12 Infamous Celebrity Sex Scandals: Where Are They Now?

Celebrities have sex. Sometimes with people they shouldn't, and sometimes in places where they shouldn't. Or both. After all, they are human and like every single one of us, they sometimes make mistakes. After a Qantas air stewardess reportedly had sex with Ralph Fiennes in the toilet of a jet, he got some bad boy headlines and she lost her job and went into a downward spiral of court cases and accusations. Sometimes, the seemingly ordinary people involved in celebrity sex scandals do pretty well out of their encounters with the rich and famous. Divine Brown, the call girl caught in the act in a car with Hugh Grant, reportedly made more than $1 million in the aftermath of the incident.  And you will not believe what Daisy Wright, the nanny at the center of the Jude Law sex with the nanny scandal, is up to these days.

With that being said, here are 12 men and women who dallied with the rich and famous, had their 15 of fame, and then tried to get on with their lives.

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12 Michelle "Bombshell" McGee and Jesse James


Let's face it, even before news of his infidelity with Bombshell (and others) hit the press, not many people could see what talented, nice, well-liked Sandra Bullock saw in Jesse James. Apparently, while Sandra was making The Blind Side in 2009, grunge biker Jesse was having it away with Bombshell. The so-called tattoo model remained pretty in your face and defiant throughout her 15 of fame and has gone on, since, to play herself in forgettable films and documentaries. Be sure to miss some of her hits, Nazithon and Sexpo: Melbourne.   

11 Divine Brown and Hugh Grant


10 Daisy Wright and Jude Law

9 Lisa Robertson and Ralph Fiennes


In 2007, Ralph Fiennes was on a Qantas flight to India and Ms. Robertson was a stew in business class. They ended up in the business class toilet, together. When the whole mess was outed, at first, there were denials all around. Robertson lost her job, sold her story, declared bankruptcy, and then ended up in court to plead guilty of hiding the $200,000 plus she received from a grateful press from her trustee in bankruptcy. It got worse. She was hauled into court on an assault charge, lived life as a recluse to avoid the limelight, and was outed as having worked in a brothel. She has, probably purposefully, stayed off the radar of the press.

8 Mildred Baena and Arnold Schwarzenegger

She was the Schwarzeneggers' faithful, long-time maid and, by all accounts, like a member of the family. For years, she and Arnold hid the fact that he had fathered a love child named Joseph with Baena. When the news broke in 2011, Arnold's wife Maria Shriver divorced him. What of Maria and their son Joseph? Well, he early in 2014, turned 16, got his driver's license, and drove away in the $30,000 Jeep daddy had bought him. Later that year, Mildred looking pretty elegant and Joseph looking just like his dad, were guests on the Red Carpet for the premier of Arnold's latest film, Expendables 3. Apparently, there was no sign of Maria. Reports suggest that Arnold bought, or helped Maria buy, a house and that he has ongoing contact with his "other" family.

7 Rachel Uchitel and Tiger Woods


The National Enquirer ran a story in late 2009, saying that Rachel Uchitel, a night club manager, had an affair with Tiger Woods at the Australian Masters. Then one night, at 2:30 a.m, he crashes his Escalade, amid rumors that his wife Elin may have attacked him with a golf club. By early December, the mistresses started coming out of the woodwork. So, Tiger takes refuge in a sex addiction rehab center. Elin divorces him anyway, reportedly taking around $750 million with her. And Rachel? Well she hired red-suited barracuda lawyer Gloria Allred, and reportedly was paid off by Woods. She married, had a child, divorced, and now owns a children's boutique in New York City. It's called Wyatt Lily, in honor of her daughter. The Facebook page calls her a "Mompreneur". That's certainly moving on from when she used to call herself the world's most famous mistress.

6 Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton


OK. She admitted to sex acts, but not actually having proper, old fashioned sex. He admitted to an "inappropriate relationship". This was in the mid 1990's and he was President of The United States. She was a White House intern, which probably meant she did a lot of coffee fetching and photo-copying. When the scandal broke, Bill Clinton rode it out, and Lewinsky tried designing handbags and becoming a TV personality and spokesperson for diet company Jenny Craig, before leaving it all behind to pursue a psychology degree in London. Reportedly, she has not had a full-time job since the scandal hit in the late 1990's. Now back in the States, she has granted interviews that, well, do not reflect well on Bill Clinton.

5 Heather Clem and Hulk Hogan

She was married to a TV host with the unfortunate name of Bubba the Love Sponge Clem. And she was reportedly obsessed with Hulk Hogan. And the result? A romp in the hay that was recorded on a sex tape. Stories vary on how it happened. The most uncharitable version as far as the now divorced Clems are concerned, is that Bubba and his wife set up a secret camera that was used to film Hulk's session with Heather. Gawker went viral with the tape and Heather was thrown into the national spotlight. Hogan was outraged and sued, first Bubba and then Gawker. Heather is keeping as low a profile as she can. Do you blame her?

4 Wendi Deng and Tony Blair


She was famously married to billionaire Australian media mogul, Rupert Murdoch. He had been Prime Minister of Great Britain. They were all, reportedly, friends. Deng and Rupert divorced in 2013, apparently amicably. But the back story? The likes of Vanity Fair have reported rumors of trysts between Deng and Blair. She would say she was going out to their California ranch with a girlfriend. Then, the girlfriend would disappear and Blair would turn up. Everybody has officially denied everything untoward. And Wendi won't exactly starve. Blair has recently gotten downright angry with journalists who try to question him on the Wendi thing.

3 Ray J and Kim Kardashian


Yes, we all remember THE sex tape. You know, the 2003 tape of Kim and singer Ray J, in the sack, having a good time. It was leaked in 2007. Kim sued, got $5 million, went on to marry and divorce Kris Humphries, have a baby, then marry Kanye West. She certainly keeps busy. Ray J has gone on to record more albums, as well as appearing in his very own reality TV shows, For the Love of Ray J and (with his sister) Brandy and Jay Z: A Family Business. TMZ recently reported that he was buying a $2.7 million house just down the street from (guess who) Kim and Kanye. No word yet on the guest list for the house warming.

2 Rielle Hunter and John Edwards

He was a Presidential candidate whose wife was dying of cancer. She was born Lisa Druck in Florida and became a kind of filmmaker. Politics and media mix well and so did those two. Not just an affair, but a baby daughter to boot. The National Enquirer outed them in 2008. Edwards' political career was dead and buried, and Rielle went on to write a book, grant interviews, and have sweet pictures of her and the baby splashed all over the place. By the time she published her tell-all in 2012, the relationship was just as dead and buried. In 2013, when The Daily Mail reported John had a new squeeze (who is nearly 15 years younger than Rielle), Rielle was said to be broke, unemployed and depressed. Some would say she got what she deserved.

1 Paul Barresi, Doug Gatterba and John Travolta

Paul Barresi describes himself as a former private investigator to the underbelly of Hollywood. He also made adult films and is, or was, a sort of media personality. In 1990, The National Enquirer carried a front page story on Barresi's claim that he had had a 2-year relationship with John Travolta. That claim was withdrawn in a flurry of legal activity, after some pretty damaging headlines. Fast forward to current day and it seems Doug Gatterba, an ex-pilot for Travolta, has also claimed they had a relationship. Then there were a couple of masseuses who claimed Travolta had made advances. Barresi has gone quiet, but Gatterba battles on to set aside a confidentiality agreement so he can, guess what, write a book.

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