12 Male Celebrities You Didn't Know Were So Short

It can be hard to tell through a photograph in a magazine or on the big screen just how tall (or short) celebrities really are. Many of us probably think all of our favorite movie-stars and singers ar

It can be hard to tell through a photograph in a magazine or on the big screen just how tall (or short) celebrities really are. Many of us probably think all of our favorite movie-stars and singers are really tall, but actually, most of them aren't even close to the six foot mark. Who are these short celebrities you ask? Take a look at 12 male celebrities who prove you don't have to be tall to be successful (and who you might not have known are so short).

12 Usher

He may be a grammy winner, heartthrob and actor, but Usher's not as big as he might appear on stage. The superstar singer is only 5'8 – and the shortest of his fellow The Voice coaches, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. Would you have ever guessed?

11 Dave Franco


James Franco's little brother is just that –little. While he may be handsome, Dave's only 5'7... a few inches shy of his slightly taller, 5'11 brother. But his smaller stature hasn't stopped his success. The 28 year old actor has starred in his fair share of Hollywood movies and his good looks have most girls swooning.

10 Daniel Radcliffe


Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe might look larger than life on-screen in the eight series films, but he's just 5'6 in the flesh. But it doesn't really matter, because at just 24 years old, he's already starred in one of the most successful movie franchises in history, and his wealth is estimated at £14 million. Not too shabby.

9 Jack Black


The 44 year old American actor who starred in School of Rock and who is also the lead singer of rock-comedy band, Tenacious D (who have three albums. Who knew?) stands not-so-tall at 5'6. Jack Black is noticeably shorter than his actor friends. Tall? No. But successful? Totally.

8 Lil' Wayne


Lil' Wayne might look fairly big on stage, but up close he's just 5'6. The ultra-successful recording artist definitely doesn't let his small stature get in the way of his career. At 31 years old, the Louisiana-born rapper, signed to Cash Money Records, has won four grammy awards.

7 Jon Stewart


Jon Stewart has a thing for comedy, but when it comes to his height, he comes up a little short. It might be difficult to tell when watching him on his funny panel, but The Daily Show host is just 5'6. At 51, he's already written a book, acted, produced, directed and has even hosted the Grammy and Academy Awards. We'd say he's doing pretty well for himself.

6 Aziz Ansari


Funny man, Aziz Ansari is only 5'6 and looking pretty tiny sandwiched between two of Hollywood's hottest babes. The Parks and Recreation actor and comedian has been in several television shows and films, and has a spot in Montreal's upcoming Just for Laughs line-up. Surely, he might look a little taller on stage. But regardless, we'd definitely pay to see him.

5 Elijah Wood


It might surprise you to find out that this Lord of the Rings star is just 5'6. But his rather short body frame clearly hasn't stopped him from earning his popularity, countless award nominations and wins. He may be short, but its certainly never got in the way of his success.

4 Scott Caan

You might know him best from his recurring role as the quite arrogant character, Scott Lavin on the HBO series Entourage. Caan played along side Adrian Grenier, Jeremy Piven, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Connolly, but Scott Caan is not as big as he may seem. The 37 year old actor is only a mere 5'5.

3 Bruno Mars


He might woo many of us with his incredible vocals, but he might not impress all of us with his height. Bruno Mars is just 5'5. Did you know? The Hawaiian born musician, whose real name is actually Peter Gene Hernandez, already has two Grammy Awards under his belt. He Ranked as the 12th richest musician of 2013, we'd say that regardless if he's short or tall, he's definitely not doing too bad for himself.

2 Seth Green


Many of us are probably aware that the funny actor isn't the tallest on most TV and movie sets. At just 5'4, Seth Green's wife, Clare Grant undoubtedly towers over him. The 40 year old actor and comedian is the voice behind Family Guy's Chris Griffin and has been nominated for numerous Primetime Emmy Awards, winning one over the course of his career.

1 Kevin Hart


Kevin Hart is easily one of the funniest men in comedy. Watch him in one of his stand-up specials, and it's almost certain he'll make reference to (and make fun of) how tiny he is. We always knew he was short, just not that short. The actor and comedian may come in at just a small 5'2, but one thing is for sure, at least he can make us laugh.

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12 Male Celebrities You Didn't Know Were So Short