12 Co-Stars Who Actually Hated Each Other

Ah, Hollywood. It gives the world the greatest love stories, the most tear-jerking deaths and breakups, heart-racing, edge-of-your-seat action scenes, and the spookiest, most nightmare-inducing horror. While working long hours on a television show or in a movie, cast members tend to become close, often forging lasting friendships. When you work for years with a group of people, as is the case with most popular shows, you can't help but bond.

Sometimes those bonds are more than platonic. Every year, it seems, at least one news story breaks in Hollywood telling the tale of a couple that met and fell in love on the set of a movie or television show. Sometimes, these celebs even have a wife or husband at home, yet supposedly the pull of true love and the on-set magic is greater.

However, when emotions are running high and actors are forced to spend long periods of time together, passions can turn to the other extreme. That's when two actors, whose characters love each other, begin to feel intense enmity towards one another behind the scenes. Just because two actors can be professional during filming and seem civil on the red carpet or doing press and promotions together, that doesn't mean that they're the best of friends. After all, acting is a job. When these stars are on the set, they're at work, and so it's important to the film and to the longevity of their careers that they don't start a scene.

While some celebs star in a movie or show together and just don't ever click, these pairs have a relationship that goes deeper. Instead of feeling affectionate or even neutral about each other, they dislike and even loathe one another. Next time you load up Netflix and re-watch a show or movie with these stars, try to see if you can pick up on their disdain.

12 Anne Hathaway and James Franco

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In James Franco's defense, quite a lot of people dislike Anne Hathaway. For some reason, the talented starlet, who's had lead roles in such films as The Devil Wears Prada and The Dark Knight Rises, just rubs people the wrong way with her so-called attitude.

But Franco was forthright enough to speak out about his feelings towards the actress. When the two celebs shared the same Oscars stage as co-hosts in 2011, they acted pleasantly enough, but The Pineapple Express actor later made his true thoughts known when he appeared on The Howard Stern Show after the festivities. Stern noted the obvious negative feelings that many have towards Hathaway, clearly trying to push Franco's buttons.

Franco was all for it; rather than disagree with Stern's assessment (which included such accusations as Hathaway being "scripted and acted"), Franco jumped right in, labeling her a "goody two-shoes" and coining the term Hatha-Haters. The two stars don't go out of their way to say hello when they meet at Hollywood events.

11 Lea Michele and Naya Rivera

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Lea Michele and Naya Rivera are both known for playing teenagers on the hit television show Glee, which fits well, because the 20-something starlets are certainly acting like kids when it comes to this ugly battle.

Supposedly, the two actors had never been big fans of one another, but in spring 2014, relations went from bad to worse after they got into an argument when filming. When Michele had an emergency situation, she took a break, and Rivera jumped all over the opportunity to make a fuss about Michele's lack of dedication to the show's staff. Rivera also mocked Michele's new boyfriend.

But Michele's clout with Glee higher-ups was enough for the writers to pick her over Rivera. In the end, Rivera's character was very conveniently written out of the show before it ended. It's a wonder that the two women didn't come to physical blows before then.

10 Will Smith and Janet Hubert

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It's strange to think back on the days when Will Smith wasn't a megastar, but the show that propelled him to that lofty place of superstardom was none other than 1990s smash hit The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Although the show went off the air in 1996, The Fresh Prince gang have reunited at different times throughout their subsequent careers.

Janet Hubert has never joined Smith and the show's other stars for any such sappy homecomings, though. In 2011, Smith and the rest of the Fresh Prince crew appeared at a charity event. It was the perfect time for the absent Hubert to talk candidly about Smith. When the actor spoke to TMZ, she insisted: "There will never be a reunion...as I will never do anything with an a**hole like Will Smith."

Ouch. It gets worse though. Hubert went on to call the Hollywood hitmaker an "egomaniac" who "has not grown up." She insisted that she'd only speak to Smith if he apologised for his behaviour during filming of the 90s' sitcom. Hubert appeared on the show from its first season until 1993. Smith has since claimed that Hubert was unhappy as she wanted a bigger role, stating that "she said once, 'I've been in the business for 10 years and this snotty-nosed punk comes along and gets a show.'"

