12 Hollywood Cheaters Who Actually Downgraded

Infidelity is an all-too-common thing in Hollywood. When stars get married, people just wait for reports that one or both spouses have cheated. It’s difficult for marriages in Hollywood to stand the test of time, which is why people are so fascinated when couples manage to make it past the 5 year mark. Of course, couples who are seriously dating experience cheating as well. No matter how many times it happens, infidelity is always a story that the public is interested in. Yes, things like this happen in “real life” as well, but people seem to be enthralled in the lives of celebrities, and don’t always realize that stars are human as well.

It’s also a common misconception that when people cheat, they find someone who is better in some way. Older men often leave their wives for a younger woman. Women may leave a man when his career is at a standstill for a man who is making more money. There are also times when people cheat because they want to feel special again or desire more attention. That’s why some celebrities actually “downgrade” when they cheat. They go for someone who is less good-looking, doesn’t make as much money, or has a shadier reputation than their original spouse. And that makes for even more Hollywood gossip. Here are 12 Hollywood cheaters who actually downgraded.

12 Hugh Grant

11 Prince Charles

10 Jay-Z

9 Chad Michael Murray

8 Gordon Ramsay

7 Eric Benet

6 Eddie Murphy

5 Jude Law

4 Charlie Sheen

3 Jesse James

2 Brad Pitt

1 Columbus Short

Columbus Short got his start as a backup dancer for Britney Spears, and there have long been rumors that the two had a fling back in the day. He is also popular for the movie Stomp The Yard, and appeared in Scandal for the first few seasons. Things seemed to be looking up for Short in terms of his career. But then, he and his wife went through a divorce after she charged him with domestic violence and filed a restraining order against him. We didn’t know much about Columbus’ previous wife, but most reports say she was a decent, family-oriented woman for the most part. Then, Short married Karrine Steffans. Steffans doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in Hollywood, and even wrote a book about her sexual trysts with some of the biggest names in the business. The two have recently separated, since Steffans has also filed a restraining order against Short.


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12 Hollywood Cheaters Who Actually Downgraded