12 Female Celebrities Who Love Strip Clubs

It's an odd trend: more and more women are spending their hard earned cash at gentlemen’s clubs. According to the Daily Mail, in 2011, some clubs saw rises in female clientele as high as 30 percent. Furthermore, regular everyday women are not the only ones frequenting strip clubs, as female celebrities have also been seen patronizing clubs.

A study conducted in the UK by Dr. Teela Sanders, a sociology professor from Leeds University, shows how women enjoy the atmosphere of strip clubs in comparison to other clubs. According to Dr. Sanders, “security is much stricter than normal pubs and clubs. Violence is rare and women find the atmosphere to be more safe and relaxed - men aren’t looking to them for sexual titillation.” Her research also shows that couples attend strip clubs to try and spice up their relationship, while others go to show that they are liberal or to live a personal fantasy. However, this is not to say of course, that all women who attend clubs are happy to be there (some women go purely to make their partners happy).

Similarly, the female dancers are sometimes not happy with the newly found female audience members. One worker told the Daily Mail how female customers “constantly look down on us [the strippers] and snicker.” Interestingly, the presence of female clients also displeases many male clients. According to club owner Peter Stringfellow, “men are inhibited when women come in. They can’t relax and won’t spend money.”

Some clubs are even preventing female customers from entering. Some argue that a female presence in the audience at strip clubs empowers women. Others argue that women attending strip clubs not only condones but encourages men’s vision of women as sex objects.

It seems that society has to make some critical decisions about the relatively new surge of female clientele. In the meantime, here are 12 celebrities whose opinions are clear, as they love strip clubs.

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12 Charlize Theron

Last month, Charlize Theron, star of Mad Max: Fury Road, invited President Obama to go to a strip club when she met him backstage at the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. According to The Independent, the actress explained that when she gets nervous she says “something really inappropriate.”

When she appeared a second time on Jimmy Kimmel, she told the audience about her awkward encounter, and how mortified she felt after having realized what she said. Obama had stated how he was happy to appear on a program that had a younger demographic, and Theron replied, “well, if you’re looking for a different demographic, I can take you to a strip club.”

The president of the United States, of course, politely declined, while Theron was unable to sleep “for four weeks” because every time she would shut her eyes she thought, “oh my God, I said that! Oh my God, why did I say that?!”

11 Rihanna

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According to the Daily Mail, Drake and Rihanna are frequent strip club goers. In November of 2013, they were reported to have spent a total of about $17 000 at the V Live strip club in Houston. Jhonni Blaze, a dancer at the club, allegedly stated that she spent three hours entertaining the two, during which Rihanna slapped the stripper’s booty. Blaze even bonded with Rihanna over their similar hairstyles, however she did not get the same opportunity with Drake as he “was too busy throwing money.”

Rihanna’s behaviour over the past few years has led to much controversy, but she's not ashamed of her love for lap dances and strip clubs, being very vocal about her opinions on the subject, tweeting “last night one of my fantasies came to life! I got to see K.O.D. strippers dance for me to the stripper song I made!”

10 Amber Rose

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According to TMZ, newly single mom Amber Rose’s idea of a girls’ night out is to hit the strip club with her friend Blac Chyna. In March earlier this year, both women were paid to make an appearance at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Hollywood, where Wiz Khalifa reportedly “went crazy.”

Employees stated that they spent $10 000. Amber Rose ended her marriage to rapper Wiz Khalifa in September 2014. Amber recently got in a heated argument on twitter with Khloe Kardashian, after she called Tyga’s new 17-year-old-girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, “a baby”

9 Kesha

Another celebrity who can often be found at strip clubs is Kesha. This should not be surprising, as according to Pop Dust, Kesha stated that strip clubs are an important part of romantic relationships, being “the most amazing date destinations known to man.”

Four years ago, Kesha made headlines as she was allegedly very grabby at Larry Flynt’s Gentlemen’s Club, a strip club in Las Vegas. She personally stuffed whole stacks of bills in strippers’ g-strings as T-Pain looked on.

