12 Of The Biggest Scandals So Far In 2015

2015 has not disappointed so far. In the way of scandals, we have endured shockers that were funny, weird, interesting and straight up messy. Every year the celebrity news gets wackier and more and more embarrassing. We have the friendly Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle, caught in a pedophile scandal, a deflated ball seems to be ruining Tom Brady’s life and Kim Richards is up to her old tricks again (times two). Scandals have been rocking Hollywood for as long as anyone can remember, the only difference is the stories have gotten naughtier, crazier and slightly offensive. We have four more months in the 2015 year, and who is to say that things will not get crazier. Society normally leaves the scandal to the television dramas, and generally back in the day (before the internet and gossip sites), scandals could possibly fly under the radar; however, with social media there is almost no chance that things can be swept under the rug. Everything is up for grabs; even picking your nose is a news story. This list could never be long enough to name every last scandal that took place in 2015, but some notable mentions include: Lenny Kravitz gracing the world with his little friend, Ed Sheeran’s lion tattoo that upset so many of his fans, and Taylor Swift going to battle with Nicki Minaj, only to get shut down completely. Read on to see a list of scandals that read like collections of short stories from an uncategorized novel that Chapters would never sell you.

12 Katy Perry Finally Roars


In July, Katy Perry finally confirmed her suspected hatred towards Taylor Swift when she piggy backed on the Twitter war between T Swift and Nicki Minaj. It has been long suspected that Perry was over Swift’s childish behavior, by calling out Swift for pitting herself against Minaj, something she had previously gotten on Tina Fey and Amy Poehler for. Perry took the opportunity to Tweet, “Finding it ironic to parade the pit women against other women argument about as one unmeasurably capitalizes on the take down of a woman...”

Maybe T Swizzle should start keeping her mouth shut. Yes, the Tweet was grammatically incorrect but the message was loud and clear.

11 Underage Girlfriend

When the world got wind of rapper Tyga, being in a relationship with Kylie Jenner, they were pissed, and not the cute “oh, he’s my man” pissed, but more of like “oh he is dating an underage girl, flaunting it in everyone’s face and not going to jail” pissed. This revelation caused a huge Twitter fight between Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Amber Rose; plus an additional ongoing picture fight between Jenner and Tyga’s baby mama Blac Chyna, who continuously posts photos of gifts that Tyga has given them (as if he is not re-gifting all of these so called presents). #underagelove #uselesstwitterfights.

10 Meet Caitlyn

9 Bobbi Kristina Brown

It was just a few days shy of the third anniversary of Whitney Houston’s untimely 2012 death, when news broke that her heartbroken daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, was found in a bathtub unresponsive. The world was creeped out about how close her situation was to her mother’s, only she was still hanging on by a very thin thread. Brown was officially pulled off of her ventilators on August 3rd, and rumors quickly swirled that she died at the hands of her then boyfriend, Nick Gordon. This story is far from over. Gordon has not been officially charged but a solid case is certainly building up against him.

8 Housewife Thief

7 Deflate-gate

6 The Worst Future President

In June 2015, millionaire business owner Donald Trump, threw his hat in the ring for the upcoming presidential election. Unfortunately, sine then he continues to put his dusty old foot in his mouth. Trump has made his feelings for Mexican immigrants perfectly clear, and has been adding fuel to fire even since. He made no apology and in fact, he keeps making offensive, stereotypical comments towards immigrants (including recently swearing off Oreos because they are now produced in Mexico). By the way, he is leading in the polls at this time.

5 A Comedian's Fall

So technically comedian Bill Cosby’s scandal began in late 2014, but it really began to gain traction in 2015, as even celebrities were coming out and accusing Cosby of performing indecent acts on them after they were drugged by him. Beverly Johnson and Janice Dickinson shined a light on the case that people were questioning for the most part and Dickinson herself was more vocal about it, as she described him as a vicious predator. This will be a long road for Cosby, who is slowly but surely becoming one of the most hated celebrities in the history of Hollywood.

4 The Lying Journalist

Beloved NBC veteran journalist Brian Williams, got swiftly kicked off of his high horse when he repeatedly told a story detailing his brush with death as he was “shot at” in a helicopter during the Iraq war. So, what is the problem with the story? Well apparently it was one giant lie, and every time he told the lie, the waters got muddier and muddier; you know when you can’t keep up with your own lie? The truth was apparently the helicopter got shot at, not Williams, and that was enough for him to receive a six-month suspension from NBC and live in the shame of his lie every day.

3 The Duggars

Not only does this family refuse to believe that contraception exists, but they also think that they are licensed psychologists. They tried to council their own daughters after their son Josh Duggar, sexually assaulted 4 of their underage daughters and one child unrelated to the family. The scandal further ruined the reputation of the super religious family as news recently broke that Josh Duggar is now a known cheater (according to the Ashley Madison leak) and has been cheating on his wife Anna Duggar, for most of their marriage. This fall from grace has forced the family to go into hiding for the most part, and have their high rated show cancelled.

2 White Is The New Black

By now everybody knows the name Rachel Dolezal, and if you don’t know the name then you definitely know the face. She was a white woman pretending to be black for a majority of her life; Dolezal was an NAACCP chapter president and a local Washington state leader, but unfortunately, she rubbed every race the wrong way by pretending to be black. She tripped over her words several times while trying to defend her lie and she ultimately came up with the excuse that she “identifies as a black restart”. Dolezal has since gone into hiding after the June 2015 scandal blew up her life and the life of those around her.

1 Fashion Fallout

Giuliana Rancic wanted to appeal to a younger audience when she made the mistake of making a comment that came out sounding semi-racist during a taping of E’s Fashion Police, in February 2013. Rancic continuously made a joke about Disney star Zendaya looking “like she smelled like patchouli oil and weed”, due to a dreadlocks hairstyle that she wore at the Oscars. Zendaya stuck up for herself and wrote a public essay addressing the offensive comments, and Giuliana’s co-star and now former friend Kelly Osbourne, also stuck up for Zendaya which sparked a very public feud between the two that is still going on to this day.

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