12 Of The Hottest Scream Queens Of All Time

Screaming and typically seen running (frantically) away from some monster or a guy holding a machete (or some other form of murder weapon); one of the most recognized and iconic type of actress is what we call a Scream Queen.

From one of the original scream queens featured in the original King-Kong movie to Ryan Murphy's new TV series entitled Scream Queens, scream queens have captured an audience’s attention in a few ways that other types of actresses have ever been able to. Whether running away from a serial killer or perhaps hiding in a closet, scream queens always manage to look extremely attractive doing what they’re doing. Here is a list of the 12 hottest Scream Queens of all time:

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12 Fay Wray


Fray Way was one of the original Scream Queens, making her star status as the damsel-in-distress character in the iconic 1933 movie King-Kong, directed by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack. While Wray doesn’t fit into the modern definition of a scream queen (which is basically a hot, long-haired girl/woman in tight clothes running around and screaming), she’s still one of the more iconic (and hotter) screams queens the public has seen yet.

Fay Wray is able to make shrieking from the top of the Empire State Building while being held in the hand of a possessive, extremely temperamental gorilla, look extremely attractive and for that we include her in this list of hottest scream queens of all time. Coinciding with the fact that her flowing long, hair and attractive wide-eyed (and terrified) expression on her face, she is just too gorgeous not to include her on this list.

11 Adrienne King


Adrienne King starred in the famous eighties horror film series, starting with the original terrifying movie Friday the 13th. With her dark-blond Dutch-boy haircut and friendly blue eyes, King looked like the typical girl-next-door of that time era and it was exactly her sweet good looks that made her quite the striking scream queen. Scream queens have to appear attractive while running away in terror and fending off the killer, and King accomplished this goal with perfect execution (excuse the pun).

Audiences rooted for the terrified looking girl running away from the psychotic woman attempting to kill the teenagers of Camp Crystal Lake and still remember King in her iconic roll today, as movie producers create reproductions of this classic film.

10 Jessica Biel


While Jessica Biel has moved away from staring in horror movies, such as getting hitched to Justin Timberlake and starring in movies of a less… gory caliber, audiences still remember her for her striking role in the famous 2003 version of the horror film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

With big doe-eyed gaze and a prettily feminine face, Jessica Biel certainly captured the audience’s attention as she attempted to escape the crazy guy wielding a chainsaw. Like many scream queens before and after her, Biel had the perfect combination of attractiveness and terror in her performance to leave a lasting impression on anyone who watched this frightening movie. Running away in a tight tank-top and jeans combo, Jessica Biel is still one of the hottest scream queens we’ve yet had the pleasure of watching on the big scream.

9 Bipasha Basu


One of the most recognizable actresses in the horror film industry, Bipashu Basu certainly made her mark as one of Bollywood’s hottest scream queens.

With her wide eyes with beautifully thick lashes, full lips, and stunning figure, Bipashu Basu certainly looks the part of a gorgeous Scream Queen, but her horrified screams and wide-eyed expression certainly set her aside from the rest of the horror movie actresses out there. This beautiful actress stands out from the rest of the group for her glowing tan complexion in a field where lighter-toned actresses reign and for the fact that she has never once played the victim or the last surviving girl in any of the horror films she starred in. Basu made her horror-film debut with Raaz, one of Bollywood’s most successful horror films, and has made a name for herself as one of the most popular actresses in Bollywood.

8 Heather Langenkamp


Best known for her role as Nancy Thompson in the A Nightmare on Elm Street film series, Heather Langenkamp is one of the most iconic scream queens we’ve seen across the big screen. Critics and fans alike lauded Heather Lagenkamp's stunning good looks and her portrayal of her protagonist as a smart and independent woman.

With her big blue eyes, long dark hair, and classic girl-next-door looks, Lagenkamp isn’t only a talented scream queen, but an extremely attractive one at that. Audiences continue to be enthralled with her portrayal as Nancy Thompson, as they watch reruns of the classic A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Lagenkamp continues to work in Hollywood, acting and producing films, but audience’s will always remember her for her iconic role as Nancy Thompson, and as one of the hottest scream queens we’ve ever seen.

7 Janet Leigh


Janet Leigh made her impressive status as a scream queen with her role as Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary movie Psycho, a movie which is so terrifying the actress herself is still haunted by the shower scene in the film.

