12 MUST SEE Pictures Of Brooke Hogan

Still only 27 years old, it seems like Brooke has done it all. Her resume reads like one of a 50 year old. Brooke has succeeded in modelling, singing, reality TV, film and wrestling. Her real breakout came during the VH1 reality series, Hogan Knows Best. This would ultimately propel her into a successful music career with various hits that would make the Billboard Top 100 list.

Despite knowing about all of her achievements at such a young age, fans still want to know more about the daughter of the famous wrestler, Hulk Hogan. Since 2015, Brooke has been rather quiet and away from the spotlight since joining the Prince Marketing Group located in Los Angeles, California. Fans of Hulk's daughter are very hopeful that she will make her return to mainstream media though, whether it be musically or as a reality show character. At the age of 27, she still has a long way to go before laying low permanently.

This article will take a look at some seriously hot pictures of Brooke. It will also discuss some facts you may not have known about the reality TV star. So let’s get to it. Here are 12 MUST SEE pictures of Brooke Hogan. Enjoy!


12 Beach Life

Born in Tampa, Florida, Brooke can be found hitting the beach quite often. Various websites have numerous shots of Brooke basking in the beautiful Florida weather. This isn’t anything new for Brooke however, as on May 5th, 1988, Brooke was born in Tampa, Florida. She was very active as a young girl, partaking in dance, singing, cheerleading and gymnastics. Brooke graduated from Clearwater Central Catholic High School at the age of 16. She would go on to pursue a career in modelling and singing following her high school graduation. Brooke is currently residing out of Los Angeles, California.

11 Another One

Yup, you can add another bikini pic to the list of many. At the age of 27 Brooke is not afraid to show off her wondrous curves. The daughter of Hulk Hogan is in terrific shape, and with a body like that she’d fit right into the wrestling business like her father. Believe it or not, Brooke actually appeared on WWE television. She made her debut on Saturday Night’s Main Event in 2006, alongside with her father. Brooke would ultimately ignite a feud between her father and WWE star Randy Orton. This would ultimately lead to the match scheduled for SummerSlam. Following the storyline, Brooke would no longer appear on WWE television.

10 Singer with a Booty

She sings and she has a booty. Brooke began her music career way back when she was 14 years old signing a deal with Trans Continental Records. Brooke got her first successful hit in 2004, with her song Everything to Me, which cracked number 97 on the Billboard Hot 100. She later gained more exposure touring with popular singers such as Hilary Duff and The Backstreet Boys. Following Brooke’s appearance on the MTV reality show Hogan Knows Best, her stock in the music industry began to skyrocket. Her single About Us, would generate some massive mainstream buzz. The album (featuring this song) would go onto sell 30,000 copies in its first week.

9 Beach Bum

Once again, Brooke is looking absolutely stunning. Her Florida beach days however, came to an end after her split with Dallas Cowboys center, Phil Costa. The couple got engaged back in 2013, when Costa proposed in Las Vegas. Brooke later ended the relationship, because according to rumors, Brooke felt like things were moving too fast, and she also wanted to focus on her music career. With this in mind, Hogan moved to Los Angeles where she wanted to put some finishing touches on a new album. She is still currently residing in Los Angeles, California.

8 New Career Path

With her music career on hold for the moment, Brooke is currently working with the Prince Marketing Group located in Los Angeles, California. The marketing group represents some pretty big stars from Magic Johnson to Dennis Rodman to Hulk Hogan. The group is responsible for setting up events or promotions for companies, and they usually use stars like Brooke to assist in the events they set up. Wrestlers like Chris Jericho have also been used in the past for autograph sessions at events. Brooke is very active with this sports and entertainment agency.

7 Dressed like a Star

Following her run on her father’s MTV hit show Hogan Knows Best, Brooke’s stock grew immensely. Hulk’s daughter quickly became the most searched cast member on the show. This not only lead to a successful singing career, but it also brought in various acting opportunities. Brooke would go onto to appear in several TV shows, including Brooke Knows Best, a spin-off from her father’s hit VH1 show. She would also make the jump to film, making her debut in 2009 in the movie Little Hercules in 3D. Her most recent role came in the film L.A. Slasher, which was released in 2015.

6 Album Cover

Looking hot as you know what, Brooke is still pursuing a music career despite her current time off. On July 13th, 2015, Brooke Hogan switched things up by releasing her first alternative country song. The track entitled Girlfriend, is now available to download on iTunes. Her other Billboard hits are also available; songs include Everything to Me, About Us (featuring Paul Wall), Falling (featuring Stacks) and Hey You! (featuring Colby O’Donis).


5 Young Brooke

At the age of 14, Brooke already had a music label she was working under. In order to help her gain some more exposure, Hulk set up an hour long profile entitled (Inside)Out: Hulk Hogan, Stage Dad. The hour long special showed Hulk helping out his daughter with her debut album, and the VHI special turned out to be a massive draw with the audience. This later prompted the network to do an entire series, and it was later named Hogan Knows Best. Following its premiere in July of 2005, the show became VH1's highest rated series in the network's history.

4 Animal Lover

Like a lot of other popular celebrities, Brooke has a very invested interest towards animals. She is also quite the dog lover. Hogan has even attended several events pertaining to animal cruelty and related topics. This is something that she is still a big advocate of till this day. You can see Brooke discuss this issue via her Twitter or Instagram handle. Beautiful and a dog lover? What's not to love?

3 Run with TNA Wrestling

Her run with the WWE was short lived, but her run with TNA wrestling actually lasted a little more than a year. Brooke made her on-screen debut for the company on May 17th, 2012. Hogan became the promotions on-screen backstage consultant. Brooke would later transition into a love-affair with Bully Ray (known as Bubba Ray Dudley to wrestling fans). Following a “divorce” to Bully Ray, the storyline was put to bed. On August 16th, 2014, Brooke had been released by TNA. She later announced her retirement from pro wrestling.

2 MTV Awards

This picture shows Brooke still looking incredibly hot from her appearance at an MTV awards show. Brooke is still basking from her success during her time on VH1 with her father’s hit show Hogan Knows Best. The show came to an abrupt end following season 4 in 2007. The series was discontinued due to controversies surrounding the family. Due to Brooke’s obvious popularity, she was asked to do her own spin-off of the show entitled, Brooke Knows Best. The show would last 2 seasons and 20 episodes before being cancelled by VH1.

1 Brooke’s Controversial Ex-Boyfriend

At the time of Hulk’s controversial remarks, Brooke was dating Stack$, aka Yannique Barker. When Hulk’s remarks were made public, Brooke’s father faced some serious image problems. According to the tape, Hulk said “I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f*ck some n*gger, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n*gger worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player!”.

This statement got Hulk into some serious heat; Hogan was quickly released by the WWE, and his info was also removed from the company’s records. Her father is still recovering from these comments today. For what it’s worth, Brooke defended her father, and she went on to write a poem about her dad claiming he is not racist.


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