12 Myths We Still Believe About These Celebs

Part of what makes Hollywood so appealing to non-celebrities is the mystery of it. Sure, people pretend to live these fabulous lives, but are they really happy? Famous couples walk the red carpet hand in hand and smile for pictures, but are they truly in love? There are also celebrities who come across as friendly and welcoming, but are they this way in real life? There are so many unanswered questions when it comes to famous people, which is part of the reason why the world wants to know everything about them.

There are also myths associated with many celebrities. Some of these myths started for somewhat logical reasons. Other myths have simply become urban legends that some people believe, and others strongly dispel. There are also some cases in which myths have been disproved, but people choose to believe them anyway. Maybe the stories are so interesting that people just want to hold onto them. Perhaps nothing as interesting as the myth has happened to the celeb in a while. Whatever the reason, there are some myths about celebrities that we still choose to believe. Maybe it’s the public’s strange way of trying to contribute to the fame of their favorite stars.


12 Lady Gaga May Not Be A Lady

It’s no secret that singer Lady Gaga doesn’t like to wear pants sometimes. After all, some days she feels like wearing marbles, or cigarettes, or raw meat. You know, classic Gaga. However, there are some rumors swirling around that Lady Gaga may possess that one body part that makes you a man. She’s been prancing around a lot wearing unitards that are pretty tight in the genitals, which leads some to believe that Gaga’s got a secret that she’s not hiding so well in her outlandish and figure-fitting outfits. Deep down, we’re pretty sure there’s no truth to this, but we also know people aren’t going to stop saying it.

11 Jennifer Lopez’s Backside Is Worth A Billion Dollars


Back in the late 1990s, it was reported that Jennifer Lopez’s butt (with the legs attached, of course) was worth a billion dollars. This was reported by tabloids (The New York Post and the London Sun), and supposedly, the original price quoted for Lopez’s assets was $300 million. However, by the time the story got around the rumor mill once or twice, the number was $1 billion. While the actress and singer is well known for her great body, she laughed the story off as “very funny.” Maybe her butt is ensured, and she’s just not willing to disclose the amount. Maybe the story is completely false. One thing is for sure—people are always going to try to put a price on this…rumor.

10 Snoop Dogg Studied To Be A Mormon

A few years ago, on April 1st, rapper Snoop Dogg stated that he “couldn’t get enough of the book of Mormon.” This led many to believe that he was considering joining the Church of the Latter-Day Saints, but it was most likely an April Fool’s joke. Besides, Snoop is known as “the weed rapper,” and it’s highly unlikely that he’s giving up his favorite pastime for religion. Perhaps he is a fan of the Mormon religion, and whenever it is reported that he’s making a major life change, conspiracy theorists like to say that he’s Mormon, but keeping it a secret. We’re pretty sure the church frowns on marijuana, though.

9 Halle Berry Has Six Toes


This is likely one of those rumors that started because people love and hate beautiful and talented celebs simultaneously. Eddie Murphy referred to Halle Berry’s feet as “hammertime,” but it was just a funny line from Boomerang, the movie they starred in together in the 1990s. In 2005, rumors surfaced that Berry had six toes. The image that brought on this rumor is most likely altered. The growth in question was probably a blister or bunion. After all, wearing those designer heels on the red carpet can take a toll on anyone’s feet. Even if Halle Berry does have six toes on one foot, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t be deprived of male attention.

8 Miley Cyrus Was Pregnant

Once upon a time, singer and actress Miley Cyrus, did an interview with J-14. The interview was doctored up a bit, and claimed that Cyrus admitted she was “14 and pregnant.” Myth has it that this interview served as the inspiration for the MTV reality show, 16 and Pregnant. While we haven’t seen Miley with a baby and we’re pretty sure she was never pregnant, this rumor still surfaces from time to time. Cyrus is, however, quoted as saying that she was “not ready to be a mom,” and that she didn’t want to “lose her figure” at such a young age. Miley probably wouldn’t make a very fit parent until she gets all the twerking and weed-smoking out of her system.

