12 Dirty Tapes Worth As Much As Kim K's

Before Kim Kardashian became a global phenomenon, she was Paris Hilton's friend and not so much involved in media. Around 2007, everything changed for her when the sexy tape that she recorded with her former boyfriend, famous rapper Ray J, saw the light of the day. She sued Vivid Entertainment because of the illegal distribution of the tape and settled for 5 million dollars. Before that event, she was practically nobody and after the video, she started appearing in mainstream media more, gaining traction, becoming a celebrity that she is today. Who said there is such thing as bad publicity? Her home video was made with little to no budget, recorded with amateur equipment and earned a ton of that green stuff we all need.

Today, we present you 12 dirty videos worth as much as Kim K's, if not more. All of these videos were shot by professionals, huge budgets were involved, and movies were recorded in attractive locations. Keep in mind that numbers shown here are invested only in the production of these films, but they had earned probably a tenfold via physical and online distribution. If you enjoy a good old dirty video from time to time, lay back, and read all about some of the best movies of this genre. For those fainthearted it is probably wise to skip some of these images. They are not too provocative, but they will surely make your blood boil in the nicest way possible.

12 Conquest - $150,000


11 Batman V. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody - $200,000


10 Flashpoint X - $220,000

9 Manhunters - $250,000

8 Operation: Desert Stormy - $250,000

7 Upload - $350,000

6 Fashionistas - $500,000

5 Fashionistas Safado: The Challenge - $600,000

4 Pirates - $1,000,000


3 Uninhibited - $12,000,000

2 Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge - $8,000,000


1 Caligula - $17,500,000

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12 Dirty Tapes Worth As Much As Kim K's