Soft, blond hair and big, round eyes, Janet Leigh paints a pretty picture when she starred in one of Hitchcock’s best known films, which continues to horrify audiences today. Janet Leigh continues her legacy as a scream queen with her actress daughter Jamie Lee Curtis, who not only starred in horror films of her own, but was also featured in several movies with her talented mother.

6 Sarah Michelle Gellar


Sarah Michelle Gellar starred in her role as a hot scream queen in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer. With her petite stature and her high cheekbones, Gellar certainly looks the part of a scream queen and backs up her status as one with her acting skills.

Gellar is not only known for her role as a scream queen in this film, and for her acting in a series of other films, but is also known as her status as one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses. Gellar’s face graced the covers of magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Glamour and Rolling Stone, and she’s constantly at the top of lists such as Maxim’s “Hot 100” and FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women”. Even though she only starred in one horror film as of yet, Sarah Michelle Gellar certainly made her mark as a hot scream queen actress.

5 Ariana Grande


Usually known for her sugary-sweet personas on teen-friendly TV-shows, or for her amazing set of pipes, Ariana Grande is quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s latest scream queens, staring in Ryan Murphy’s latest television series Scream Queens.

Ariana Grande plays a snobby sorority-house type, acting as henchman, I mean Chanel #2, to Chanel (Emma Roberts’ character in the same TV series, Chanel Oberlin). While Ariana Grande may play a secondary role in the series, she’ll definitely be in the lead for sexiest scream queen. Ariana Grande certainly maintains the terrified expression that every scream queen has to have (complete with big eyes and pouty lips) and with her impressive voice, she will surely have a scream few people will be able to forget.

4 Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer is one of the latest, and one of the most attractive, scream queens to hit the screen. Starring in the new Ryan Murphy series Scream Queens, Palmer is cast as Zayday, a girl with a seriously high IQ and a skillful ability to scream and look absolutely terrified. In this series, Zayday, and a series of other young college students, express absolute fear as they are caught up in the suspense of finding their mysterious killer, an assailant in a red devil mask who’s slowly taking them off, one by one.

While Palmer’s typically played more romantic or more family-friendly roles in her previous work, audiences are looking forward to seeing this adorable child star all grown up and on her way to becoming one of television’s hottest scream queens.

3 Jennifer Love Hewitt


While she’s currently more known for her more provocative television roles (such as for The Client List), Jennifer Love Hewitt makes for an astonishingly hot scream queen in the horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer. With her fantastically curvy figure, big brown eyes and flowing locks, Jennifer Love Hewitt is definitely in the lead for one of the most attractive scream queen of all time.

Not only does she make for a pretty picture, but Jennifer Love Hewitt also has the skills to back up her status as a hot scream queen. Entertainment Weekly commented that Jennifer Love Hewitt is an actress that is able to scream with soul, and as we all know, screaming is one of the key skills every scream queen has to master.

2 Kate Beckinsale


Kate Beckinsale left an impressionable mark on audience members with her talented and attractive performance as Amy Fox in the horror movie Vacancy, and her role in the Underworld film series.

With big, brown eyes and gorgeous flowing brunette locks, Kate Beckinsale is definitely one of hottest actresses to make her way across the big screen. Not only is Beckinsale gorgeous, but she’s an extremely versatile scream queen as well, going on to stare in several dramatic and action-oriented films afterwards. Kate Beckinsale continues to make her mark in Hollywood as an extremely athletic and attractive actress, but audiences continue to recognize her as one of the hottest scream queens to star in a movie.

1 Jamie Lee Curtis


Jamie Lee Curtis continues her legacy as a scream queen in her latest role as headmaster of a fancy College in Ryan Murphy’s new television series, Scream Queens. Curtis originally paved her status as a scream queen icon with the hit horror film, Halloween, for her role as the lovely and terrified Laurie Strode.

Jamie Lee Curtis followed in the footsteps of her mother, legendary scream queen Janet Leigh, and even starred in a few of the same horror films with her mother. With the help of Jamie Lee Curtis’ dramatic acting, Halloween  remains a classic among the horror film-watching crowd. With an attractive appearance and a bloodcurdling scream, Jamie Lee Curtis certainly deserves her status as hottest scream queen of all time.

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