12 Hollywood Cheaters Who Actually Downgraded

Infidelity is an all-too-common thing in Hollywood. When stars get married, people just wait for reports that one or both spouses have cheated. It’s difficult for marriages in Hollywood to stand the test of time, which is why people are so fascinated when couples manage to make it past the 5 year mark. Of course, couples who are seriously dating experience cheating as well. No matter how many times it happens, infidelity is always a story that the public is interested in. Yes, things like this happen in “real life” as well, but people seem to be enthralled in the lives of celebrities, and don’t always realize that stars are human as well.

It’s also a common misconception that when people cheat, they find someone who is better in some way. Older men often leave their wives for a younger woman. Women may leave a man when his career is at a standstill for a man who is making more money. There are also times when people cheat because they want to feel special again or desire more attention. That’s why some celebrities actually “downgrade” when they cheat. They go for someone who is less good-looking, doesn’t make as much money, or has a shadier reputation than their original spouse. And that makes for even more Hollywood gossip. Here are 12 Hollywood cheaters who actually downgraded.


12 Hugh Grant

Remember when Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant were one of the hottest couples in Hollywood? Well, the romance for these two British stars came to an end when Grant was caught getting some special attention from a prostitute named Divine Brown. The two broke up after the incident, although Hurley has always been supportive of Grant’s career. The two have even become friends since the incident, and have been in several respective relationships since then. Hugh Grant is even the godfather to Elizabeth’s son Damian! We’re glad things worked out for the two of them, but Hugh definitely downgraded by entertaining a prostitute.

11 Prince Charles


Prince Charles and Princess Diana had a marriage that looked like something out of a fairy tale. Of course, like most fairy tales, there was a dark secret hiding behind those winning smiles and expensive clothes. Prince Charles was cheating on his wife with Camilla Parker Bowles. She looked like a much older version of Diana, which is why many people were baffled to find out that the affair had been going on for so long. The prince went on to marry Camilla, which confused people even more. Perhaps Camilla gave him the nurturing that he needed. The whole thing is still really strange and some people are still angry with him for cheating on the late princess.

10 Jay-Z

Allegedly, rapper and mogul Jay-Z has not always been faithful to his superstar wife, Beyonce. He has allegedly had a fling with Casey Cohen, who has been on reality TV, but mostly waits tables. Of course, Jay has not confirmed this, but several sources seem to point to the fact that it may be true. Of course, anyone other than Beyonce would be considered a downgrade (especially to her fans), but it does go to show that even the most “perfect” couples have issues from time to time. It has also been rumored that Jay-Z has cheated with Rihanna and Rita Ora, but this has not been confirmed.

9 Chad Michael Murray

Handsome actor Chad Michael Murray is most well known for his role on One Tree Hill. He is also known for marrying his One Tree Hill co-star, Sophia Bush, and then cheating on her after just a few months of marriage. Bush has stated that the two had no business getting married, and that they were both too young for that type of commitment. One of the reasons that Murray and Bush called it quits is because Chad cheated with Paris Hilton. It’s not clear why he would sacrifice his marriage for a party girl, but hey, people do it all the time for one reason or another. Bush has gone on to have a successful acting career. We haven’t heard much from Murray these days.

8 Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsey is the grumpy chef on Hell’s Kitchen; there has also been a spin-off of the reality show for kids. The Ramsay family was named the Celebrity Family of the Year in 2007, but it seems that things weren’t as perfect as they looked. Gordon Ramsay had allegedly been cheating on his wife with Sarah Symonds, who is a professional mistress. Symonds even wrote a book called Having an Affair?: A Handbook for the ‘Other Woman.’ No matter what Ramsay’s wife looked like, cheating with someone who cheats for a living is a definite downgrade. Now we know why Ramsay is so angry.

