12 Deleted Comic Book Movie Scenes That Should Have Been Left In

All movies have scenes deleted from them - that should go without saying. The final cut of any given production never contains every single scene that was conceived, written or filmed.

These days, the filmed scenes that were deleted from movies are often included on the DVD and Blu-ray releases of said movies - and, thanks to the joys of the internet, nine times out of ten you can find them online as well - which means fans get a chance to decide whether or not they think said scenes should have been deleted or not.

More often than not, you'll conclude that the scenes in question were deleted for a reason; they offered nothing to the final movie, they simply didn't fit into the movie in question or they were simply too long, for example.

However, sometimes, the deletion of certain scenes can take away from the quality of the final movie - and this has been the case on a number of occasions over the years when it comes to comic book movies.

In this article, we're going to take a look at some such examples from comic book movies that would have made the final version better. Here are twelve deleted comic book movie scenes that should have been left in the released version (and why).


12 Peter Parker Meets His Father (The Amazing Spider-Man 2)

The two Amazing Spider-Man movies spent a lot of time focusing on Peter Parker's emotional investment in his supposedly deceased parents. They had apparently been killed years prior to the events of the movies in an assassination aboard an airplane and Peter wanted to know everything he could about their deaths (and indeed their lives - his father's work, in particular).

As it turned out - at least in the continuity in which this deleted scene took place - his father didn't die at all. In a deleted scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, as Peter was visiting Gwen Stacy's grave, he was approached by his father Richard, who wanted to speak to his son. It is a very emotional scene and would have been a great culmination to the events in the two movies - and, had a third movie been made, the idea of Peter and Richard teaming up to thwart evil-doers would have been mouth-watering for fans.

11 Rogue Is Rescued To Replace Kitty (X-Men: Days Of Future Past)


X-Men: Days of Future Past was distinctly lacking in a certain key character from the previous X-Men movies - Anna Paquin's Rogue. The movie saw Kitty Pryde sending Wolverine back in time to stop a mutant assassination attempt from occurring - but it could have been very different.

A cut of the movie with Rogue heavily involved has seen the light of day since the original's release and it includes some great scenes that were deleted - not least this one. Magneto and Iceman rescue Rogue from imprisonment and use her to replace Kitty Pryde when Pryde gets injured. The rescue scene sees Ian McKellen's version of Magneto - who took a back seat to Michael Fassbender's in the movie - getting more action, which no fan of the franchise would ever complain about.

10 Thor's Vision (Avengers: Age Of Ultron)

This scene might have been a little bit silly and felt a touch out of place in an Avengers movie (it's certainly more akin to something you'd expect to see in a Thor solo movie), but the fact is it would have served a purpose and made another Avengers: Age of Ultron scene make a little more sense.

The scene shows Thor being possessed by the Norns, who then talk to Erik Selvig about the Infinity Stones and how to beat Ultron. It makes Thor bringing Vision to life make more sense and explains more about how he knew to head off at the end of the movie. Moreover, it would have made fans even more excited for the Avengers: Infinity War movies.

9 The Basketball Court (Captain America: The Winter Soldier)


In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America is labelled a fugitive and Alexander Pierce sends his S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA agents out to find him. In the movie, after the agents arrive at a building they believe Captain America is in, they realize he isn't actually there and the scene quickly switches to the hero walking down a hospital corridor wearing civilian clothes (including a hooded sweatshirt).

A deleted scene from the movie shows the agents bursting into what is revealed to be a basketball court - much to the shock of those present - and telling everyone to lay on the ground and place their hands on their heads. Using tracking devices, the team are then led to a bag containing Captain America's uniform, showing that he was one step ahead of them all along. It would have been cool to have shown that, as well as exactly how he evaded the agents.

8 Gamora & Nebula's Chat (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

The relationship between Nebula and Gamora was clearly a strained and difficult one in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy. The adoptive sisters and daughters of Thanos simply didn't get on - with Nebula being particularly resentful of the fact that the Mad Titan explicitly and openly preferred Gamora - but most of their hostility towards each other was simply conveyed through body language.

In this deleted scene, the two warriors have a dispute that is both verbal and physical as Nebula tries to stress that she is every bit as good a warrior as Gamora. It explains why the two are at odds in much clearer detail than the final version of the movie did and, as such, would have been better left included in it.

7 Bruce Wayne Explains Why He Needs Batman (Batman Begins)


Although it's not as if 2005's Batman Begin failed to explain why Bruce Wayne became Batman (it totally succeeded), it would perhaps have been nice to hear it more explicitly stated in Wayne's own words. This scene would have provided that particular snippet.

