12 Of The Best Celebrity Reactions To Kim K's #BreakTheInternet

In case you were living under a rock on November 12, 2014, you missed the headline that humans successfully landed a spacecraft on a comet. Oh, and you also missed Kim Kardashian's attempt to break the internet with her greased up rear end.

The sex tape star turned reality show celebrity took to her Instagram and Twitter to campaign for herself with a marketing ploy called #breaktheinternet, in which she bared all, literally, in a provocatively photoshopped and oiled down photo spread for Paper magazine.

Not surprisingly, the internet did not break. But plenty of people did react. Some responses were positive, while most were confused, amused, horrified or flat out disgusted. Here are 13 responses celebrities had to Kardashian Buttgate.

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12 Jim Gaffigan


11 Naya Rivera

via tumblr

Glee star and somewhat Kardashian look-alike Naya Rivera decided she couldn't remain quiet on her disgust for the photo. She wrote, "I normally don't. But...you're someone's mother..." Unfortunately for Naya, Kim's got quite a few people to back her up, and the Glee star reportedly got in trouble for her post.

10 Lorde

via spin.com

18 year old New Zealand songwriter and singer, Lorde seems very mature for her age. Lorde reiterated Rivera's sentiment with a simple re-Tweet with the quip, "mom."Although, she has later clarified and confirmed that she really doesn't have a problem with Kim's butt.

9 Sarah Silverman

via wikipedia

As we all know, this celebrity is notorious for her many controversial statements. Comedian Sarah Silverman kept it relatively tame this time around, though, when she sent the following Tweet to Kardashian, "Kim Kardashian, Belated congrats on your greazy tush".

8 Damon Wayans, Jr.

via newgirl.wikia.com

Let's all take a moment to give thanks that funny man, Damon Wayans Jr.'s interesting tweet, "If this pic was scratch and sniff, it would DEFINITELY break the Internet" is not yet possible.

7 Stephen Colbert

via wikipedia

Satirist Stephen Colbert stayed in character on Twitter when he wrote "I am SHOCKED by that risque Kim Kardashian magazine cover! (Note: please re-Tweet every two months, as applicable). Stephen received over 2,260 re-Tweets and over 4,000 favorites for his funny post.

6 Dane Cook

via Twitter

Famed comedian and actor, Dane Cooke decided to take a more obvious approach and address the highly discussed issue of obvious Photoshopping done to the photo, by posting his very own version of the photo. Cook got over 1,200 re-Tweets and over 1,600 favorites for the post.

5 Whitney Cummings

Similarly to the previously mentioned Sarah Silverman, funny gal Whitney Cummings expressed what undoubtedly many people around the internet were thinking when she said, "I can't wait for Kim Kardashian to get old." Then again, we can't help but wonder if that will really make a difference.

4 Billy Eichner

via Twitter.com

Billy Eichner, the star, creator and executive producer of Funny or Die's Billy on the Street, tried to help clear everyone's collective mind's eye by posting a photo of Bob Hope, for anyone who felt like they got too much of an eyeful of Kardashian skin.

3 Kris Jenner

Most moms would be probably be appalled (to say the least) by such a photo spread. But like for many other things, it is not the case for the Kardashian family. Kim's "Momager", Kris Jenner took to Twitter to express her excitement and pride for her daughter's decision to bare it all. Jenner wrote, "Looks like someone's gonna #BreakTheInternet @kimkardashian!!!"

2 Kanye West

via wikipedia

Kim's new and very proud husband, Kanye West had certainly no issues admitting that he has no problem with his wife's risque cover. He took to Twitter to make sure that everyone knew that he could look at the photos all day, re-Tweeting the photo with the simple hashtag #ALLDAY.

1 Chelsea Handler


Chelsea Handler might have broken the internet, even more so than Kim Kardashian tried to do when she posted a side-by-side photo of her own rear end next to Kardashian's photo on Instagram. The photo comes at a time after Instagram recently deleted a topless image of the comedian, saying that she broke the "Terms of Service" by posting nudity. Handler wrote on this image, "Can you believe more than two a*ses can fit on one screen? guess which one's real. your move, Instagram."

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