12 Hot Celebs Ben Affleck Should Hook Up With Next

In case you have not yet heard the big news, actor and mega superstar Ben Affleck is officially getting a divorce from his wife of 10 years, actress Jennifer Garner. This power couple has defied odds being married so long and co-parenting three of the cutest kids in the world, all while navigating the perils of Hollywood. The world seems to have a diverse reaction to the devastating news; some women are happy and expressing their new found chance at love with the now single actor, and others are just plain sad. Let’s try looking at the bright side, we now get to see the awkward joys of dating that Affleck and Garner will have to go through. In the spirit of humor, we have compiled a list of women that could quite possibly be some of the best choices out there. Affleck has several types of women to choose from and it will be exciting to see what he chooses. Divorce boggles your mind and has you doing (and being interested in) things and people who you could never see yourself being with in a million years. So now that Affleck is divorced, who do you think he will go for? Here is a list of some women that may be able to spice up Affleck’s life and possibly replace Garner (at least for one night).

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12 Charlize Theron


Affleck seems to enjoy the company of taller women; and at a healthy 5’9, actress Charlize Theron could quite possibly be a great pick. Not only does she have the height but she also values family, as she too has a child she is trying to raise as a single parent. Maybe Affleck and Theron can have regular play dates? Not to mention, Theron just got out of a relationship with actor Sean Penn, so she may want to take it slow like Affleck plans on doing. She is mature, confident and can handle her own; aren’t those the best kind of women to align yourself with?

11 Kristen Stewart


This little minx likes to shake things up; she is a combination of sassy, crazy, drama and mystery. Although she has recently been outed as batting for the other team (by her own mother) she still likes to mix things up and will occasionally take a dip in the man pool when need be. She may be able to appeal to the party animal side of him and keep things casual, as she so frequently likes to do. Kristen Stewart has made it known that she enjoys the company of older men, but only for a short period of time. So a short fling could be just what he needs.

10 Vanessa Rousso


Her name may not sound familiar but that does not mean she is not the perfect partner for Affleck. Vanessa Rousso is a professional poker player (and current Big Brother contestant) and with the recent news of what a gambler Affleck is, these two could bond almost instantly. On the one hand, she can actually help him win a few rounds of poker instead of him losing all his money and continuing to piss off his soon to be ex-wife. On the other hand, they could gamble together and possibly double their fortune; they could be a dynamic duo or a completely horrible mistake that everyone will want to forget.

9 One Of The Kardashian/Jenner Clan


A few of them are taken but there are so many that are not. For starters, Kourtney’s relationship with Scott is on the rocks, Khloe has zero luck with men but can carry on a whirlwind romance any day of the week, and even momager Kris is on the market and she is into younger men. However, if Affleck really wants to shake up his life, he can pull a Tyga and date Kendall Jenner. One thing is for certain, any one of these women is guaranteed to keep him in the media and on his toes. Plus, Kris really knows how to revive a career so that is always handy.

8 Elsa Hosk

Elsa Hosk is from the new class of Victoria's Secret models. She is tall, blond and just the right age. It is quite common for guys to go for the exact opposite of their wives after or during a divorce; it's almost as if they are trying to prove something. What or who can be more opposite than straight laced mom Garner? Of course a fresh faced model in her 20s. She has also modeled for Guess and ranked number 15 on models.com's Top Sexiest Models list. Oh, and to top it off she played professional basketball in Sweden. If you're a fan of Ben's, then you know he's a huge basketball fan.

7 Margot Robbie


This Australian actress could possibly be a great fling for Affleck. She has striking blue eyes, a bright smile, and she is a Cancer (for all you astrology lovers out there). She can hold her own on the red carpet, she is a star in her own right and she definitely has this "I don’t need a man attitude", which a lot of men are instantly attracted to (no one likes a clingy chick). They are currently filming Suicide Squad together, so they have a lot of time to get to know each other and we all know that Affleck likes to date his co-workers.

6 Jennifer Garner


Okay okay. Yes, they just broke up but they made it work once, so maybe they can make it work again. The odds may be stacked against them but they also have so many good things to look forward to. They have three kids, solid careers, she is for the most part a good influence on him and they would be keeping their family together. This would not be the first time a couple divorced only to get back, and sometimes the second (or in some cases the third) time is the charm. Maybe they just need a little break from one another; a little time to remember why they were together at all. Either way, some divorced couples hook up all the time and they usually say the sex is way better afterwards.

5 Any Boston Girl

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have made a career out of characters that are normally tough talking Boston natives. He is a huge Red Sox fan and fully embraces that Boston guy attitude and what goes best with a Boston guy? A tough-talking Boston chick. It would be interesting to see Affleck date someone who is A) not a celebrity, and B) a loud mouth, scuffle loving girl who can take the bull by the horns. If he does not want to go the “non-actress” route, there are several actresses that claim Boston as their home; Taylor Schilling, Eliza Dushku and Ari Graynor, just to name a few.

4 Lupita Nyong'o

If Affleck is down with the swirl, Nigerian actress Lupita Nyong'o could be the girl to go after. She is beautiful, and carries herself with grace and poise. Plus the relationship could benefit the both of them; his Hollywood status could boost her career and he will have a hot piece of arm candy to stroll down the streets of Los Angeles with. Let’s be honest, Hollywood is all about who you know, maybe this relationship can be one of convenience (like most Hollywood romances are rumoured to be). It would not be the first time that two people hooked up for the benefits.

3 Rosamund Pike

Ben Affleck has a tendency to date his co-stars; Jennifer Lopez (Gigli, Jersey Girl), Jennifer Garner (DareDevil). So why not his Gone Girl co-star Rosamund Pike? She is quickly turning into Hollywood’s “it” girl and is making a name for herself in their ruthless world. Besides the popularity, she is striking. She has a great smile, big eyes and can work the red carpet. Plus, she is younger than him and we all know that every guy likes to go after younger girls when they divorce their wives; it is a rite of passage or whatever they like to refer to it as.

2 Gwyneth Paltrow


An oldie but a goodie. Affleck dated actress Gwyneth Paltrow from 1997 – 2000; she was the star and he was just kind of making a name for himself with his bestie Matt Damon. Paltrow recently divorced her husband of 10 years Chris Martin, so maybe she is not looking for anything too serious, but we all know the best relationships start off with the significant others being great friends before being lovers. Besides, they both had time to move on, create new relationships, experience different things and this could possibly be the optimal time to see if round two is worth it.

1 Jennifer Lopez


They are both single now and they clearly had chemistry in the past (well, enough chemistry to make two horrible movies together and take a lot of photos with Affleck laying on/massaging her butt). There is no love loss there and they ran into each other several times and embraced one other. There have been rumors going around lately claiming that Affleck’s divorce is due to his close relationship with Lopez. We're not sure how much truth is in that claim, but there is no doubt that they made a cute couple all those years ago. Hopefully we get to see if that translates to the present. After all, both of their styles have changed so much it could be awkward.

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