she was being 100% serious when she called Kris, or as she likes to refer to her; Satan and yelled at her for cursing her with a big problem. The ranting did not stop there, Khloe proceeded to go over to Kris’ house and berate her in person. What’s funnier then fighting about inheriting a camel toe?

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