12 Hot Celebs Who Can't Get Enough Of Bad Boys

Some women seem to crave the excitement of dating a bad boy, normally because it is something out of their element; it shines a whole new light on their life and they seem to experience things that they would have never experienced if they dated the norm. They quickly realize that they had their fun for the moment and end up marrying the good guy, the “reliable” guy. For a celebrity it is quite different. It may be hard to find a decent guy in Hollywood because most celebrities make the mistake of marrying the bad boy and having to divorce not too far down the road, or they end up dating the guy for years because he refuses to put a ring on it and she ends up wasting years of her life, only to have to start over from scratch. Their mothers should have told them the bad boys are the ones you play with and the good guys are the ones you marry.

However, some of the women who love bad boys never know when to let up and take on a serious relationship; they continuously wonder why they choose the same men and why they keep getting screwed over. Simple advice for them would be; if he reminds you of any of your exes, run and take cover, as nothing good can come of it. Here is a list of twelve hot Hollywood women who seem to always pick the bad boys.

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12 Charlize Theron

Some of actress Charlize Theron’s bad boy conquests include Sean Penn and Stuart Townsend. Now Penn, we all get the gist of why he is a bad boy, but Townsend? Well, he is a bad boy on a whole different level. It was recently reported that while he was dating Theron he had a whole secret family in Costa Rica that includes two children. In which part of their 10 year relationship did he have time to produce two kids? Why does Theron love the bad boys? One would have to chalk it up to her father being murdered by her mom and possibly the dysfunction of living in a household with an abusive dad.

11 Rihanna

After her bad run with bad boy Chris Brown, one would think that Rihanna would be more cautious about who she lets into her life, but apparently this is not the case. She has already run through model lover Leo DiCaprio, newly titled bad boy Drake (repeatedly) and most recently, Lewis Hamilton took her on a date. Hamilton is on the better side of her boyfriend choices and maybe he will be the one to lock it down. Rihanna sure knows how to pick them and not be able to keep them, but maybe it is best that she can’t keep them.

10 Kate Moss

Although Kate Moss is a hot mess herself, it does not mean that she has to continuously pick up bad boy after bad boy. They do say that when you're broken you attract broken people, so maybe Moss is broken, and some of her questionable gentlemen friends will prove it. She has dated Johnny Depp, Lenny “pants split” KravitzPete Doherty and the list goes on and on and on. Why is Moss so into the bad boys? She grew up in a town that was considered a military seminary, so maybe the strict private army had an impact on her, and she wanted to let loose as soon as she could.

9 Sienna Miller

Does anyone remember the whole Jude Law/Sienna Miller drama? Well unfortunately for her, the drama and ridiculously dangerous attraction to bad boys does not end there. She married actor Tom Sturridge, who gives off that overwhelming bad boy fragrance. That marriage has recently crashed and burned but not without producing an adorable little girl. Miller has also reportedly fooled around with Daniel Craig, and participated in an embarrassingly public affair with married actor Balthazar Getty. No one knows where her love of bad boys comes from, however; from the looks of it maybe she is the troublemaker in all of these situations.

8 Demi Lovato

7 Lindsay Lohan

Poor Lindsay Lohan also ends up meeting straight up bad boys when she is looking for genuine love. Her example of a good man was probably skewed by her fame-hungry father, so one can say that she already has a predisposition to cruel men. Her public, drama-filled relationship with Aaron Carter was sad and her relationship with Joaquin Pheonix was nothing else but weird. Lohan has reportedly had 36 celebrity loves, but it looks like she is catching on that she has no luck with men and has seemingly decided to bask in the sun of single-life.

6 Pamela Anderson

5 Megan Fox

4 Paris Hilton

3 Jennifer Lopez

Although big booty girl Jennifer Lopez managed to settle down for a couple of years with Marc Anthony, gave birth to twins, got back into her acting roots with El Cantante, Lopez must have missed her bad boys because she jumped right into the arms of her younger, hotter backup dancer Casper Smart (that cannot be his real name). However, we are going to take it way back to when JLo was embracing her thug side and dating P. Diddy, who was known as Puff Daddy at the time (she even found herself caught up in a shooting scandal).

2 Katy Perry

Singer Katy Perry seems to continuously get conned by the bad boys. It seems she cannot get enough of the initial excitement until their drama starts to irritate her and she still ends up being the one who gets dumped. She started with Travie McCoy when they were both beginning their careers, but he had a bit of a drug problem and she ducked out. She later married Russell Brand, who ended up divorcing her and talking major crap about her every chance he got. Her latest messed up relationship is with John Mayer. These two just cannot stop hooking up; they date, he seemingly uses her to make a song, they break up, they date again, he uses her for inspiration, and he dumps her again. It seems to be the same routine all the time. Maybe growing up in a strict Christian household has something to do with it.

1 Taylor Swift

What can we say about Taylor Swift? She loves her some bad boys, and why not? Without them she might not be as successful as she is. You could say she uses them as much as they use her; in fact, she may be the bad one in the relationship. She is currently dating Calvin Harris and he is tame compared to the likes of John Mayer, Harry Styles and Joe Jonas, who reportedly all dumped her. Taylor seems to strive on the drama, but what other reason could she have to be so attracted to bad boys? She grew up with a great family according to her, nice neighborhood, and a normal teenage life for the most part. We may be able to chalk this one up to loving the drama and collecting song material.

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