12 Nobodies Who Still Believe They're Stars

It’s no secret that Hollywood can be pretty unforgiving at times. When a celebrity hasn’t starred in an award-winning TV show or movie for a while, Hollywood (and the public) tend to forget about the celeb. Even if the famous person tries to make a comeback and is mildly successful, entertainment blogs usually bring up the fact that the celebrity is a has-been in one aspect or another.

It can be hard for a celebrity who was once an A-lister to come to terms with the fact that he/she isn’t as famous as before. It’s a huge blow to the ego, and even leads some famous people to do some crazy things just to get attention from the entertainment industry and former fans. Of course, some former celebrities have accepted the fact that Hollywood no longer feels the same way about them. These people have moved on to become successful in the business world, teach at colleges and universities, and pretty much live quiet lives with their families and friends. Of course, most celebrities aren’t exactly that stable. Here are 12 “nobodies” who still believe that they are Hollywood royalty, even though their season of fame has ended.

12 Kate Gosselin

11 Heidi Montag

10 Nicolas Cage

9 Kris Jenner

8 Pauly D

7 Teresa Giudice

6 Macaulay Culkin

5 Steven Seagal

4 Demi Moore

3 Amanda Bynes

2 Farrah Abraham

1 Courtney Stodden

Courtney Stodden made headlines when she married actor Doug Hutchinson, who is decades older than her. She was just 16 when the two tied the knot, and it’s pretty safe to say that Stodden thought this calculated move would catapult her into stardom. She was “somebody” for a while, but her husband wasn’t all that famous to begin with, which is why her fame was short-lived. However, she still gets more attention than most people thought she would. She’s released a few singles (not a lot of people know about them), but she’s actually more famous for all the plastic surgery that she’s gotten at such a young age. From the way she struts around on the red carpet, she thinks she’s pretty famous, but most people would beg to differ.


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12 Nobodies Who Still Believe They're Stars