7 Barbra Streisand Was In An Adult Film

Die-hard fans of Babs have likely heard this rumor before. The story goes that in a book called Blue Movies Of The Famous, it was revealed that the songstress starred in a p**nographic film. The book stated that the woman in the movie looked like Streisand, and that since Barbra’s nose was so prominent, there was a pretty good chance the lady in the film wasn’t a body double. The myth was later dispelled, confirming that Streisand did not star in any “nudie” films. However, she does have an adult star impersonator named Tasha Voux, who has starred in a number of movies. Streisand did pose on the cover of Playboy in the 1970s, which may be where the rumor originally stemmed from.

6 Pamela Anderson Had Some Ribs Removed

Ever-popular Baywatch babe, Pamela Anderson has pretty much spent her entire career in the tabloids. Of course, some of the stories, such as her marriage to rocker Tommy Lee, her breast implants, and the unfortunate home break-in, were true. However, there’s been a rumor going around that Anderson had some of her ribs removed to make her waist smaller. While she did have the quintessential “Coke bottle” shape during her Baywatch days, she’s gotten older and her midsection isn’t as slim as it used to be. After all, she gave birth to two children. She looks great, but the story about her getting a rib removal surgery is highly unlikely.


5 Tupac Is Alive

Tupac Shakur died in 1996 after being shot multiple times. His death changed hip-hop permanently, and many of his earlier lyrics are quite applicable to some of the things happening in society today. However, many still believe that Shakur is alive. Since his death in the mid-1990s, some fans believe that the rapper faked his own death and moved away to a remote island to escape the ills of American society. There was even a story that Tupac was shopping with some friends in California a few years ago, and the story was posted on a fake CNN website. This is a classic case of people wanting to believe that their favorite stars will live forever.

4 Paul Pfeiffer Is Marilyn Manson

Remember child actor Josh Saviano who played Paul Pfeiffer from The Wonder Years? Well, we haven’t seen much of him lately—or have we? Some people believe that the reason Pfeiffer hasn’t appeared as himself in public is because he’s now Marilyn Manson, and doesn’t want anyone to find out. Some fans conclude that Paul Pfeiffer went off the deep end after living in Fred Savage’s shadow for so long. Others think that being a rock star when you're used to being an innocent child star is the best way to get girls. Either way, it’s not true, but it’s still fun for people to speculate about.

3 Anna Wintour Had A Fling With Bob Marley


Anna Wintour is the poised queen of fashion, and Vogue editor whose opinion means everything at fashion shows. It’s hard to imagine that this polished trendsetter had a tryst with late legendary reggae artist Bob Marley. A biographer for Wintour states that Anna met Marley in the 1970s in New York, and was immediately taken with him. Rumor has it that the two spent the next seven days after their meeting “getting to know each other,” but Wintour has declined to comment. This leads many to believe that something did happen between her and Marley. This rumor actually comes from a respected source, so parts (or all) of it may be true.

2 Mr. Rogers Was A Sniper

Fred Rogers was best known for his PBS children’s show, Mister Roger’s Neighborhood. He was also an author and activist. Rumor also has it that Mr. Rogers was a sniper in the U.S. Navy before he made his living singing educational songs and changing his shoes. The rumor also “reveals” that Rogers killed more than 150 people during the Vietnam War. It’s pretty safe to say there’s no truth to this. However, the public has an obsession with making innocent characters seem way more edgy. There’s also a rumor that Rogers had lots of tattoos under his cardigan, but we’re going to bet that was just a myth as well.

1 Walt Disney’s Head Is Frozen


There’s been a myth/joke circulating for years that Walt Disney’s head is on ice. Perhaps people thought it would be interesting to make people believe that the king of kids’ animation was honored in an unusual way after his death. This rumor actually stemmed from an episode of The Simpsons, in which Disney’s body is cryogenically frozen. Mention of Disney’s frozen head was also made on 30 Rock. The Weekly World News even printed a story once that Walt Disney’s head had been stolen. However, the publication did not start the original rumor, as many believe. Some of Disney’s biographies claim that when the famous animator and businessman learned he had lung cancer, he arranged to have his internal organs cryogenically frozen. Interesting, indeed.



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