9 Bea Arthur and Betty White

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It's hard to imagine anyone not liking Betty White. Just look at her; she's cute, she's classy, she's not afraid to say what's on her mind, and she just loves having fun. Her comeback as a Hollywood celebrity, even in her 90s, is practically unheard of. However, that doesn't mean that all of her costars were as enamored with White as the rest of the world.

Bea Arthur, White's Golden Girls comrade, may have been jealous. By all accounts, including Greg Hernandez's book Betty White Rules the World: The Ultimate and Unauthorized Guide to Television's Grande Dame!, Arthur just did not like White. She would sometimes even ignore her co-star during press events.

It does appear that the hatred here was only one-sided. White, for her part, never said anything catty towards her co-star. Sadly, Arthur passed away in 2009, thus ending this "feud" for good.

8 Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio

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Back in 1996, a pre-Titanic Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes, then only 16, played the eponymous Romeo and Juliet in the Baz Luhrmann modern day remake. DiCaprio was only 22 at the time, but he wasn't yet the major celebrity that he would become just about a year later when he and Kate Winslet broke the world's heart aboard a sinking ship.

Even though Danes was incredibly young, she still had the good sense to realize that DiCaprio's backstage off-screen antics were just terribly juvenile. Men do tend to mature later, and DiCaprio must have been the same. Supposedly, Leo had a habit of coming up with fun pranks for his cast mates. Danes was probably the victim of one or two.

The bad blood here goes both ways. DiCaprio later said that he felt like Danes was too stuck up and shy, probably because she didn't find his idea of a practical joke to be that funny. Either way, despite playing some of the greatest lovers ever written, these two couldn't stand each other.

7 Teri Hatcher and Marcia Cross

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The infamous TV series Desperate Housewives may have been about a bunch of women banding together on the fake Wisteria Lane, but two of the major actors, Marcia Cross and Teri Hatcher, were not so friendly once the director shouted "cut."

Granted, Cross may have had a point. Hatcher wasn't exactly popular with cast mates Eva Longoria and Nicollette Sheridan either. Although it's tough to pinpoint what really started the tiff, the women were allegedly agitated when Hatcher was supposed to be prominently featured on the cover of a 2005 issue of Vanity Fair. The rest of the cast revolted until Hatcher lost her prime spot.

Besides that, Sheridan claimed that Hatcher was very mean in the midst of her legal battles against Marc Cherry, the creative mind behind the show. The real icing on the cake though is the card that the cast sent out to crew members after the series finale. Hatcher was the only major actor on the show whose name was cut.

6 Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

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For a while there, life must have been a little strange for Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray. After being cast on One Tree Hill as Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott respectively, the two couldn't stay away from each other. While Bush and Murray were a real life item, so too were Brooke and Lucas on the show.

Not too long after they became official, in 2005, the happy couple walked down the aisle. Their wedded bliss lasted only five months, by which time Bush wanted out since Murray had supposedly been deceitful. Her annulment attempt failed, and so the two were forced to split up the good old-fashioned way, by getting a divorce. That was finalized before 2006 was over.

Still, One Tree Hill didn't go off the air until 2012, even though Murray decided that he was leaving the show by 2009. Bush and Murray didn't have to be a romantic couple all those years (funny enough, Brooke and Lucas didn't stay together either), but they did still have to work on the same show. They never fought when on the set, but Bush later mused that "we were two stupid kids who had no business being in a relationship in the first place."

5 Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams

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You may know Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams as the star-crossed Noah and Allie from tearjerker The Notebook, and you probably recall that the pair got involved after the movie wrapped. However, the keyword there is "after."

During the filming of the movie, Gosling supposedly had major issues with McAdam's acting ability. As Nicholas Cassavetes, the director, later revealed: "He's doing a scene with Rachel and he says, 'would you take her out of here and bring in another actress who can read off camera with me?'...He says, 'I can't. I can't do it with her. I'm just not getting anything from this.'"