7 Eric Benet

Eric Benet was once thought of as the luckiest guy in the world, because he was married to Halle Berry. The two seemed to be very happy, until Eric cheated on Berry with several women. He admitted that he had a sex addiction and allegedly sought treatment. Most people thought Benet had to be completely out of his mind for cheating on his Oscar-winning wife. Some people also speculated that maybe Halle was picking the wrong men, since she already had a failed marriage with former baseball star David Justice. Berry vowed that she would never get married again after the scandal, and for a while, she kept her world. Actor Olivier Martinez finally convinced her to tie the knot again, but the two divorced after just a few years of marriage.

6 Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy was married for over 20 years to his wife Nicole, and the couple has six children together. They divorced in 2006, and since then, it seems that Murphy has been pretty unlucky in love. Part of the reason for the divorce is that Eddie Murphy allegedly solicited a transvestite prostitute who goes by the name of Shalomar. He had a child with former Spice Girl Mel B, but denied paternity of the child for years. Murphy also had a relationship with Tracey Edmonds, and the two had a ceremony that didn’t constitute a legal marriage. Murphy is now in a relationship with Paige Butcher, and the two are expecting a child together.


5 Jude Law

Jude Law is one of the best looking actors in Hollywood, and maybe that’s why he thought he could get away with cheating. He was once married to the beautiful Sadie Frost. Then, he cheated on her with Sienna Miller, because Miller was the hotter actress at the time. Then, Jude cheated on Miller with the couple’s nanny, Daisy Wright, and got Wright pregnant. It’s truly like something out of a Soap Opera. It seems that Law was just looking for the woman who would give him the most attention. Now he’s got a whole bunch of kids and not a lot of acting roles. In the end, looks aren’t everything.

4 Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen is pretty much a serial cheater, which isn’t exactly news. When Sheen was married to actress Denise Richards, he cheated on her with his assistant. This, along with the emotional abuse Richards suffered, caused her to end their marriage. Charlie then married Brooke Mueller, and had twins with her (he also has two children with Richards). Then, Sheen and Richards started to become friends again. When Meuller went to rehab, Denise helped care for Charlie’s twins. Sheen has recently revealed that he is HIV-positive, due to his promiscuous ways, and he and Richards are in yet another legal battle. This is a classic case of what happens when you’re always looking for “something better.”

3 Jesse James

Jesse James will likely always be viewed as one of the biggest idiots of all time. He managed to marry Sandra Bullock, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful and highest paid actresses. Their marriage ended because he cheated on her with Michelle McGee, a tattoo model who is known as the “female Marilyn Manson.” McGee has the words “pray for us sinners because we are all sinners” tattooed on her forehead. Just let that sink in. James then moved on to date Kat Von D, but cheated on her after proposing to her. We’re really not sure what’s wrong with him.

2 Brad Pitt

OK, this one is debatable, but there are still people that are either Team Jennifer or Team Angelina. Brad Pitt was married to Aniston for five years. The two got a divorce in 2005, but not before Pitt met Jolie on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He started a relationship with Angelina when he was still married to Jennifer, and some people think that was a terrible mistake. Yes, Jolie is beautiful, but people still believe that she’s a seductress who is incapable of staying faithful. Aniston, on the other hand, has a “good girl” reputation, and she and Brad were one of the best looking couples in Hollywood. Now, Pitt has a large family and has stood by Angelina’s side during her health struggles.

1 Columbus Short


Columbus Short got his start as a backup dancer for Britney Spears, and there have long been rumors that the two had a fling back in the day. He is also popular for the movie Stomp The Yard, and appeared in Scandal for the first few seasons. Things seemed to be looking up for Short in terms of his career. But then, he and his wife went through a divorce after she charged him with domestic violence and filed a restraining order against him. We didn’t know much about Columbus’ previous wife, but most reports say she was a decent, family-oriented woman for the most part. Then, Short married Karrine Steffans. Steffans doesn’t exactly have the best reputation in Hollywood, and even wrote a book about her sexual trysts with some of the biggest names in the business. The two have recently separated, since Steffans has also filed a restraining order against Short.


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