12 Headstrong Celebs Who Actually 'Think' They Are Innovators

We live in strange, tense times: Everybody has access to information on how to do just about anything and cheap or free apps and tech giving them the power to attempt it all. With social media added to the mix, now experts and professional creatives clash with socially savvy “content” creators and disgruntled fame/fortune seekers in cyberspace. Never have we had such unfettered access to so many personalities and opinions and so much freedom to express our personal opinion about each and every one of them.

Any fan, if they have the nerve, can go toe-to-toe with an insecure celebrity. Deadbeat trolls and educated experts, both with little experience talking in sound bites, can take on glib entertainers, whose reasoning, though not as heavily supported, is catchier for a mob of followers to repeat. In this new media game, most critics are legitimately written off as “haters”, but sometimes it is a well-meaning fan that trolls an entertainer, for example, in the hopes this person will develop a reasonable level of self-confidence so that we can continue to appreciate their work in good conscience.

12 Ben Affleck

11 Noel Gallagher

10 James Franco

9 Billy Corgan

8 Lars Ulrich


7 Quentin Tarantino

6 Moby

5 Axl Rose


4 Shia LaBeouf

3 Beyoncé

2 Miley Cyrus

No teen girl should envy Miley Cyrus; she gets to work through angst, awkwardness, and identity crisis onstage and Instagram for all to see. We the lucky voyeurs and fans get to see this former Disney-friendly country star flaunt her jailbait style; watching as she convinces herself like every adolescent female before her that she is pushing the envelope by owning her sexuality, working her act and livelihood around it.

1 Kanye West

If you did not immediately think of Kanye West when you read the title of this list, then you have somehow been successfully ignoring his constant attempts at making the blind, ignorant world recognize and appreciate his genius as a hip-hop musician and his glory as the son of Yod, Yeezus. Though he is a churchgoer, known philanthropist, now a family man, and a multi-platinum recording artist, his contribution to the art world is not so groundbreaking and his charity work not enough to warrant feeling like a messiah, let alone calling conspiracy when he is "robbed" of Grammy gold.


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12 Headstrong Celebs Who Actually 'Think' They Are Innovators