12 Of The Brightest Pot Smokers In Hollywood

There’s been lots of controversy about whether or not it’s safe or morally sound to smoke marijuana. Some say it has medical benefits, and has been known to improve the conditions of children with cancer, and to help those with glaucoma or cataracts manage their symptoms. Marijuana has also been studied for its effect on the mind, and is believed to enhance imagination and creativity. This is the reason a number of people in Hollywood seem to turn to pot when they need a little inspiration.

Sure, it’s a habit your mother doesn’t want you to pick up. Yes, marijuana can be partially blamed for the lethargic behavior of teens and young adults around the world, who would rather sleep past noon and eat burritos than actually make something of their lives. Surprisingly some of the most talented people in Hollywood, along with some of the world’s greatest thinkers and medical professionals, have smoked marijuana. This just goes to show that pot effects everyone differently. Some people would even say they partially owe their careers to the effects that marijuana has had on their minds. Some of the most glamorous and serious figures in Hollywood have confirmed that marijuana definitely has its benefits. Here are 12 of the most intelligent pot smokers in Hollywood.

12 Cameron Diaz

The stunning and very talented Cameron Diaz is known for her modeling and acting expertise. She has also been pretty outspoken about women and their bodies lately, and even wrote a book called The Body Book, a health and fitness manual that teaches women how to be their best selves. These are just some of the things that prove Diaz is pretty intelligent. Apparently, Cameron Diaz has been smoking marijuana since she was in high school. She also dated Justin Timberlake (who is also a known pot smoker) for quite some time, so it’s likely the two got high together a few times.

11 Jennifer Aniston

Everyone’s favorite character from Friends has also confessed to enjoying marijuana every now and then. After all, it does have a relaxing effect, and Jennifer Aniston has been pretty busy since her career started. Aniston was also a cigarette smoker for quite some time, and stated that it was really hard for her to quit. It’s hard to imagine Aniston being an avid smoker, since she’s such a picture of health. She’s a spokesperson for Aveeno natural beauty products and Glaceau’s Vitamin Water, so apparently, she knows the importance of putting good things in your body. Perhaps Aniston, who recently tied the knot with actor Justin Theroux, sees pot as one of those “good things.”

10 Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan is an astrophysicist, cosmologist and astronomer. He’s also a pothead. Sagan makes it pretty hard to argue with the notion that marijuana is bad for you. He’s won a Pultizer Prize, and wrote a best-selling novel. Sagan is also the winner of an Emmy and has written more than 500 articles and scientific papers about his outstanding work and noteworthy discoveries and accomplishments. Carl Sagan is one of the founding members of the Planetary Society, and he’s won a number of scientific awards. Sagan is said to be a supporter of “stoned” insights, or truths that people discover when they’re high.

9 Margaret Mead


Margaret Mead is known for her anthropology work, and was named Mother of The World by Time, in 1969. When Mead passed away in 1978, she was the world’s most famous anthropologist. Margaret Mead co-authored about 40 books and received 28 honorary doctorates. She was even the president of the American Anthropological Association and American Association for the Advancement of Science. Mead is also known for testifying before Congress that she supported the legalization of marijuana. Some see this as an indication that she was an avid pot smoker. After she made it clear that she supported legal marijuana, she was called “crazy” and a “dirty old lady.” Clearly, some people lost all respect for Mead’s significant work just because she supported pot smoking.

8 Andrew Weil


Andrew Weil is a medical doctor and teacher who often travels to spread his messages of health and holistic living. Andrew Weil even has a mushroom named after him, which is a pretty clear indication that he’s not opposed to certain “substances.” In addition to being a medical physician, Weil, who has two degrees from Harvard, is also a naturopath. He has encouraged the use of a number of herbs and natural supplements, and supports many forms of alternative methods for healing and wellness. Even though Andrew Weil has written several books and appeared on the cover of Time, he’s also been a writer for High Times, which is a publication about marijuana. He wrote about the advantages of thinking while stoned, which, perhaps, have been working for him.

7 Oliver Sacks


Oliver Sacks is a writer and neurologist. His work is showcased in the movie Awakenings, which starred Robin Williams. The movie was based on the book of the same name. Sacks also wrote the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat. He also graduated from Oxford and is a neurology professor at Columbia Medical Center. Oliver Sacks has received several awards and honorary doctorates for his work in the medical field, and has even been called the poet laureate of medicine. Sacks has also admitted that he uses pot pretty often, and for more than recreational purposes. He states that marijuana is the gateway to deeper levels of consciousness.

6 Whoopi Goldberg

5 Justin Timberlake

4 Snoop Dogg

3 Lady Gaga

2 Seth Rogen

Canadian comedian and actor Seth Rogen is pretty open about the fact that he enjoys smoking weed. It looks like the marijuana hasn’t done (too much) damage to Rogen’s brain cells, since he’s still got the creativity to write for shows and movies. He’s known for his writing on Da Ali G Show, for which he received an Emmy nomination. Seth also worked as an actor in movies such as The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Funny People. After his work on Da Ali G Show, director Judd Apatow guided Rogen into a movie career because he could see his natural talent. It’s hard to argue that marijuana is “terrible” when clearly it hasn’t seemed to hurt Rogen’s career.

1 Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is most closely associated with the empire that is Apple. He was the co-founder of the company, and it has been reported that he smoked pot during his freshman year at Reed College in Oregon, in the 1970s. Jobs also experimented with LSD during this time. Steve Jobs actually dropped out of Reed College, and he went on to become one of the wealthiest people in the United States. Clearly, he defies the notion that people who smoke marijuana are aimless stoners who are always borrowing money from their family and friends. He was even voted the Person of the Year for 2010, for the Financial Times. Jobs passed away in 2011 due to complications from pancreatic cancer, but his technological innovations continue to live on in every Apple product.

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