It was in one of the early trailers for the movie and showed Christian Bale's Wayne talking to who we can probably presume is Michael Caine's Alfred Pennyworth, with the monologue providing the background sound to the whole thing - however, it was left out of the final movie. Wayne explains what he's doing and why he's doing it - and it's extremely effective and a very strong character moment.

6 Venom In The Mirror (Spider-Man 3)

2007's Spider-Man 3 was by far the worst movie of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy. It had scenes like Peter Parker dancing through the streets of New York and performing a dance routine in a jazz club, as well as Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson doing the twist - and yet this very cool scene was deleted from the final movie.

It show Peter Parker looking in the mirror, in his apartment, while wearing the black suit that was infected by the Venom symbiote. Suddenly, Venom's face flashes in front of him. Granted, it has human teeth, but that could have been rectified in the final production or represented a halfway transition between being human and becoming "Venomised" (yeah, we made that word up). It was probably removed due to being a bit too scary for children, but it would certainly have had a lot more impact than the final version of the scene - and given Parker more of a reason to take the suit off.


5 Superman Returns To Krypton (Superman Returns)


A huge chunk of footage - more than five minutes of it, in fact - was cut from the beginning of 2006's Superman Returns. Although it was established in the movie that Superman had been away for a few years since his previous time on Earth (remember, the film was a loose follow-up to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies) - and indeed explained where he was - we didn't get to see it.

This deleted scene would have rectified that. It's a great scene in which Superman can be seen on what is left of his home planet of Krypton. It's a dark, alien scene with a hell of a lot of atmosphere and it reminds everyone that Superman is indeed alien. Superman Returns was disappointing and underwhelming and including this scene would have made it a lot more interesting from the start.

4 Rhodey Helps Against Iron Monger (Iron Man)

Having had Tony Stark's back for the whole movie - and indeed pretty much ever since - James "Rhodey" Rhodes' absence from the final battle with Obadiah Stane AKA Iron Monger seemed a little bit odd in 2008's Iron Man. However, as this unpolished deleted scene shows, it was initially intended for him to be in the thick of it.

The scene shows Stane about to land a devastating stomp on Stark, but Rhodey appears in one of Stark's expensive sports cars and rams right into the villain, knocking him into a bus, which promptly explodes. It would certainly have been more in-character for Rhodes to have been involved - as it was unlikely he'd let his friend fight this battle alone - and it is, therefore, a shame that it wasn't included in the final movie.

3 More Ben Kingsley As The Mandarin (Iron Man 3)


There's no doubt that 2013's Iron Man 3 completely ruined the titular hero's most iconic villain from the comic books - the Mandarin. However, Ben Kingsley can't be blamed for that and there's absolutely do denying that his portrayal of the decoy actor Trevor Slattery was actually quite brilliant on an individual level. It would, therefore, have been quite to have seen more of him.

This deleted scene would have given audiences more of him, as it shows Slattery in character as the Mandarin - something audiences only really saw when he was talking to the camera in his decoy videos in the final version of the movie. There's no denying his chilling screen presence or the eeriness of that unidentifiable accent.

2 Captain America Meets The Waitress (The Avengers)

In 2012's The Avengers, Captain America's introduction in the movie was the most rushed when, perhaps, it needed to be the most gradual. He was first seen in a gym, being approached by Nick Fury to begin his duty as an Avenger, while the other main Avengers - who were fully adapted to the modern world (having lived in it all of their lives, of course) - had longer, more dramatic entrances.

This scene would have introduced Captain America in a more suitable manner. It reaffirmed him as a man out of time, after he initially woke up in modern day New York at the end of his first solo movie, and showed his struggles in adapting to the modern world.

1 Josh Trank's Entire Missing Movie (Fantastic Four)


2015's Fantastic Four movie was awful. It has been described as the worst comic book movie of all time - and that's not too far off the mark. Director Josh Trank has actually distanced himself from the movie, claiming that studio interference prevented him from making the movie he wanted and, now that the B-roll footage has been released - which at least hints towards some of the deleted scenes - you have to sympathize with him.

Very little happened in the movie and you have to imagine that any additional footage would have added something to it. Scenes involving the Fantasticar (which was completely missing from the final movie), bonding between Sue and Johnny Storm, and tension between Victor Von Doom and the titular quartet were all missing - and you have to imagine that they would have made the movie better.


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