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12 Hot Celebs On The Come-Up To Be The Next Kim Kardashian

12 Hot Celebs On The Come-Up To Be The Next Kim Kardashian

With Kim Kardashian reportedly being worth close to $100 million, which ordinary girl wouldn’t want to follow in the reality star’s footsteps and make a generous living? Aside from her infamous sex tape release, Kim has branded herself in all the right ways, thanks to her multiple reality shows, her endless endorsement deals, her billion dollar Kardashian Kollection clothing line and so much more. Oh, and one shouldn’t forget that she also has one of the most popular gaming apps on iTunes, which is reported to have generated more than $200 million in its first year. Celebs, who are more or less on the come-up, will look at that and instantly feel inspired to do the same — not really bothered on how they’ll get there, they’re convinced to make it somehow. Judging by how far they’ve come so far, it’s pretty likely that these 12 celebs have a great chance of becoming the next Kim Kardashian.

12. Coco Austin



She’s married to a rapper, whose baby she recently gave birth to, she had her own reality show, is the owner of her own clothing line and makes a living flaunting her body. Coco Austin most definitely checks all the requirements when it comes to fitting the Kim Kardashian criteria, as some have joked, saying that Coco is more or less the light-skinned version of the TV-star. And to top it all off, Coco is only one year older than Kim, making them practically siblings when comparing how similar their career paths (and bodies) are.

11. Lira Galore



Lira Galore is bound to become the next Kim Kardashian, with rumors going around that she’s already planning to land her own reality show. Reality shows tend to be used as a platform boost, which evidently leads them to different projects, such as endorsement deals, clothing lines and so much more. With Lira Galore, however, she is solely making her full-time earnings hosting nightclubs, which, similar to Karrueche, sees her make up to $8,000 per appearance. It’s a hefty fee, and judging by Lira, she’s at a nightclub at least once a week. That’s $34,000 a month! Once she gets her reality show, she’ll be well on her way to follow in Kim’s footsteps.

10. Naya Rivera



Naya Rivera is probably one of the biggest Kim Kardashian fans (even though she probably wouldn’t admit to it). Rivera is believed to have undergone multiple plastic procedures in the hopes of looking more like her idol, and it’s blatantly obvious from her before photos that Naya is heavily inspired by Kim’s Armenian looks. A recent report even exposed the actress for wearing the exact same clothes as Kim for red carpet events and movie premieres. The influence Kim has had on Naya Rivera hasn’t gone unnoticed, that’s for sure.

9. India Love



Social media fanatic India Love is well on her way in becoming the next Kim Kardashian, she reportedly also had her fair share in dating some of the biggest names in music. She is said to have dated rapper The Game for several months before the two eventually decided to part ways while Chris Brown was also believed to have dated the 20-year-old in the past. India posts endless photos of herself working out with her personal trainer, and if she’s not showing off her toned body, she’s showing her fans all the fancy clothes she owns. Kinda like what Kim does on her Instagram page.

8. Natalie Nunn



Being probably one of the most popular TV personalities in the world, Natalie Nunn has done pretty well for herself, considering that we were all first introduced to this bad girl when she appeared on Oxygen’s Bad Girls Club seven years ago. And while many other girls in previous seasons have tried to sustain relevancy, it seems as if Natalie is the only one people really care about. Having lost a shocking amount of weight over the past 12 months, Natalie has been endorsing multiple fitness products and starred in two reality shows this past year. The name ‘Natalie Nunn’ is just as relevant as it was in 2009 — it’s a constant topic of discussion. Good for her.

7. Niykee Heaton



Niykee Heaton may not be on television, but she sure does carry a very strong social media following. With her massive fan base on Instagram, Heaton documents her everyday life to her millions of followers, posing in photos as she enjoys lavish holidays and fancy adventures around the world. It is only a matter of time before a television network approaches her with a multi-million dollar deal to star in her own reality show.

6. Snooki


Similar to Kardashian, Snooki started out her claim to fame thanks to her partake to the ever-so-popular reality show, Jersey Shore, which became one of the highest-rated programs on MTV at the time. This platform would allow Snooki to venture out to do other things including the launch of her own podcast, land herself a spin-off show, and work on her very own clothing line. She’s made a ton of money because she seems to have been well aware of how the branding stages of being on reality television works. She may not look like Kim, but she sure does think like her.

5. Chantel Jeffries



Chantel Jeffries is an Instagram model-turned-movie star, having appeared in several movies since relocating from Miami to Los Angeles. She’s also a full-time model, reportedly signed to the Wilhelmina modeling agency. All in all, for only being in her early 20s, Chantel is definitely making groundbreaking moves in Hollywood, which many have compared to Kim, because not only is she following in the same career path as Kim, her look is just as exotic as the reality star’s own. Jeffries is a huge fan of contouring, which many say was something Kim made popular.

4. Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner isn’t exempt from this list just because Kim is her half-sister. The media, along with thousands of fans, have stressed how much Kylie’s appearance has resembled her sibling’s looks. Kylie is even said to have stolen clothes from Kim’s wardrobe in the past, stating that she is “obsessed” with how fashion-forward her sister has gotten, well aware that the 35-year-old is usually handed the latest designer clothes before they hit stores months in advance. The similarities are rather obvious.

3. Karrueche Tran


Karrueche Tran, famous for having dated Chris Brown, is holding her ground when it comes to never giving up the lavish life. The socialite is hosting endless parties for a supposed $10,000 per appearance, having starred in several movies, and just recently launched her own beauty and makeup collection. She’s branching into the field of business and marketing, making her a soon-to-be entrepreneur, which would evidently follow in Kim’s footsteps, who launched a billion-dollar fashion empire before she was 30.

2. Blac Chyna


Blac Chyna’s name is constantly brought up in the tabloids, mainly because she is now seeing Kim’s younger brother, Rob Kardashian. The troubled 28-year-old, who had struggled with depression and an unexpected weight gain of a report 100 lbs, is said to have fallen in love with Chyna, who helped him get back on his feet and follow a rather healthy path. In terms of how she compares to Kim, their buttocks are both massive — some say Chyna’s butt is significantly bigger though it’s kind of hard to tell.

1. Amber Rose


She has already dated the same man as Kim Kardashian, so it would only make sense for Amber Rose to be compared to the reality star, right? Amber has been making a name for herself ever since she infamously broke up with Kanye West almost five years ago. After their split, the socialite went on to launch her own eyewear line, wrote a best-selling book and has dated a handful of rappers and athletes — though she still claims to be single. A recent photo of Amber and Kim hanging out together hinted that the two may have become best pals following the whole Wiz Khalifa/Kanye West feud. And it should also be mentioned that their bodies are quite similar, too.

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