12 Guys Wonder Woman Would Date If She Were Real

Wonder Woman has long been classified as one of the greatest superheroes of all time, male or female. The DC Comics character, whose civilian name is Diana Prince, was originally an Army nurse. However, as the character developed, Wonder Woman became a military intelligence officer. Wonder Woman was also a businesswoman and an astronaut, which just goes to show how versatile women can be. Of course, she was also gorgeous, and this, coupled with her intelligence and physical strength, made her loved by comic book enthusiasts everywhere.

Of course, comic book readers have long fantasized about the type of men that Wonder Woman would be into if she were an actual woman. Of course, the lucky guy would have to be good-looking, adventurous, physically fit and particularly intelligent. It may also help if Wonder Woman’s suitor is known for some type of exceptional talent as well. Of course, there were also fictional characters that Wonder Woman was paired with. There have long been rumors that she and Superman had a “thing,” and there was even a “rumor” that Wonder Woman was set to marry Mr. Monster. We’re pretty sure there are some famous men who would love to be Mr. Wonder Woman, but what type of guys would the superhero go for? Here are 12 men Wonder Woman would probably date if she were real.

12 Channing Tatum

11 Zac Efron

10 Will Smith

9 Bradley Cooper

8 Adam Levine

7 Leonardo DiCaprio

6 Hugh Jackman

5 Mario Lopez

4 Nick Jonas

3 Jamie Foxx

2 George Clooney

1 Brad Pitt

Everyone knows by now that Angelina Jolie is the love of Brad Pitt’s life. Jolie has also starred in her share of action movies, which is a good indication that Pitt likes his women beautiful and brave. Wonder Woman certainly fits that description. Pitt has appeared in his share of thrillers as well, which could bring some balance to the relationship, so Wonder Woman won’t feel like she’s the only one defeating villains. Brad also seems to be friendly and caring when it comes to the environment and the less fortunate, and you’ve got to have a kind heart if you’re going to help a superhero rid the world of evil.


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12 Guys Wonder Woman Would Date If She Were Real