12 Least Attractive Boy Band Members With The Hottest GFs

Love can be a funny thing. Sometimes, the most unlikely couples find themselves falling more and more in love each day. When you’re a celebrity, there’s lots of pressure to not only find someone to date, but to find someone who is just as hot (if not hotter) than you. And if you’re in a boy band, you’re pretty much expected to have the hottest girls in Hollywood as girlfriends.

Part of being in a boy band is being really attractive. However, there are times when certain boy band members look better than others. For instance, all of the guys from New Kids On The Block were pretty good-looking. However, countless girls went crazy over band member Donnie Wahlberg. Then again, there were some girls who were completely Team Jordan. The point is, there’s always a boy member or two who is considered the eye candy of the group, and other members are just the “background” (sorry, Danny Wood).

There are also times when the least attractive member of the boy band happens to land a girlfriend who is hotter than all the rest of the other members’ girlfriends. Of course, part of the reason the OK-looking boy band member is able to do this is because, well, he’s in a boy band. Here are 12 not-so-good-looking boy band members who managed to land some pretty beautiful girlfriends.

12 Niall Horan

11 Liam Payne

10 Raz-B

9 Ricky Bell

8 Jacob Underwood

7 Danny Wood

6 Chris Kirkpatrick

5 Joey Fatone

4 Nathan Sykes

3 Wanya Morris

2 Brian Littrell

1 Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson is the oldest brother in the family band Hanson. He and his siblings will always be known for their 90s single “Mmm Bop,” and they’ve been trying to make an equally successful comeback since then. Even though all the boys had lots of hair and were going through their awkward phases at the time of the band’s fame, Isaac rose to fame at the height of puberty, which had to be challenging. These days however, he’s looking pretty hot, which may be his way of redeeming himself. After a long-term relationship with girlfriend Nicole Dufresne, Isaac made Dufresne his wife in 2006 in a ceremony in Oklahoma. Even though Isaac was the oldest member of the group, he was the last of the Hanson brothers to marry.


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12 Least Attractive Boy Band Members With The Hottest GFs