12 Musicians With Ridiculously Hot Wives

Lead singers tend to have a ridiculous amount of sex appeal. Even when they aren’t all that good looking, they can still have groupies lining up around the block. There’s just something special about being a superstar singer that makes them so much more attractive than they really are.

As a result, a lot of singers have some impressive conquests under their belt – and a lot of them manage to get women who are way, way out of their league. That’s why it becomes even more impressive when one of these singers manages to get a hold of a seriously hot woman and tie the knot, making it official.

Some of these women are famous in their own right, while others are simply ridiculously hot women who have latched on to famous husbands. You might be surprised to see just how hot these wives really are – especially when you take into account what their husbands look like! But let’s not be shallow: looks aren’t everything. It’s important to remember that these men are also very rich – in some cases, almost disgustingly so!

We can be cynical, but maybe these marriages really are based on a genuine attraction between two loving people. If that’s the case, men’s hearts around the world are going to break, as it means these gorgeous women are off the market for good. Here are twelve singers who have managed to grab wives who are so ridiculously hot, it’s almost insulting.

14 Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz


Mouths dropped around the world when the press found out that Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden, the other half of the Madden twins and a backing vocalist in their band, had married. Not only is she much hotter and much, much more famous than him, but they also had something of a whirlwind romance. After getting together in May 2014, they decided all of a sudden to get married in January 2015, without much warning. Time will tell whether this marriage lasts, as it seems they both rushed in very fast – particularly surprising for Benji, who had been in long-term relationships and engagements in the past.

13 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

Justin Timberlake has had his fair share of good-looking girls, as you might expect from a former boy band star. It all started with Britney Spears before she shaved her hair off, then it was Cameron Diaz, and of course Jessica Biel. They dated for four years before getting engaged in late 2011, and were then married in October 2012. Since then they have had one child together, son Silas, who was born in 2015. The interesting thing is that Biel actually started out in musicals before becoming an actress, which is more or less the same route that Timberlake took (albeit from more of a pop music standpoint).

12 Brendon Urie and Sarah Urie


Brendon Urie is the lead singer (and only remaining member) of Panic! At The Disco, and it’s fair to say that this frontman has matured a lot since "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" first became a hit. He’s one of the few singers out there who might actually merit a hot wife, though he’s still very lucky to have found a woman as hot as Sarah Orzechowski. The couple first got engaged in 2011 – a fact that was accidentally revealed by the band’s bodyguard – and then tied the knot in 2013. She now mostly spends her days sharing cute photos of Brendon and bigging up his music on Twitter and Instagram.

11 Chester Bennington and Talinda Bennington


Chester Bennington won’t be much remembered by those who weren’t fans of Linkin Park in their heyday, as the band have been quiet for a while and he himself has been fronting Stone Temple Pilots. This screaming frontman has a unique voice and some very recognizable tattoos, and apparently is also like catnip for women. He has one child from a former girlfriend, another with his first wife, and three with current wife Talinda Bennington. The pair have remained married so far, although are yet to beat his previous 9-year stint. Talinda used to be a Playboy model, and it shows!

10 Rob Zombie and Sheri Moon Zombie


Rob Zombie is a fairly multi-talented guy: he’s not just a singer, but a songwriter, director, producer, screenwriter, and more. Perhaps it’s this that makes him more attractive, as he’s certainly not the prettiest man in rock! Whatever the case may be, sparks flew when he met Sheri Skurkis, who at the time was known as Sheri Moon. They married in 2002 after being together for almost 9 years, taking their vows privately before a planned ceremony. The actress and dancer also worked as a model, which explains why she is still so stunning more than twenty years after they first met.

9 Gerard Way and Lindsey Way


Gerard Way is now a solo artist in his own right, but is best known for being the lead singer of My Chemical Romance in their time. At some point during his years of touring he ended up catching the eye of Lyn-Z, the bassist from Mindless Self Indulgence who is known for performing in schoolgirl outfits. The two married in September 2007 backstage of a concert at which both their bands were performing, and had their daughter Bandit Lee Way in 2009. It seems that they are pretty well matched, with their shared penchant for rock music and dressing up on stage!

8 Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo


Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, has a bit of an annoying habit of dating supermodels. Behati Prinsloo wasn’t the first Victoria’s Secret model he was linked to, which somehow just makes it worse that he has now managed to get a ring on her finger. The two were married in July 2014 despite a separation period in 2013. They have unfortunately been followed by divorce rumours ever since, though by all appearances they are still going strong. Prinsloo has been modelling since she was 16, and has done catwalks and campaigns for a huge list of big brands.

7 Joel Madden and Nicole Richie


Joel Madden is best known as the lead singer of Good Charlotte, that band you probably remember for the one single about famous people. Actually, they’re still going strong, and doing pretty well out of it by all accounts. Although Joel and his twin brother Benji (more on him later) are far from the best-looking men in rock, Joel has managed to find himself a famously hot wife: Nicole Richie. The actress and TV personality wed him in December 2010, and they now have two children together – daughter Harlow Winter Kate, and son Sparrow James Midnight, both born before they were married.


5 Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum


Dave Grohl was married once before to a photographer, but that marriage ended in 1997. Six years later he was ready to move on, getting hitched to the gorgeous Jordyn Blum. It’s funny to see this natural beauty with a shaggy-haired, bearded, messy rocker – but then again Grohl is known as the nicest man in rock, so perhaps he has a lot more going for him than meets the eye. Their marriage has certainly stayed the distance so far, and they have three daughters – Violet Maye, Harper Willow, and Ophelia Saint. Their youngest was born in 2014, so perhaps there’s still room for one or two more in their brood!

4 Josh Homme and Brody Dalle


Josh Homme is the lead singer of Queens Of The Stone Age, as well as being involved with bands like Them Crooked Vultures and Eagles of Death Metal – in fact, he was lucky to miss performing with them during their fateful gig in Paris. He is married to fellow musician Brody Dalle, making a very striking couple! They now have two children together – Camille Harley Joan, born 2006, and Orrin Ryder, born 2011 – and are expecting their third. You’ll know Dalle from The Distillers, the band she founded, and Spinerette. She also has her own solo music. Interestingly, she has had 7 different surnames in her life, including a previous marriage.


2 Trent Reznor and Mariqueen Maandig


The lead singer of Nine Inch Nails, Trent Reznor, is another artist who has found a way to pursue love within the same kind of lifestyle that he leads. He had a bit of a hard time in his early career, struggling with drug addictions and depression, before cleaning himself up and meeting fellow singer Mariqueen Maandig. They married in October 2009 and have since been blessed with two sons – the very metal Lazarus Echo and Balthazar. Reznor had a reputation as a pretty-boy singer in his early days, and while these days he’s cleaned himself up to a smarter appearance, it’s easy to see how they fell for one another.

1 Caleb Followill and Lily Aldridge


As the lead singer of Kings of Leon, Caleb Followill can more or less sit back and enjoy the royalties from "Sex On Fire" for the rest of his life if he wants to. Whether it was his success, his rock star image, or some indefinable quality that attracted Lily Aldridge to him, we might never know; but the Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model tied the knot with him in 2011. They had met at Coachella Festival four years before. They now have a daughter together, Dixie Pearl Followill. They are also the only couple on this list where the wife has a Wikipedia page but not her supposedly more famous husband!



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