12 Hot Actresses That Admit They Love Self-Pleasure

There are three things that unite all humans. We have a need to eat, sleep, and to self-pleasure. While men’s love for the act is widely known (and admitted to), finding a female that will cop up to t

There are three things that unite all humans. We have a need to eat, sleep, and to self-pleasure. While men’s love for the act is widely known (and admitted to), finding a female that will cop up to the deed is rare. For some reason there is still a stigma associated with ladies giving themselves care. Well read on, because many sisters are doing it for themselves.

Whether it is exploration, or part of a daily routine, women cherish the pleasure as much as men. For years, though, women’s proclivities were spoken in hushed tones. They wouldn’t even admit to their closest friends what they liked to do in their private time. As for toys, women would historically only buy ones that came to the house in plain, unmarked boxes. More recently, many hot Hollywood A-listers have been the voice for this generation of gals, and are spreading the word that they like to self-satisfy as much as men. Women keep their hands busy under the covers, and it’s about time that they stopped feeling ashamed. Fortunately, there is a bevy of beauties that are candid about what goes on in their bedrooms, even when they are alone. This list includes everyone from classic actresses, to ingenues, to comedians, and then some. Whether one is reading this article for a cheap thrill or to get some Tinseltown pointers, one thing is certain: stars are just like you and me.

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12 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria has professed a love for self-pleasure. Her toy of choice is one made famous by the Sex and the City TV show. She said that she didn’t really start enjoying intercourse with men until she discovered the ecstasy of self-love. Longoria’s only complaint was that she didn’t perfect the art sooner. Looks like she’s a desperate housewife no longer. That’s good news for her, because she’s all by her lonesome. Once known for her hot romances with Tony Parker and *NSYNC’s J. C. Chasez, she hasn’t dated anyone worth mentioning in quite some time.

11 Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz made headlines when she admitted that she had been with a lady. What is just as juicy is that the actress purportedly enjoys skin flicks – which goes hand in hand with self-pleasure (pun intended). She has said that she watches them when she stays at a hotel, and there isn’t anything on TV. This isn’t much of a stretch for Diaz, though, whose early career was notable for explicit videos. She might not be making those sorts of films herself anymore, but she clearly still enjoys the genre. With her recent disclosure about her bisexual tendencies, fans wonder just what sort of pics pique her interest.

10 Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the picture of class – hence her original moniker of “Posh Spice.” But apparently this high society gal has some wild tastes. It was reported in 2004 that David Beckham bought a then-pregnant Victoria the world’s most expensive adult toy, which was platinum with a diamond-encrusted base (10 carats to be exact). The toy was even linked to a 16-carat diamond necklace. For that amount of moola, she had better get some serious satisfaction. With a rumored divorce looming between the Beckhams, we hope she gets the toy in the settlement – or at least visitation rights.

9 Chelsea Handler

Chelsea Handler has never been shy about anything – and that includes her love life. She wrote openly in one of her books that she used to routinely self-pleasure in her younger days. In fact, she was on a schedule where she would do it after watching Oprah. Don’t believe it? It’s true – she confirmed it during a face to face interview with Oprah herself. In true Handler fashion, she was able to joke about it. She wrote that she self-pleasured so often that she suffered from an injury akin to “tennis elbow.”

8 Halle Berry

Halle Berry is one of the world’s most gorgeous women. But even she finds herself in between men. She has admitted that she shops at a store called The Pleasure Chest when she is having a dry spell. It makes her fans’ mouths water to wonder what sort of items she has picked up. Berry is known for being a discrete lady, so likely her tastes run more on the demure side. She’d likely pick up something small and silent, but you never know. She could have an arsenal of toys lying around.

7 Maggie Gyllenhall

Maggie Gyllenhall starred in a movie called Hysteria, which chronicled the invention of the girl toy. After the film’s release, Gyllenhaal revealed that she is quite a fan of the invention. How big of a fan is she? Gyllenhaall said that she literally has a collection of them. She also said that she has even been known to use two at once. Perhaps the strangest thing is that she also loans her toys out to her friends. The only problem with that, she said, is that it takes forever for her friends to return them.

6 Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher (left) has made her love of toys well known, thanks to her memoir, Wishful Drinking. What has been less-publicized is that her mother, America’s sweetheart, Debbie Reynolds (right), gave Fisher her first one when she was 15…for Christmas. And it gets weirder from there. Reynolds also gave Fisher’s grandmother one, too. Apparently she got the idea from her boyfriend at the time who was quite into toys. According to Fisher, her grandmother refused to use the toy because she was afraid it would short out her pacemaker. If that were true, one has to wonder how Fisher’s use of toys might interact with the electroshock treatments she admits to undergoing!

5 Kate Moss

Kate Moss can go without a lot of things... like food. One thing that she won’t part with, though, is her 24-carat “Little Gold” toy, which currently goes for $425. The sales website boasts that the toy is silent, waterproof and has a three year warranty. It looks very unassuming, and like Moss, it’s ultra-thin. The toy is also perfect for jet-setters like models, as it is “travel ready.” This means that it has a removable battery and motor. No more embarrassing stops by the TSA.

4 Jenny McCarthy

After Jenny McCarthy’s Playboy career fizzled out, she reinvented herself into the queen of oversharing. She claims that she never leaves home without her toy. Knowing that, it’s surprising that she got canned from The View as Barbara Walters spoke up on the show about loving her toys. There are a plethora of toys out there, so it’s easy to see how McCarthy could be discrete about her habit. Many toys go incognito, as they disguise themselves as massagers, lipsticks and even rubber duckies.

3 Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence revealed on an interview with Conan O’Brien that a maid once found a toy under her bed when she was staying in a hotel room. She laughed the whole thing off as a joke, and said a friend had given it to her to be funny. That may be true, but every joke has a kernel of truth to it, and many believe Lawrence sampled the goods. A girl hiding a toy under her bed is the same as a guy hiding a nudie mag under his mattress. Everyone knows what’s really going on.

2 Taylor Momsen

Anyone who looks at Taylor Momsen can tell that she’s a little freaky. She admitted as much when she told an interviewer that her best friend was her toy. A lot of girls would agree, but what ruffled feathers was that she was 16 years old when she made that statement. Hey, at least she’s practicing abstinence. Momsen has had difficulty landing acting roles, but she still has plenty of admirers. She often parades around in skimpy dresses with her garter belt showing. She probably catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror and agrees that she’s the best she's ever had.

1 Alicia Silverstone

Leave it to Hollywood to be politically correct. Alicia Silverstone enjoys self-pleasure – but only if it’s eco-friendly. In 2012, she endorsed an environmentally-friendly toy that is made with non-toxic plastics. It looks just a leaf, with its green color and leaf-like contours. To make it even more hippie-dippie, it comes in a natural canvas tote. The device also boasts that “you can have full confidence that you are helping the environment as much as you are helping yourself.” How’s that for good copy?

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