12 Hot Starlets You Forgot Played On-Screen Lesbians

The most essential gift that screen and stage actors have is the ability to play a character other than themselves. It is, in fact, the very basis of their craft. Johnny Depp is an example, being able to play characters as varied as Whitey Bulger to Raul Duke (Hunter S. Thompson). Another example is Javier Bardem, who played the soulless murderer Anton Chigurh in No Country for Old Men. He hated violence, and considered himself a poor fit for the character, but played it anyway out of a desire to work with the Cohen brothers.

One of the most impressive examples of the acting craft can be seen whenever performers take on a role that goes against their own sexual preference. The most famous example is likely Brokeback Mountain, in which straight actors Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger played gay ranch hands who engaged in a scene that didn't leave much to the imagination. Obviously there was about as much controversy over this entire film as you'd imagine, but two straight guys being able to pull off these roles was something to admire. The opposite of this could be seen throughout nine seasons of How I Met Your Mother, in which gay actor Neil Patrick Harris played the straightest man on television for years; Barney Stinson.

Far more common than men switching teams for roles, is straight women playing lesbian roles. As a guy, it's more fun to talk/write about too. Here are some of the hottest straight actresses who have played gay characters on screen.

12 Maggie Grace

11 Sarah Shahi

10 Jennifer Connelly

9 Olivia Wilde

8 Dianna Agron

7 Amber Tamblyn

6 Amanda Seyfried

5 Mischa Barton

The first of the two actresses from The OC on our list, Mischa Barton, has mostly been in the news for a couple of run-ins with the law and some mental problems over the last few years. Before that however, she played a few lesbian roles. She was bisexual on The OC, but really, what woman isn't bi? Let's be honest about this.

4 Rachel Bilson

3 Rashida Jones

2 Megan Fox

There is no poetic or delicate way to say this, but Megan Fox is so attractive that it hurts. But enough of this whiny nonsense, if you're ever looking for the worst comedy-horror flick in the history of cinema, stop your search and watch Jennifer's Body. It's by no means the worst, but it's close, and features Megan Fox as a demonic high school girl who seduces and kills...well...pretty much everything. It's halfway between something a high school boy who sucks at football would write, and a mediocre slasher/supernatural horror flick.

While it is hard to call Megan Fox's character Jennifer, a lesbian (because she was, as previously noted, a seductive demon), she and Anita (Amanda Seyfried) do make out at one point, and it was...just great.

1 Emmanuelle Chriqui

Possibly one of the hottest women to ever come out of the barren wasteland known as Canada, Emmanuelle Chriqui is probably best known for parts in Entourage, You Don't Mess with the Zohan and National Lampoon's Adam and Eve. She also had a part in 2010's Elektra Luxx, a decent comedy if all you want to see is some great looking women. The film revolves around an adult star who starts a sexual instruction business for married women after getting pregnant. Emmanuelle Chriqui has a significant part in it in which she and Adrianne Palicki confess their love for each other and fool around.


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12 Hot Starlets You Forgot Played On-Screen Lesbians