12 Least Attractive Boy Band Members With The Hottest GFs

Love can be a funny thing. Sometimes, the most unlikely couples find themselves falling more and more in love each day. When you’re a celebrity, there’s lots of pressure to not only find someone to date, but to find someone who is just as hot (if not hotter) than you. And if you’re in a boy band, you’re pretty much expected to have the hottest girls in Hollywood as girlfriends.

Part of being in a boy band is being really attractive. However, there are times when certain boy band members look better than others. For instance, all of the guys from New Kids On The Block were pretty good-looking. However, countless girls went crazy over band member Donnie Wahlberg. Then again, there were some girls who were completely Team Jordan. The point is, there’s always a boy member or two who is considered the eye candy of the group, and other members are just the “background” (sorry, Danny Wood).

There are also times when the least attractive member of the boy band happens to land a girlfriend who is hotter than all the rest of the other members’ girlfriends. Of course, part of the reason the OK-looking boy band member is able to do this is because, well, he’s in a boy band. Here are 12 not-so-good-looking boy band members who managed to land some pretty beautiful girlfriends.


12 Niall Horan

So, Niall Horan of One Direction isn’t exactly a bad-looking guy, but he’s certainly not as hot as Harry Styles and ex-band member Zayn Malik. Niall probably didn’t expect to have this much attention when he auditioned as a solo artist for the X Factor, and Nicole Scherzinger suggested that he become a part of One Direction. Maybe that’s why he is one of the more soft-spoken members of the group. Horan obviously has a thing for fellow singers, since he’s been romantically linked to Ariana Grande (they actually sound really great together as far as duets go) and Ellie Goulding. Based on these two women, it also seems that Niall doesn’t mind a tall blonde like Goulding, or a petite redhead like Grande—just as long as she’s hot.

11 Liam Payne

Liam Payne may be one of the least attractive members of One Direction, but that definitely doesn’t mean he’s ugly. He keeps a pretty low profile, but he has been romantically linked to Sophia Smith. Shortly after his audition for X Factor, Payne started dating a dancer from the show, Danielle Peazer. While he and Peazer were “taking a break,” Liam had a brief relationship with stunning singer Leona Lewis. The English singer and songwriter also has some production credits, and helped to produce Cheryl Cole’s single “I Don’t Care.” He also has several songwriting credits on One Direction’s albums. Obviously, he’s not doing too bad, even if he’s not the most popular member of his boy band.

10 Raz-B

Let’s be honest. If you were a fan of the boy band B2K in the late 1990s and early 2000s, there’s a good chance you weren’t focusing most of your attention on singer Raz-B. Most people thought he didn’t have much appeal, and the majority of the band’s fans were focused on Omarion’s cornrows and dancing skills, and J-Boog’s ability to come out of his shirt during virtually every song. However, Raz-B has still used his boy band status to his advantage. He was recently seen in Atlanta with a girl named Kimberly (she may be a model or aspiring actress), and most people are speculating that she’s his girlfriend. Back in 2010, Raz-B also got into a Twitter war with Chris Brown over Rihanna, which sparked rumors that Rihanna and Raz-B were a “thing.”

9 Ricky Bell

Singer Ricky Bell got his start as a teenager in the group Ricky and Ralph (with Ralph Tresvant), then both singers helped to form the group New Edition. Then, he and two other members of the group went on to form the trio Bell Biv Devoe. Both groups made a significant impact in R&B and pop, and there were millions of girls who had crushes on most of the band members. We don’t want to call Ricky “unattractive,” but…well, if you know anything about New Edition or Bell Biv Devoe, you’ve seen the other members of the group. However, that didn’t stop Bell from getting a pretty hot girlfriend, Amy Correa. She’s a singer, model and actress, and the two actually tied the knot in 2004. Correa is also known for her work in movies such as The Revenant, and providing voiceovers for the game Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

8 Jacob Underwood

You may remember Jacob Underwood as the somewhat scruffy dude in the band O-Town. The band was formed during a season of MTV’s Making the Band, in 2000. The singer, songwriter and guitar player wasn’t in the news very much, except for when O-Town was performing, and it’s pretty safe to say that most fans didn’t exactly see him as a sex symbol. He did have a girlfriend at one point, a cute blond named Janie, and the two got married in 2002. Some reports say they divorced the same year, while others state that they are still married. O-Town tried to make a comeback in 2014, but one of the members, Ashley Parker Angel, said he wasn’t interested, so things didn’t take off. Underwood has since formed a country band and is still writing music.

