12 Guys Wonder Woman Would Date If She Were Real

Wonder Woman has long been classified as one of the greatest superheroes of all time, male or female. The DC Comics character, whose civilian name is Diana Prince, was originally an Army nurse. However, as the character developed, Wonder Woman became a military intelligence officer. Wonder Woman was also a businesswoman and an astronaut, which just goes to show how versatile women can be. Of course, she was also gorgeous, and this, coupled with her intelligence and physical strength, made her loved by comic book enthusiasts everywhere.

Of course, comic book readers have long fantasized about the type of men that Wonder Woman would be into if she were an actual woman. Of course, the lucky guy would have to be good-looking, adventurous, physically fit and particularly intelligent. It may also help if Wonder Woman’s suitor is known for some type of exceptional talent as well. Of course, there were also fictional characters that Wonder Woman was paired with. There have long been rumors that she and Superman had a “thing,” and there was even a “rumor” that Wonder Woman was set to marry Mr. Monster. We’re pretty sure there are some famous men who would love to be Mr. Wonder Woman, but what type of guys would the superhero go for? Here are 12 men Wonder Woman would probably date if she were real.


12 Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is pretty hot, there’s not denying that. In addition to being a former exotic dancer, Tatum is a pretty talented actor, and can sing a little, too. We’re thinking these are just some of the reasons why Wonder Woman might go on a date or two with him if she were real. Yes, we know he’s married to dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum, but if Wonder Woman were an actual person, we’re pretty sure Jenna wouldn’t be able to get too upset if Wonder Woman was interested in her man.

11 Zac Efron


If Wonder Woman were into younger men, she’d probably go for a guy like Zac Efron. Efron rose to fame as one of the stars of the High School Musical franchise, and has enjoyed a considerable amount of movie success since then. He also had a bout with drugs, but has successfully bounced back. Since superheroes love to save people, we’re guessing Wonder Woman wouldn’t have too much of a problem getting Efron on the straight and narrow when it comes to his health. It also doesn’t hurt that Zac is a pretty good-looking guy, and who doesn’t want a hot, young actor on their arm?

10 Will Smith

Will Smith pretty much proved that he’s a bona fide action movie star with Independence Day. He went on to show his superpowers in other movies as well, such as I Am Legend. If Wonder Women were looking for a guy who doesn’t mind fighting off evil villains, and he can even do it comically (as proven in the Men In Black movies). Smith has also been a family man for about twenty years now, which may be an admirable quality if Wonder Woman were looking to settle down. Smith is also hilarious, and what woman doesn’t love a guy with a great sense of humor?

9 Bradley Cooper


Handsome actor Bradley Cooper may be the guy for Wonder Woman to date if she’s looking for a good time and doesn’t want to get too serious too soon. Cooper has been known to take his time when it comes to serious relationships, and has a hard time committing (just ask Zoe Saldana). However, Bradley would make Wonder Woman laugh, and based on the various roles he’s played over the years, Cooper has also shown that he has depth and isn’t afraid to expose his feelings. Maybe it would take a superhero for Cooper to decide that he wants to get married again (he had a brief marriage to Jennifer Esposito). Bradley also loves his mother so much that she was living with him at one time, which could be a good thing, depending on how you look at it.

8 Adam Levine

If Wonder Woman were into musicians, she’d likely go for Adam Levine. The Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice judge could write a romantic rock/pop ballad or two for Wonder Woman, which would likely soothe her mind after a long day of fighting crime. Of course, if she’s looking for a commitment, dating Levine could be a gamble. After all, he broke up with his supermodel girlfriend, dated another supermodel, then went back to the first supermodel and made her his wife. Love is a funny thing sometimes, and Wonder Woman probably doesn’t want to play any games. Then again, she’d probably be able to scare Levine into being on his best behavior with her super strength.

7 Leonardo DiCaprio


Leonardo DiCaprio has timeless good looks, which is appealing to almost any woman. He proved that he could have an undying love for a woman in Titanic, and even a superhero like Wonder Woman would have to respect that. Leonardo also portrayed his brute strength when he wrestled a bear in his recent movie, The Revenant, which would likely get the attention of Wonder Woman pretty quickly as well. Even though Wonder Woman has always done a great job of keeping herself safe, it might be nice for her to take a break from being the strong one in the relationship for a while.

6 Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman would likely be a good match for Wonder Woman, especially if he dated her as Wolverine. Two superheroes together, fighting crime and taking down bad guys at every turn could make for a pretty exciting relationship. In their downtime, they could live a pretty quiet life, entertaining friends, raising a few kids, and giving to local charities. Jackman seems like a pretty nice guy in real life. It’s no surprise that most women like a guy who is both strong and sweet, and Hugh seems to fit the bill. He could also romance Wonder Woman with a song or two, since he showed us that he has singing chops in Les Miserables.


5 Mario Lopez


The Mexican actor and entertainment reporter has been in the spotlight for quite some time, just like Wonder Woman. Chances are the two would have a shared understanding of what it means to constantly live with the public’s expectation of perfection. In addition to being a great actor, Mario is also a dancer, so he could take Wonder Woman out for a night on the town. He’s also got a great body, and there aren’t many women who wouldn’t want a hot boyfriend. Lopez has the gift of gab as well, which means he and Wonder Woman would probably have some great conversations, which is important in a solid (fake) relationship.

4 Nick Jonas

Nick Jonas’ relationship with Kate Hudson (which neither celebrity has confirmed) shows that he’s got a thing for older women. This could certainly work in Wonder Woman’s favor. Jonas has enjoyed significant success with The Jonas Brothers, but now he’s got a thriving solo career as well. He’s also gotten into acting, so Wonder Woman might be impressed that he’s so multi-talented. Due to Jonas’ ability to keep his connection with Hudson under wraps, it’s also safe to say that he’d respect Wonder Woman’s privacy if she didn’t want to go public with the relationship. After all, a superhero can’t reveal all of her secrets.

3 Jamie Foxx


Actor, comedian and singer Jamie Foxx proved that he’s actually a real-life superhero recently when he rescued a man from a burning car. He also took the modest route by saying that he’s not a hero, and that he just did what needed to be done. That’s probably just the type of attitude Wonder Woman would be looking for if she were in the market for a new guy. Foxx also has a beautiful voice, so he could serenade Wonder Woman during one of their date nights, and he’d probably have no problem making her laugh. Of course, Jamie has shown that he can excel in dramatic roles as well, which is pretty impressive.

2 George Clooney

George Clooney has class, poise, and has been known to get into a fight or two in his movies. His sophistication and utter manliness have made him a celebrity crush for years. Now that he’s fallen for his wife Amal (who kind of looks a little like Wonder Woman), the world knows that he’s off the market. But if, hypothetically, the fictional Wonder Woman were interested, this would be a celebrity couple the public wouldn’t be able to get enough of.

1 Brad Pitt


Everyone knows by now that Angelina Jolie is the love of Brad Pitt’s life. Jolie has also starred in her share of action movies, which is a good indication that Pitt likes his women beautiful and brave. Wonder Woman certainly fits that description. Pitt has appeared in his share of thrillers as well, which could bring some balance to the relationship, so Wonder Woman won’t feel like she’s the only one defeating villains. Brad also seems to be friendly and caring when it comes to the environment and the less fortunate, and you’ve got to have a kind heart if you’re going to help a superhero rid the world of evil.


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