12 Greatest Moments Comic Book Actors Got In Costume Off Set

You can find superheroes pretty much everywhere these days - they're in comic books, on television, in video games and apps, in theme parks, on miscellaneous merchandise and paraphernalia and, of course, in the movies.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably the biggest movie franchise in the world right now, having grossed nearly $8 billion worldwide from eleven movies to date. Other comic-based franchises - such as Fox's X-Men series and Fantastic Four reboot and Warner Brothers' DC Cinematic Universe - are hot talking points in the world of entertainment too.

There's a wonderful array of characters in such movies - from the godly Thor to the beautiful Black Widow, from the vigilante Batman to the super soldier Captain America and from the brutish Hulk to the animalistic Wolverine.

However, it's not just in the movies that you can see the famous actors who portray these characters wearing the costumes they so iconically wear on the big screen. You can see them in full heroic get-up in all kinds of different places if you look hard enough and this article will list a dozen times that has happened. Here are twelve times comic book movie actors wore their costumes off set.

12 Jeremy Renner As Hawkeye On Jimmy Fallon


A lot was made of Hawkeye's limited appearance in the first Avengers movie (he was a mind-controlled flunky working for Loki for most of it, rather than a part of the titular team he was supposed to be a member of), but he finally got his chance in the spotlight in Avengers: Age of Ultron and he definitely proved his worth.

That being said, he is still often seen as a weak link in the superhero team. But Jeremy Renner took to the piano on Jimmy Fallon's chat show recently to sing a song (to the tune of Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud") which explained that Hawkeye has all kinds of special talents! He did so in full costume.

11 Scarlett Johansson As Black Widow On Saturday Night Live


It's no secret that Marvel Studios have yet to make a movie with a female lead (although Captain Marvel is coming in 2018 to remedy that fact). A lot of people have been very disappointed at the lack of a Black Widow movie, as Scarlett Johansson has done a great job as the character in a supporting role in four movies to date.

A very recent and very funny Saturday Night Live skit saw a mock trailer put together that made a Black Widow movie a reality. Black Widow: Age of Me saw the character working in the fashion industry and falling in love with none other than Ultron - and Johansson donned her Black Widow costume for it.

10 Robert Downey Jr. As Tony Stark Presents A Boy With A Bionic Arm


Robert Downey, Jr. is every bit as much of a philanthropist as his character Tony Stark claims to be and this particular list entry proves that. Downey, Jr. - dressed as Iron Man's alter-ego Stark - visited a young boy named Alex who was born with a partially developed arm.

In March of 2015 and in character as Stark (complete with beard and suave suit), Downey, Jr. arrived with a full-sized Iron Man armour arm for himself to wear while also presenting Alex with a functioning 3D-printed bionic arm designed to look like Iron Man's. The visit was in partnership with Limbitless Solutions - the organisation who created and supplied the limb given to Alex.

9 Chris Evans As Captain America In A Children's Hospital


An NFL bet that was placed on Twitter between Marvel Cinematic Universe actors Chris Evans and Chris Pratt resulted in the pair both visiting children's hospitals dressed as their respective Marvel characters.

In Evans' case, he visited Seattle Children's Hospital in full Captain America gear - including the super soldier's trademark shield - in March of 2015. Pratt accompanied him, although not in costume on this occasion.

The pair posed for photos with patients, their families and members of staff at the hospital and they also took along some gifts for the children, proving themselves to be great sports in the process for having followed through on their bet-based promises.

8 Chris Pratt As Star-Lord In A Children's Hospital


In February of 2015, prior to the aforementioned costumed visit by Chris Evans to a children's hospital, Chris Pratt had already fulfilled his part of the Twitter NFL bet by visiting Christopher's Haven in Boston - a home for children and their families battling cancer - dressed as his Marvel Cinematic Universe character Star-Lord.

Pratt took along lots of Guardians of the Galaxy merchandise as gifts for the children and posed for photographs with the patients, their families and members of the hospital's staff. Evans had tagged along in his civilian clothes on this occasion.

The bet between the two actors - dubbed "Twitterbowl" - also raised an impressive $27,000 for the two hospitals they visited.