That's painful, but apparently not so much that it was unforgivable to McAdams. The two would have a three-year relationship, which is plenty long by Hollywood standards. Gosling later moved on with Eva Mendes.

4 Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker

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The girls on Sex and the City seemed inseparable, like the group of friends that any woman would crave in her own life. The show was popular enough that two movies were made featuring the original cast. However, in the midst of all that success, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker weren't feeling the love.

Parker claims that fatigue would lead to some of the cast, which also includes Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, to sometimes treat each other in such a way that "feelings get hurt," as she explained in a 2010 interview with Daily Mail. "I don't have any regrets of how I've treated people," she insists.

Davis and Nixon have done their part to shut down rumors that the set was an acrimonious environment or that the women would avoid each other when out and about. In fact, Parker mentioned that she shares a summer home with Nixon. Despite whatever may have happened on set, Cattrall later said that the cast mates developed a camaraderie. She too chimed in about how long hours on the set could lead to disagreements, but it seems that now that the actors don't have to see so much of each other, it's all smooth sailing.

3 George Takei and William Shatner

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Sometimes TV stars don't go through that figurative "kiss and make up" stage. Take George Takei and William Shatner, for example. After spending years starring on the original Star Trek, the two actors were never too fond of one another. Common jealousy over each other's growing popularity started the rift, and that rift has expanded to a chasm with a lifespan of more than 40 years.

In 2014, Bill Maher attempted to get to the bottom of the issues on his show Real Time with Bill Maher. Takei was a guest, and Maher asked him what was up between him and Shatner. Takei was frank: "Canadians have a certain image of being even-tempered and friendly and all that. Well, he is a person who is that way with himself. He is very self-centered."

Shatner supposedly felt excluded when he didn't receive an invite to Takei's wedding. He took to the internet to let his feelings out: "There's such a sickness there...I don't know what his original thing about me was, I have no idea...I didn't know him very well on the series, he'd come in for a day or two...There must be something else inside George that is festering, and it makes him so unhappy that he takes it out on me, in effect a total stranger." While Takei insists that Shatner got an invite, it would take a lot more than that for these two Trekkies to make amends.

2 Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker

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Of course, Star Trek fans aren't the only ones sad that two of their favorite characters don't get along. In the Star Wars universe, the same unfortunate occurrence happened, this time between Anthony Daniels, the actor who plays loveable metal robot C-3P0, and Kenny Baker, the man behind R2-D2.

Although the two robots are close companions during the early Star Wars films, once the metal heads came off, Daniels and Baker were bitter enemies. Despite more than 30 years of movie history together, Baker was adamant that he wanted to hit Daniels, and mentioned as much during the United Kingdom documentary Bring Back Star Wars.

Daniels spoke to The Mirror, and said that acting counterpart R2-D2's character "might as well be a bucket." The two just never got along from the moment they met, and with the time it takes to get dressed in their robot costumes combined with R2-D2's lack of dialogue, they were able to continue to act together without much real interaction.

1 Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie smashed through the box office, netting $569 million in the United States and beyond. The book series that the film is based off of has sold more than 90 million copies. Getting a leading role in the movie could make a Hollywood career. It seemed like good luck then for both Dakota Johnson, who plays young and naive Anastasia Steele, and Jamie Dornan, who's the domineering Christian Grey.

Well, it would have been good luck if the two actors had even an ounce of goodwill towards each other. Their lukewarm chemistry is troubling considering that sex is the whole backbone of the Fifty Shades franchise. Supposedly, Dornan couldn't even stand to see his co-star naked once the cameras were off and would toss a blanket to her.

Speaking of being naked, Dornan didn't have a lot of fond memories to recall of shooting the supposedly lusty scenes between him and Johnson. "They were uncomfortable to a point," he noted. Considering that there's supposed to be several sequels to Fifty Shades of Grey to correspond with the books, none of this is a good sign.

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