12 Of The Flattest Booties In Hollywood

Big booties have become one of Hollywood's latest craze, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who show off their dangerous curves every chance they get. According to multiple repo

Big booties have become one of Hollywood's latest craze, thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, who show off their dangerous curves every chance they get. According to multiple reports, a Brazilian butt lift procedure is the most requested operation from women in their early 20s, who evidently believe that just because everyone else is getting their buttocks enhanced, they need to join the bandwagon. Thankfully for the celebrities listed on this list, getting their butt enhanced is most definitely out of the question, as these celebs have embraced their relatively smaller curves and are far from ashamed in staying natural. Oddly enough, while it's usually claimed that those who undergo a butt lift stand higher chances of a better and more successful career in Hollywood, these women are the clear definition that this particular stereotype isn't necessarily true. While their butts might be flat, their careers seem to be expanding by the day -- well, for some at least. Check out the 12 celebs with the flattest butts below.

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12 Cameron Diaz

She’s hilariously funny, she’s rich, she’s married, she’s beautiful, and she is known to have one of the flattest bums in Hollywood. Whether on vacation or shooting a new film that requires her to show off her physique, there’s no denying that Cameron Diaz doesn’t carry the killer curves to compliment a booty. She’s been named world’s sexiest woman on numerous outlets but has failed to ever win any award revolving around her buttocks. She’s still incredibly hot either way, though, right?

11 Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham is always brought up when it comes to celebrity women who lack curves and a booty, for the socialite and fashion designer is known to stay on very unhealthy diets to look a certain way. While she’s already slim enough, Victoria is said to go on extreme dieting plans, which would see her eat nothing more than one meal a day. Crazy, right? Well, how does one plan to pack on some pounds, gain a little bit of weight and fill out their physique if they are always in stress and only eating one meal a day? How unhealthy. Yikes!

10 Tara Reid

Tara Reid has invested a fortune on plastic surgery. Who remembers the time Tara had an incredibly bad wardrobe malfunction right after she had her breasts done, and showed off two of the worst-looking post-surgery bazonkers in the history of Hollywood surgery gone wrong. Let’s just say, her breasts looked horrifyingly bad. You can Google it to refresh your memory. Ironically enough, despite having been such a huge fan of surgery, she never decided to get anything done for her booty. She’s a petite girl, but a little something back there wouldn’t hurt nobody, especially if she’s already obsessed with these injection-type procedures.

9 Cassie

Again, social media users have often joked that considering Cassie being a woman of color, she should have much to work with when it comes to her booty, which is pretty funny when you think about it. Yes, while women of color do tend to have a fuller shape, this is not the case for every single woman that isn’t necessarily light-skinned. Either way, Cassie is biracial, so it seems as if she probably just inherited her mother’s genes, hence the smaller, flat booty.

8 Miley Cyrus


Though she might have made a name for herself with the twerk movement in 2013, Miley Cyrus also embarrassed herself that same year, having gone on stages to twerk a booty of non-existence. The incredibly talented singer, who made a fortune of her wild antics three years ago, became so popular that thousands of social media users created memes out of Miley’s butt, joking that it resembles a “pancake,” while others laughed, saying it looked more like a booty that belonged to a chicken. Oh, and the latex pants she wore at the VMAs that year — which were incredibly tight — certainly didn’t help in trying to shut down claims that Miley was lacking a booty.

7 Kendall Jenner

While her sister, Kylie Jenner is believed to be injecting all sorts of things into her body through the help of a surgeon, Kendall Jenner is sticking to the natural route, knowing very well that any sort of plastic surgery could tarnish her modelling career. This means that she doesn’t get to undergo a Brazilian butt lift — a procedure that is ever so popular among the Kardashian sisters — or the lip injections. But more so the booty because Kendall does tend to lack a little something back there. Then again, she is very tall, so for her to have a big butt might look rather strange on her body.

6 Ariana Grande

Following the alleged nude pictures that leaked of Ariana Grande almost two years ago, it became evidently clear that the singer doesn’t stash any sort of junk in the trunk. Yes, she infamously denied the photos ever leaking, despite reports claiming otherwise, but that’s far from the point. The point is that Ariana has a flat booty that could do with some squats — just to give it more of a shape. It would most certainly compliment her body so much more.

5 Kourtney Kardashian


Kourtney Kardashian is the only sister in the family that doesn’t have a juicy booty like her siblings — heck, even Rob Kardashian has a big bum! But then again, I should also stress that Rob and Kourtney’s butts are the only natural ones — at least, I would like to assume. While her bum isn’t quite as big as Khloe’s or Kim’s, Kourtney does tend to keep it rather toned, though it hasn’t really done anything for her, in terms of making it perkier or standout a little more. Either way, if the mother-of-three loves her bum, who is to tell her she shouldn’t?

4 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton may have the money, the cars, the clothes and the businesses, but she doesn’t have what society considers the most important asset — a nice butt. Hilton, who loves to wear her bikinis all year long, clearly doesn’t care about other people’s thoughts, since she has more than enough money to “fix” what some may consider is a “pancake butt.” Regardless of whether her booty is small or big, she remains to be the socialite who people have yet to top when it comes to annual earnings and overall worldwide success.

3 Nicole Richie


Nicole Richie has battled endless eating disorders, which may be the reason why she lacks a certain amount of junk in the trunk. While Nicole used to be a little bigger than what she is today, back then, she actually had a good portion of meat on her body, which evidently evened out her physique, with the additional fat giving her voluptuous curves. Since her anorexia battles, however, it seems as if Nicole hasn’t been able to regain that look, having sported a rather flat booty as of late.

2 Taylor Swift

People have made endless jokes about Taylor Swift’s physique. Yes, she’s a gorgeous singer with an incredible talent, but for whatever reason, people always have to find a fault in someone — no matter how small it may be. Well, according to what some people on social media have said, Taylor doesn’t have a booty. And while that may be a fact, isn’t it kinda rude to just put it out there like that and make it seem as it’s such a bad thing? While she may not have the biggest booty in Hollywood, her bank account comes to rise with all of her endless earnings. Money over a booty, right?

1 Kesha

Kesha is constantly photographed in the most unflattering positions and poses, and it just so happens that whenever she’s out for a swim, the paparazzi love to snap photos of her petite derrière. Unlike certain celebrities who are very cautious with how they appear in front of the cameras, Kesha doesn’t mind showing off what she’s working with — though it’s not much. Unlike certain celebrities who are very cautious with how they appear in front of the cameras, Kesha doesn’t mind showing off what she’s working with — though it’s not much.

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