7 Danny Wood

Danny Wood is a member of New Kids On The Block, and is responsible for most of the band’s memorable dance moves. He and Donnie Wahlberg are childhood best friends, and Donnie actually asked Danny to join New Kids On The Block. When the group went on to pursue individual projects in 1994, Wood started working as a DJ under the name D-Fuse, and also appeared in the 2002 movie Tequila Express, with Christopher Atkins. Wood was married to Patricia Alfaro; the two divorced in 2007 and have four children between them. However, most people don’t know that back in the day, Danny was Halle Berry’s boyfriend! We’re pretty sure he’s still bragging about that to this day.

6 Chris Kirkpatrick

Remember the spikey-haired guy with the big hoop earrings in N’Sync? His name is Chris Kirkpatrick, just in case you were spending most of your time swooning over the (still) gorgeous Justin Timberlake. Chris was always a bit pudgy and at only five feet nine inches, he wasn’t exactly the dreamiest member of the group. He went on to work for MTV, as a judge for Say What? Karaoke, and started a clothing line called Fu-Man Skeeto. Kirkpatrick also didn’t do too bad in the dating department. He dated the beautiful Karly Sklardany for a while, before making her his wife in 2013. His former band members were his groomsmen, and Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel, was in attendance as well. How sweet.


5 Joey Fatone


Singer Joey Fatone of N’Sync was one of the more popular band members, but it was mostly because of his personality. He was fun and engaging during interviews, and even got a few hosting gigs after the group was no longer active (he’s also the announcer voice you hear at the beginning of Family Feud). Fatone has had some issues with his weight over the years, which made him go back and forth from “decent looking guy” to “fun-loving guy who will always be in the friend zone.” However, it looks like he had no problem finding love with Kelly Baldwin. The two had an on and off relationship for a decade, before deciding to tie the knot in 2004, and have two daughters.

4 Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes of The Wanted isn’t unattractive. He just looks like a beautiful baby, which is likely why most of the fans of the band don’t exactly view him as sexy. Of course, there are some unflattering pictures of him floating around the Internet, but that just comes with the territory of being a celebrity. He and his bandmates appeared on the 2013 E! reality series The Wanted Life. The following year, when the band took a break, Nathan released a single entitled “Kiss Me Quick,” which reached No. 1 on the U.S. Dance Club Songs chart. Apparently, there are some hot girls out there who think Sykes is pretty handsome. He had a brief romance with Ariana Grande in 2013, and before that, he and the beautiful British singer Dionne Bromfield, were an item. There have also been recent reports that Sykes and Grande are rekindling their romance.

3 Wanya Morris

Even though Wanya Morris led the R&B group Boyz II Men with his powerhouse vocals, he was the shortest and…huskiest member of the group (everyone knows former member Michael was the hottest). The Philadelphia native can always be proud to say that his boy band is Grammy-award-winning, and the group is even enjoying a resurgence of success. Morris is also (still) known for his relationship with singer and actress Brandy…and for breaking up with her not long before her 19th birthday. They even recorded a single together called “Brokenhearted” in 1995, but broke up two years later when Morris wanted to date another woman. He now lives with his beautiful wife Traci, who is a designer. The couple has two children.

2 Brian Littrell

Brian Littrell of Backstreet Boys was cute, but he just didn’t have that “hot” factor. The singer and songwriter enjoyed great success with the Backstreet Boys, and after the group stopped performing together on a regular basis, Brian became a contemporary Christian artist. He released his solo album, Welcome Home in 2006, and four of his songs have made the Top 20 on the US Christian charts. We didn’t hear much about Littrell’s dating life, even when he was a Backstreet Boy, but a couple of months after he joined the band, he started dating Samantha Stonebraker for four years, and even lived with her family. The year after he and Stonebraker ended their relationship, he met model Leighanne Wallace when she was in the band’s video for “As Long As You Love Me.” The two got married in 2000, and have one son together.

1 Isaac Hanson

Isaac Hanson is the oldest brother in the family band Hanson. He and his siblings will always be known for their 90s single “Mmm Bop,” and they’ve been trying to make an equally successful comeback since then. Even though all the boys had lots of hair and were going through their awkward phases at the time of the band’s fame, Isaac rose to fame at the height of puberty, which had to be challenging. These days however, he’s looking pretty hot, which may be his way of redeeming himself. After a long-term relationship with girlfriend Nicole Dufresne, Isaac made Dufresne his wife in 2006 in a ceremony in Oklahoma. Even though Isaac was the oldest member of the group, he was the last of the Hanson brothers to marry.


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