8 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne decided to celebrate her 26th birthday by going to Sapphire’s Strip Club in Las Vegas. With six friends, she treated herself to several lap dances. Among her favourite dancers was a stud named AJ, whom she treated to a little dance herself.

Avril and her buddies then headed to the main floor of the club, where Avril got a dance from her favourite female stripper. According to The Frisky, it is unknown whether Brody Jenner was with Avril at the time, but if he wasn’t he would probably be proud of her behaviour.

7 Katy Perry

Another female star that loves strip clubs is Katy Perry. In 2012, Perry and her boyfriend John Mayer partied all night long in a strip club in Vegas until 5am. The Daily Mail reports that despite their partying, the couple experienced a lover’s quarrel as tension increased throughout the evening, leading up to a fight taking place in a private area.

The couple worked out their differences however, as two years later they headed together again to another strip club. Last year, Perry reportedly spent thousands on strippers after the Super Bowl.

6 Nicki Minaj

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Nicki Minaj is another female celebrity who loves and can frequently be found in strip clubs. Minaj and boyfriend Meek Mill stormed into the famous strip club V Live in Houston.

The couple apparently showered the strippers with money, spending about $40 000 in cash. Minaj also reportedly left Meek some breathing room, as she left to go hang out in her own VIP section. Meanwhile, Meek and his buddies went to go see the club’s most popular strippers, including Barbie Monroe, Karma and Phu**ed Fame.

5 Beyonce

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What better way to celebrate a marriage proposal then going to a strip a club? Apparently for Beyonce, there is none. The famous singer revealed that after her boyfriend Jay-Z popped the question on his birthday, they celebrated by going to the Crazy Horse, an “avant-garde cabaret club.”

Beyonce also explains that her visit to this strip club was her inspiration behind Partition. While at the club, Beyonce thought to herself “I wish I was up there, I wish I could perform that for my man.” Her video for Partition is thus her making that wish happen.

4 Miley Cyrus

The young Miley Cyrus strutted her stuff at a Miami strip club last December, as her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger stuffed cash into her hot pants. The couple reportedly went with their friend Paris Hilton and spent about $10 000.

Cyrus joined the exotic dancers in their raunchy dances, at which point her boyfriend stuffed money down her pants. According to the Daily Mail, Miley Patrick, and Paris went to the strip club twice in two days. Miley was in town for Art Basel, an art festival, and by the second day she was already the focus of attention by dancing on stage wearing pasties, partying until dawn and smoking “suspicious” cigarettes with her boyfriend.

3 Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has no qualm with strip clubs. In fact, one strip joint offered her a job. In 2012, Lohan’s financial troubles went from bad to worse. Not only did she owe $16 000 to a storage facility, she also had trouble being able to pay her $8 000 monthly rent.

Luckily for Lohan, the Scores strip club came to the rescue, offering to pay back all the money she owes the storage unit company and pay her rent, if she would agree to host their website. Scores was very clear that her job, however, would not involve any nudity or stripping; all she would have to do is host their online video chat forum.

2 Blac Chyna

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If there is one celebrity who knows and love strip clubs, it’s Blac Chyna (whose real name is Angela Renée White); after all, she is an ex-stripper. Chyna visited the Ace of Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club last January for its grand opening and reportedly spent approximately $10K on strippers.

Apparently, the club thought she did a great job of attracting customers and attention, because they paid her to come back a second time in March, along with Amber Rose. Together, she and Rose spent another $10K.

1 Emma Watson

Believe it or not, the girl who played the nerdy Hermione Granger goes to strip clubs. According to MTV, after the final Harry Potter film premiere took place in 2011 in New York City, Watson was “very emotional” and needed some cheering up. She thus decided to head over to a pole-dancing club to hang out with strippers until 2am.

According to MTV’s sources, she had a smile on her face the whole time she was there and did not bat an eyelid at the scantily-clad women surrounding her.


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