7 Chris Hemsworth As Thor On Saturday Night Live


Chris Hemsworth has played Thor in four movies to date, but he has also appeared in character - albeit as something of an exaggerated caricature of Thor - and in full costume on Saturday Night Live in a rather amusing sketch.

The sketch - which aired on the show in March of 2015 - sees crowds of people gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate the Avengers' victory over Ultron and Thor being interviewed following the team's success. The Asgardian warrior gloats like a drunken sports fan after his team had won a national championship and is joined by faux versions of his Avengers team-mates during the interview.

6 Tom Hiddleston As Loki On stage At Comic Con


During a Marvel Studios panel at San Diego Comic Con in 2013, Kevin Feige was interrupted mid-speech by his microphone going off and the whole room going dark. Second later, Tom Hiddleston's voice - in character as Loki - could be heard booming over the room's speaker system and the lights came back on to reveal him stood on stage in full costume.

He addressed the audience as Loki - prompting them to go wild - and even had them scream his name and kneel before him (like he did in the first Avengers movie). His brilliant appearance came ahead of footage from Thor: The Dark World being shown to the audience - footage of which was extremely Loki-heavy, incidentally.

5 Ron Perlman As Hellboy For A Make-A-Wish Child


Ron Perlman went above and beyond for a visit to a child named Zachary in July of 2012. Zachary was suffering from leukemia and had expressed to the Make-A-Wish Foundation his desire "to meet and become Hellboy" - so Perlman turned up to meet him in full costume and spent the whole day with him just chilling and enjoying his company.

Perlman's costume and make-up was done by Spectral Motion - the people behind the actual movie makeover for Hellboy and various other comic book movies - and took four hours to put on. Zachary was indeed given the opportunity by Spectral Motion to become a mini-Hellboy on the day too - an offer he excitedly accepted.

4 Andrew Garfield At A Brixton Children’s Charity


Back in April of 2014, Andrew Garfield - who played Spider-Man in two movies in the now cancelled Amazing Spider-Man franchise - donned the Webbed Wonder's costume to visit youngsters in the grounds of the Kids’ City charity. It is a charity which provides out of school activities for children between the ages of three and eleven in Brixton, South London.

Garfield made time to chat with the children and the people involved in the charity, posed for photographs with everyone present, signed autographs for them and even enjoyed some pizza and a game of basketball with them - all while in character as the popular Marvel superhero.

3 Jaimie Alexander As Lady Sif With A Child In Hospital


Jaimie Alexander has appeared as the Asgardian female warrior Lady Sif in both Thor movies, as well as on the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - but she's also been seen in costume as the formidable character at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Alexander visited the establishment in November of 2013 in full get-up - sword and shield included - and handed out signed DVDs and posters of Thor: The Dark World for the young patients there. In addition to the gifts she took along, Alexander also gave the kids the opportunity to pose for photographs with her holding her sword and shield. How very cool!

2 Ryan Reynolds As Deadpool For An April Fool’s Prank


On April the 1st of this year, Ryan Reynolds conducted a mock interview with Mario Lopez in which audiences were pranked into believing that next year's much-hyped Deadpool movie would be rated PG-13 in order to keep it somewhat family-friendly.

Giving it a PG-13 rating would have made it a far cry from the comic books - as people tend to expect swearing and gore from all things Deadpool - and the interview ended with Reynolds, in full costume, appearing behind and killing Lopez (and saying "f**k you Slater") before confirming the PG-13 thing was an April Fool's joke and that Deadpool would indeed be rated R - much to the relief of the Merc with a Mouth's fans around the world.

1 Hugh Jackman As Wolverine walking In Public Near Comic Con


At San Diego Comic Con in 2013, on an X-Men: Days of Future Past panel, Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman announced that he had managed to walk in and around the world famous convention in costume as the clawed mutant without being noticed. Jackman said "I got dressed up in my full Wolverine costume. Not one person stopped me. One guy goes, ‘Eh, not bad.’ And another one said, ‘Whoa, way too tall buddy, way too tall.'"

There isn't actually any footage of Jackman doing this, so whether or not it's actually 100% true isn't entirely known, but it's a funny little anecdote nonetheless and imagining it happening definitely raises a smile.

The full panel can be viewed below, and Jackman's costume story begins around the 46 minute mark.

Can you remember times when actors wore their superhero costumes away from the movie set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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