12 Gorgeous Women Who've Dated The Most Athletes

Everybody has their “thing” when it comes to dating. Some women prefer a guy who is stable in his career and has aspirations to be a leader in his field, and they really don’t focus too much on how the guy looks. Other women prefer a guy who is popular for his looks, just so they can make all their friends jealous by showing up with the guy to parties and social events. And there are some women who want the looks, money and fame all rolled into one attractive man, which is whey they prefer to date athletes.

Professional athletes have a reputation for being egotistical pretty boys who sleep with girls for, well, sport. Even many of the athletes who get married or stay in long-term relationships have been known to have several affairs during their careers. So, why do women keep falling for them? Maybe their charm is too alluring to resist. Maybe these women are sports fans and enjoy going to games and being photographed. Or, it could be because these star athletes are worth millions of dollars, and who wouldn’t want a piece of that action? Here are 12 gorgeous women who have dated the most athletes.

12 Jessica Simpson

11 Madonna

10 Paris Hilton

9 Pamela Anderson

8 Tara Reid

7 Elisha Cuthbert

6 Kate Hudson

5 Alyssa Milano

4 Tyra Banks

3 Serena Williams

2 Gabrielle Union

1 Kim Kardashian

Even though she has millions of her own, Kim has been known to date an athlete or two. She had a long-term relationship with football player Reggie Bush, and was in the stands cheering him on when his team won the Super Bowl a few years ago. The two even talked marriage, but in the end, they weren’t able to make it work, and Reggie ended up marrying a woman who looks a lot like Kardashian. Kim then moved on to basketball player Kris Humphries, and married him during a TV special, but we all know how that ended (72 days later). Kardashian is now married to Kanye West, and the two have a daughter and son together.


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12 Gorgeous Women Who've Dated The Most Athletes